1 week to go!

今日はYokohama港でゲストCars and Bikesの引き上げでした。

Finally, one more week to the show.
Today the Guests’ Cars and Bikes were picked up at Yokohama port.

そして新たに ”MQQN CALLS”  Bookが発行されました。
今まで、春と秋に発行していた”MOON International Magazine” 通称MIMの
秋の号はいつもYokohama Hot Rod Custom Showの紹介が中心だったので
今回から”MQQN CALLS” Bookで紹介致します。
この”MQQN CALLS” Bookは何とB-4サイズの特大版です。
写真も大きく見応えたっぷりの”MQQN CALLS” Bookは店頭で希望の方々へ差し上げています。

The new book “MQQN CALLS” is published.
Previously there was the “MOON International Magazine (MIM)” which was issued in Spring and Autumn and sold at public book stores, but it has been canceled.
The Autumn volume always focused on the introduction of the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, so from now on it will be introduced as the “MQQN CALLS” Book.
This “MQQN CALLS” Book is presented in a surprisingly large B4 size.
Large photos are worth seeing. The “MQQN CALLS” Book is given to people who wish to get it at our shop.
For shipping, please contact the MOON Mail Order Division.



Please look forward to the Limited Items that will be sold at the venue!!


Looking forward to see you at the Show venue.
Please cooperate with us to make it an entertaining Show that everyone can enjoy.

HCS の前日 12月2日(土) に Lady & Duke で DiCE Magazine Presents DiCE Party が開催されます。Rockn’ Roll な一夜をご堪能ください。パシフィコ横浜から近いので、お時間ある方は、是非足をお運びください。

The day before HCS at Lady & Duke, there will be the “DicE Party” presented by DicE Magazine. Enjoy the Rock ‘n’ Roll night. If you have time it is closeto the venue of HCS, so please come and join!


Due to the construction of the venue, this area’s width of the road is narrowed than last year. Please be careful to walk from the parking and moving around with the loading vehicle.

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