6th Annual Kustom Fest 2017, Jogja, Indonesia

Indonesia, Jogjakartaで開催されている今年で6回目となるKustom Fest 2017。
羽田を朝10時にでて現地に夜11時(日本時間)、現地時間21時に到着 乗り換えもあり, 暑さもありで結構疲れます。

Kustom Fest 2017 was held for the 6th time this year at Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
This was our 5th year participating.
We Departed from Haneda Airport at 10am in the morning and arrived at 9pm local time (11pm Japan time). From the transfer to the hot climate, it was quite tiring.


After the plane took off from the Haneda Airport, we flew to the west of the coastline and pass Honmoku, Yokohama.
The Bay Bridge, Minato Mirai area and Honmoku can be seen.


Jogja Airport has a traditional local atmosphere.
It seems that a new airport is under construction, so we won’t able to see this scenery in few years time.
If it wasn’t for the rain it would have been a good feeling.


The highlight of this show are the serious Customs based on Japanese bikes, which is really awesome.

古いタイプのCragar SSを履いたCharger、古い方が良いですね。

A Charger wearing the old style Cragar SS, old one is better.

HoldenベースのLow Rider

Holden-based Low Rider

T-III の Woody

T-III Woody

1984 VW T-IIの下回りを使い、自分で作ったEarly T-II Pick UpのBodyを載せたと言う驚きの1台。
オーナーが言うには 「本物は高くて買えないので作った」との事でした。

This is a surprising one; it’s an Early T-II Pick Up Body that has been combined to the bottom of a 1984 VW T-II, and it’s all handmade.
According to the owner, a real one is too expensive to purchase so that’s why he made it.


What a surprise! Everything from the bumper is all his own work.

最初に見た時はただペイントを剥がしたT-IIと思っていましたが 話しを聞いてビックリでした。

When I first saw it I thought the T-II had its paint peeled off, but after hearing the story I was surprised.

MQQNEYES PickはこのT-IIに決まり!

MQQNEYES Pick went to this T-II!

今年のBonnevilleに挑戦した Shiun Craft Works, Kobe.
Panhead ベースのマシンにMQQN Discです。

Shiun Craft Works from Kobe challenged this year’s Bonneville.
MQQN Disc on a Panhead based Machine.

HCS2017 Advance Ticket

26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW まで残り2か月を切りました。


前売り 3,400円 (12歳以下 Free)
当日 3,900円 (12歳以下 Free)

YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2017 当日に会場内で当日チケットを販売致しますが、大変混雑が予想されます。

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MOONEYES が出展する Event でも前売り券はお買い求め頂けますので、イベントで MOONEYES を見つけた際は、STAFF にお声かけください。

さらにチケット サイトでも 前売り券をお買い求め頂けます。
チケットぴあ (P コード:637-137)ローソン チケット (L コード:31918)イープラスチケット ペイ (イベントコード:Fead4a8f3dc) ご都合がいいサイトでお買い求めください。

詳しくは HCS Official Website をご確認ください。

Less than 2 months till the 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.
Advance Tickets are now available.

HCS2017 Advance Ticket
3,400yen (12 & under Free)
Ticket at the Gate (Dec, 3) : 3,900yen (12 & under Free)
General admission tickets will not sell out but Ticket at the Gate might be crowded on the day so, we recommend to purchase the Advance Ticket.

If you are a Japan Domestic Resident

You can make the purchase at MOONEYES 、MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe, MOONEYES Official Online Shop.

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Unpaid/unconfirmed orders will be cancelled. Although, you will be able to purchase tickets from our physical store in Honmoku, Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe until December 2 (Saturday).

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