25th HCS2016 Theme テーマ

HCS2016 テーマ (Theme) が決まりした。
25周年と言う事で Automobile はシンプルに “Hot Rod & Custom”
車が “Hot Rod & Custom” であれば Motorcycle は勿論 “Triumph Chopper”

We have decided on our theme for HCS2016.
It’s the 25th anniversary so we will keep the Automobile spotlight simple with “Hot Rod & Custom”. With cars being open to “Hot Rod & Custom”, the motorcycle theme will be “Triumph Chopper”.

Paint Contest は THE NASH からの提案で “Cut Out” (50cm X 50cm 以内の大きさ)!
皆さん 宜しくお願いします!!

As for the paint contest, THE NASH suggested “Cut Out” (within 50cm x 50cm size panels) which we will focus the Custom Paint Contest on!
Hope everyone will participate this year!!

cutout_02 cutout_06

cutout_30 cutout_75
資料提供: THE NASH
Above samples provided by THE NASH

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