2018 Event

32nd Street Car Nationals
5/20(日) 東京、お台場で開催予定。

27th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018
12月2日(日) パシフィコ ヨコハマ で開催決定。

皆様 素晴らしいクリスマスをお迎え下さい!

32nd Street Car Nationals
Scheduled for Sunday, May 20th at Odaiba, Tokyo.

27th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018

Schedule for Sunday, December 2 at Pacifico Yokohama.

Have a Wonderful Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!

Last Show at Irwindale Race Way, CA

Irwindale Racewayの閉鎖が決まり、今年でIrwindaleの開催が最後となる “MQQNEYES X-mas Party “Show & Drag” が Saturday, December 9th 真夏の様な天気の下, 開催されました。

With the closure of the Irwindale Raceway already decided, the final “MQQNEYES X-mas Party Show & Drag” at Irwindale was held on Saturday, December 9th under the sunshine, just like the middle of summer.
Despite the gate opening at 5 o’clock in the morning, there was a heavy traffic jam at the road leading to the track . During the peak period there were cars that took 2 hours to enter. The public parking was full from early in the morning.

あっと言う間に日も暮れ始め、Drag Raceでは最後のCoupleが走り終わると静寂が戻り
2018年1月25日(木)がIrwindale RacewayでのLast Drag Raceとなるそうです。

Happy Holidays!!

All Photos by Zap


先週の日曜はパシフィコ横浜にて 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW (以下 HCS) を開催しました。

Last Sunday the 26th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW (HCS) was held at Pacifico Yokohama.

皆様のおかげで今年も素晴らしい Show を開催する事ができました。

With everyone’s cooperation it was a wonderful show.
Thank you very much.

HCS Official Website に Show Report を公開しました。
見事 Award を獲得した車両も全台網羅されていますので、是非ご覧になってください。

The Show Report is updated on the HCS Official Website.
All the vehicles that won an award are listed, so please take a look.

26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017

MOONEYES Area-1にも海外からのお客様が増えてきました。

Customers from overseas are gradually increasing in MOONEYES Area-1.
We are glad that many people are visiting this year.
Please take care on your way.
We will be waiting at the venue.

MOONEYES ブース、VANS ブースにて Vans / MOONEYES Shoes をお買い上げの方にラッフルがあります。
1足に一枚 Big Old Skool Shoes が当たるラッフルチケットが付きます。

It is information at the last moment but there will be raffles for people purchased the VANS/MOONEYES Shoes.

For each shoes a raffle ticket for Big Vans Shoes is included.

抽選は10:30、12:30、14:00 and 16:30 (授賞式後) 4回あります。
例:8:00 ~ 10:00の間にチケットを貰った方は10:30のラッフルとなり
10:00 ~ 12:00は 12:30のラッフルとなります。
各抽選会では5足づつが当たり, 最後の抽選会では敗者復活戦として, 8:00 ~ 16:30 までの全てのチケットが
ラッフル対象となり 合計20足の Big Old Skool Shoes が当たると言う豪華版です。

There are 4 chances for the raffle at 10:30, 12:30, 14:00 and 16:30 (after the Award Presentation).
There will be a chance for people who have the raffle ticket 30 minutes before the start of the raffle.
For example: If you get the raffle ticket between 8:00 ~ 10:00, you can participate in the 10:30 raffle.
If it’s between 10:00 ~ 12:00, it will be the 12:30 raffle.
For each raffle 5 shoes can be won, and for the last raffle, like a consolation match, all the raffle tickets from 8:00 – 16:30 will be included.
It is the deluxe raffle with a total of 20 pairs of Big Old Skool Shoes to be won.
Please look forward to it!

SpainのPhotographer, Cyrill Arino 制作の HCS 25周年を記念した “MOONEYES Excellence” Book (日本語版) が
世界に先立って HCS 会場、International Village 内, MOONEYES Excellence Tableで発売開始です。

Last but not least, Spain Photographer Cyrill Arino has created the HCS 25th Anniversary “MOONEYES Excellence” Book. In advance to the world, it will be sold at the venue of HCS inside the International Village MOONEYES Excellence Table.