MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM)

色々な事情から 4月に発売された “MQQN Illustrated Magazine” (MIM) #15 は書店で販売されずご迷惑をお掛けしまたが
11月12日(木) 発売予定の MIM #16 から書店での購買が可能に成りました。
これもまた色々な事情から タイトルを “MQQNEYES International Magazine” (こちらもMIM) に変更し徳間書店より発売されます。 レイアウトも一新、 HCS2015 の Guests 特集、 Wildman石井の記事、 そして私の記事は 1980年に行った Street Rod の Event記事、
勿論 MIM #15 2015年5月以降の New Items を掲載した Mini Catalog も今迄通りです。
何と Dean MQQN 撮影の古い写真を使ったカレンダー (2015年12月~2016年12月の13ヶ月) が付録として付いて来ます。


With various circumstances when it was released in April this year, “MQQN Illustrated Magazine” (MIM) #15 was not sold in bookstores in Japan as previous issues. However, on Thursday November 12, MIM #16 will be available again at bookstores nationwide. With additional circumstances, the title of our magazine will now be “MQQNEYES International Magazine” (still referred to as MIM) and published through a new publisher called Tokuma Shoten. The layout will be all new with this issue and feature HCS2015 guest introductions, Wildman’s infamous content and I will write about a street rod event in CA in 1980. Of course, it will feature a mini catalog of all new items that were released since MIM #15 (since May 2015).
This special release will also include a free calendar featuring vintage photos taken by Dean MQQN. It will be a 13-month calendar (December 2015 through December 2016).

We hope everyone picks up and enjoys the new issue when it’s released!

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