Loading into Containers

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10/26(月) 40ft コンテナ3本に 車3台&バイク9台を積み込みました。
急遽、Gene Winfield の来日が決定しました。
1968 Buick Riviera “Pantheon” の Owner John D’Agostino は
通常のアワードとは別に Best Kustom Shop Award、
彼が選んだ Best な Kustom Shop に Award を上げたいそうです。
Kustom Shop の皆さん、気合いが入りますね!

On October 26 (Mon) we loaded three (3) 40ft. containers with 3 cars & 9 bikes. This is where the excitement starts to kick in.

A last minute confirmation from Gene Winfield came in. He will be at HCS2015 this year.

The 1968 Buick Riviera “Pantheon” owner John D’Agostino will not only give out an award for his pick but will select a Best Kustom Shop award as well. He’s been wanting to do this for a while now. Good luck to the Kustom Shops that will be at this year’s show!


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