18th All Odd Nationals and 1st Crown Classics Reunion


18th All Odds Nationals (AON2015) and 1st Crown Classics Reunion (CCR)
曇り、小雨、曇り、終わり寸前に晴れ と何とも天候の変化多かった1日でしたが
昨年 25回目の Crown Picnic は今年から “Crown Classics Reunion”
クラウン好きの同窓会と言う感じで AON と同時開催となりました。
Crown Classics から 40系を 3台と MS51 Hard Top が展示されました。

The 18th All Odds Nationals (AON2015) and the 1st Crown Classics Reunion (CCR) saw mostly cloudy skies with a short and light rain early on but cloudy for the rest of the day. It didn’t pour down rain so all in all it was good.
Last year was the 25th Crown Picnic and this year it’s “Crown Classics Reunion” was decided for those of us that love Crowns, a reunion each year during AON. There were 3 on display from Crown Classics including a 40 series and an MS51 Hard Top.

1963 Toyopet Crown Custom RS46G

1963 Toyopet Crown Deluxe RS40

1964 Toyopet Masterline RS46




Awards は MQQNEYES から Long Distance, Hi Lux and Crown と3つ
雑誌社さんは 高速有鉛、カスタムカー and ノスタルジックヒーローの3誌

There were three awards presented by MQQNEYES which were for Long Distance, Hi Lux and Crown. Magazine awards were from Kousoku Yuen, Custom Car and Nostalgic Hero.

aon-739 ccr-award aon2015-long-distance
1st Annual Crown Classics Reunion Award は姫路からお越しの矢野さんの1968年型 Toyopet Crown Custom
そして Long Distance Award も矢野さんでした。

1st Annual Crown Classics Reunion Award went to Mr. Yano from Himeiji with his 1969 Toyopet Crown Custom.
The Long Distance Award also went to Mr. Yano.
Himeiji is about 580km (360miles) from Odaiba, Tokyo. Thank you for coming from such a distance.


aon-717 aon2015-best-hilux
Best Hi Lux は田代さんの 1995年型 Toyota Hi Lux

The Hi Lux Award went to Mr. Tashiro for his 1995 Toyota Hi Lux.

aon-817 aon-794
高速有鉛 Award は川上さんの 1995型 Suzuki Wagon R

Kousoku Yuen Award went to Mr. Kawakami for his 1995 Suzuki Wagon R.

aon-834 aon-709

カスタムカーAward は伊藤さんの 1965年型トヨペット コロナ1600S

Custom Car Award went to Mr. Ito for his 1965 Toyopet Corona 1600S.
Over time, there are a lot of people that don’t know much about these but think they look cool.

aon-825 aon-820
ノスタルジックヒーローAward は市川さんの 1968年型トヨタ クラウンワゴン、
新車から One Owner Car、ご家族てお越し頂きました。

Nostalgic Hero Award went to Mr. Ichikawa for his 1968 Toyota Crown Wagon.
It’s a One Owner Car that he purchased brand new. His family brought him to the event.

aon-888 aon-early-bird
Early Bird アワードは 濱嶋さん の 1972 トヨタ クラウン でした。

Early Bird Award went to Mr. Hamajima and his 1972 Toyota Crown.

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