昔の話/Old Story

VW Woody は California の Woody Event に持って行ったけど反応は今ひとつでした。

Sorting through some old photos recently I came across this classic Woody photo. The VW Woody was brought to a Woody Event in California but the response was not quite as expected.

Datsun Woody, 2 Door Wagonはカッコイイですね。

This Datsun Woody, 2 Door Wagon was very cool looking.

読めますか「2008 U.S. OPEN」って。

There’s another image from this time at a different angle below.
Do you see what it says? “2008 U.S. OPEN”
Yes, it was really from that world famous golf tournament.
By chance, there was someone there and saw this T-shirt for sale at the event and purchased it. They showed it to us. “Isn’t this MQQNEYES?”
Yes, it is. It was taken and copied without our knowledge.
I even consulted with several people about what to do but in the end there was really nothing worth doing at the time.
They took advantage of us.


One Fine Day

こんな日が 1年間に何日あるのでしょうか?

It’s been a while since we had such a fine day!
I wonder how many days like this are there in Japan within 1 year?

mooneyes-area-1-01 mooneyes-area-1-02

mooneyes-area-1-03 mooneyes-area-1-04

mooneyes-area-1-05 mooneyes-area-1-06

Petersen Museum


新しくなった Petersen Automotive Museum です。
帰りに Farmer’s Market でランチを取って帰りました。

This is the new Petersen Automotive Museum. It reopened at the end of last year.
The building is amazing but the interior and cars on display are amazing too.
On my way home from the museum, I stopped at Farmer’s Market and had lunch.

IMG_0210 IMG_0206 IMG_0187

IMG_0179 IMG_0201 IMG_0203

IMG_0165 IMG_0163 IMG_0151

IMG_0146 IMG_0140 IMG_0122

IMG_0132 IMG_0118 IMG_0096

IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0105

IMG_0097 IMG_0106 IMG_0107

IMG_0093 IMG_0102 IMG_0119

1974 VW T-II

1974 T-II の 進行状況です。

The current condition of my 1974 T-II in progress.

Emergency Tank


何かの際に本当に役立つ Emergency Tank (通称: E-Tank) に Polish が追加されました。
Polish は受注ベースでの製作になりますので 3-4 weeks のお時間と頂戴します。
でも 待つ価値はあります。

A Polished version of the ever popular and handy Emergency Tank (a.k.a. E-Tank) has been added. Each tank is polished once the order is received and paid so it can take up to 4 weeks to complete and receive.
But it is worth the wait.

mp1025p mp1025p-2


MQQNEYES が MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer in Hawaii Ron’s Performance で取り扱いが始まります!

MQQNEYES has an all new MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer in Hawaii with Ron’s Performance!

hawaii-01 hawaii-02
Website: http://www.mooneyeshawaii.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mooneyes_hawaii/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mooneyeshawaii/

5月中には Restart 出来ると思います。 Honolulu 国際空港から 10分
土曜日も営業していますので是非お立ち寄り下さい。 Ron’s でしか買えない MQQNEYES Hawaii T-shirt 等も取り扱います。

They are in the process of setting up now.
I believe they will be ready to restart by the middle of May. Their shop is just 10 minutes away from Honolulu International Airport. They are open on Saturday as well so if you are in Hawaii, please be sure to stop by their shop. Ron’s Performance also carries MQQNEYES Hawaii T-shirts that are only available at their shop.

Jason, Tracy and their Shiba “Luca”

MQQNEYES Hawaii Tad and his hardcore MQQNEYES customer Kenneth Soares


Owner of Evan’s Psycles (middle)



MQQNEYES Int’l Magazine MIM SCN2016 で発売!

30回目を迎える MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals® (以下SCN2016) まで残り1ヶ月となりました。

準備というと当日会場で発売をスタートする MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) も 現在急ピッチで制作中です。


SCN Official Site: http://www.streetcarnationals.com/

In about a month from now, the 30th Annual MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals® (SCN2016) will be held in Odaiba, Tokyo. With your support and all the event registrations, this is the best turnout to date.

On Sunday May 15, at SCN2016, we hope everybody will enjoy the day with us in Odaiba. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

We are preparing and working on, right now, the latest MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) which will be released and sold at the MOONEYES Booth during SCN2016. MIM will feature the complete 2016 catalog and a very special “not for sale” parking permit.
Be sure to get your MIM at SCN2016!

SCN Official Site (English): http://www.streetcarnationals.com/en/


縁あって Tokyo Disneyland を経営している Oriental Land Corp. (OLC) さんで講演をさせて頂きました。
「私たちは商品を買って頂くだけでなく、夢も一緒に買って頂く」 と言う内容です。

I gave a lecture at Oriental Land Corp. (OLC), which is the managing company that operates Tokyo Disneyland.
The topic was, “We don’t just sell products, we also sell a dream along with it.” Discussing the actual lecture would be a long process so I’ll skip that for now until another time.

OLC 本社内には Disney University と言う場所で行いました。
Disney University は Disney に入社した人達に Disney の基本を教える場所です。

The lecture was held in an area called Disney University, within the head office of OLC. Disney University is where you learn all the basics about Disney when you are first hired there.

Assistant の Pan Sumi君

Pan Sumi was my assistant.

Mickey Mouse and Pooh ならぬ Pan です。

Pan couldn’t resist as Pooh and Mickey Mouse.


All of these great people allowed me to I stand up front and give a lecture.

disney1-4718 disney1-4735

数日後、 思い立って Orange County Airport から急遽 San Francisco へ行きました。
OC Airport は 7:00am まで離着陸が出来ません (こちらも近隣住民との音の問題です)
ここでの離陸はスリルがあります。 離陸前、エンジンは 95-97% の Full Power のままブレーキを離し
一気に急上昇し ある程度の高度になってから水平飛行にはいります。
普通の Airport からは 10-15度の角度で離陸しますが OC Airport (John Wayne Airport, その前はSanta Ana Drag Stripと呼ばれたDrag Racewayです) は 20-25度の角度で急上昇します。
これは地上の住民に騒音を与えない為に 一気に急上昇し 街を高高度で通過する為です。

A few days later, I had a thought in my head and hurried to Orange County Airport for a flight to San Francisco.
OC Airport cannot take off until after 7:00am (this was changed because of the neighboring residents).
There’s heavy traffic of airplanes waiting to take off in the morning.
It’s actually quite a thrill when taking off here. The engines are raised to 95-97% Full Power then the brake is released and you are suddenly in the air. You feel the nose lifting up, and up, and up. Air carriers leave OC Airport (also known as John Wayne Airport which used to be the location of Santa Ana Drag Strip) at an angle of between 20-25 degrees, according to several accounts. That’s about twice as steep as the departure from other airports, often around 10 to 15 degrees. This type of take off is also because of the residents, as airlines want to stay out of the way and fly over at a high altitude so the noise isn’t so bad.
You should try taking a flight from here.

僕が College Student だった 頃の OC Airport.

This was OC Airport when I was a college student.

向かったのは San Francisco Golden Gate 近くにある 「The Walt Disney Family Museum」 です。
Walt Disney の生い立ちからその偉業の全てが分かる素晴らしい Museum です。
凄い資料です。 是非、一度お訪ね下さい。

I headed to “The Walt Disney Family Museum” near the San Francisco Golden Gate. The museum is all about him from growing and of course all the amazing things he did. It’s an incredible collection. If you get a chance, you should definitely go see it.
In order to see it all, you need about half a day.

disney1-7612 disney1-7613


Inside, so long as you don’t use a flash, you can take photographs.

disney1-0017 disney1-0018
Walt Disney’s Studio’s Restaurant のメニュー

Walt Disney’s Studio Restaurant menu (from back in the days).
It has a dream.

ここで Museum の展示は終わります。

This is where the museum comes to an end.

なんと言っても20年ぶりの San Francisco (SF) です。
Japan Town (Nihon Machi) はどうなっているか気になったので行ってみました。
LA の Little Tokyo 同様賑わっていたので一安心。

In any case, it has been at least 20 years since I was in San Francisco (SF). I was curious to see is Japan Town (Nihon Machi) had changed or not. Japan Town is the same type of area like Little Tokyo in LA. Great for Japanese over there, they can see Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) too.

disney1-4754 disney1-4755

disney1-7623 disney1-0036

disney1-7622 disney1-4758
SF Nihon Machi の方が LA と比べるとノスタルジーを感じます。

Japan Town in SF has a very nostalgic feeling to it when compared to Little Tokyo in LA.

そして Aston Martin の Dealer では 何と一番良い場所に 1968 Camaro が $34,000 で展示されていました。
誰か Camaro を下取りに出して Aston Martin を購入したのでしょうか?

And on a final note, I saw this 1968 Camaro on display for $34,000 at an Aston Martin Dealership. Did someone trade in this Camaro for an Aston Martin?


mooneyes0402-1 mooneyes0402-2
Summer time になった Southern California は陽が長くなりました。 しかしながら水不足は相変わらずなのでスプリンクラーが使えず芝生はご覧の様な有り様です。
Blue Sky, Palm Trees and MQQNEYES。 南カリフォルニアです。

With Daylight Saving Time in Southern California we now have longer days. However, with the continued water shortage, we are unable to use our sprinklers and the lawn is taking its toll as you can see.
Blue sky, palm trees and MQQNEYES. This is Southern California.