#MP1002S MQQN Fuel Tank 1/4 Gallon

#MP1002S MQQN Fuel Tank 1/4 Gallon.
ご覧の様に Pedal Car 等に最適ですが、Fuel を入れて実際に使用も可能です。
1/4 Gallon, 約 1リッターと小型です。
小さくても制作工程は大きい Fuel Tank と変わりません。
Inlet and Outlet の位置、大きさ等は変更可能です。

#MP1002S MQQN Fuel Tank 1/4 Gallon.
As you can see, they are very suitable for pedal cars. However, they are also usable in real applications with fuel.
1/4 Gallon is very small, about 1 Liter.
Although it’s small, the making process is big and no different than a Fuel Tank.
The Inlet and Outlet locations can also be specified.

M2 Machines + MQQNEYES

数ある Die Cast Model Company の中で M2 Machines と言えば その Quality の素晴らしさは誰もが納得.
その M2 と MQQNEYES が Collaboration、 これから色々な製品が誕生してきます。

Within the numerous Die Cast Companies out there, it’s easy to agree that M2 Machines is one that really stands out with amazing quality.
That M2 is collaborating with MQQNEYES and will create a number of products.
Look forward to seeing more!!

LINK: http://m2machines.blogspot.jp/2017/02/happy-valentines-day-from-m2.html

Designed by “Pan” Sumi

南カリフォルニアは雨が続いています。 長い間水不足だったので雨が多いのは大変助かりますが
今週末は Pomona で NHRA Winternationals が開催されるので雨は困ります。
今回は昨年の Body に少し手を加えフロントには MQQNEYES Dragster の MQQN Fuel Tank がデザインされ
黄色ベースの Body となり より MQQNEYES 臭くなりました。
デザインは “Pan” スミ-kun です。
Kenji Okazaki が初めて優勝した 1997年から 20年も経ってます。
今年は Driver も代わり、 どの様なシーズンになるのでしょうか?

The rain continues here in Southern California. There has been a drought for a very long time and the rain is surely a good thing but this weekend in Pomona is the NHRA Winternationals so the rain is an issue.
This time, we made some changes to the front of the body from last year with the MQQNEYES Dragster and MQQN Fuel Tank design. It also features a yellow body as the base for a more MQQNEYES appearance.
Design is by “Pan” Sumi.
It’s been 20 years since Kenji Okazaki’s first major win back in 1997.
This year also features a new driver so we’re looking forward to see what kind of season it turns out to be.


2017 MQQNEYES/Jim Dunn Racing T-shirt です。

This is the 2017 MQQNEYES/Jim Dunn Racing T-shirt

68th Grand National Roadster Show 2017

特に Show Week の前半が寒かったのですがその後の日中は暖かくなりました。

Snow capped mountains and palm trees, such a contrasting scene but during this season it’s not uncommon in Southern California.
However, this year is was very cold.
Particularly the first half of the day during Show Week was really cold but midday it warmed up.

これらの Roadster が America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) Award の対象車です。

The following are the Roadsters entered this year for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) Award.

2017年の AMBR に選ばれたのは Hollywood Hot Rod が製作した 1936 Packard

The winner of AMBR for 2017 went to this 1936 Packard built by Hollywood Hot Rod.
This was was amazing.