HCS 2018: “Tai Setsu Ni” – “Cherish Our Kulture

27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Showの合言葉は
“Tai Setsu Ni” – “Cherish Our Kulture”

The slogan of 27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is
“Tai Setsu Ni” – “Cherish Our Kulture”
Sticker below is coming soon.
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This sticker (Left) will start to be distributed.

Out of Control “Full Size Pickup Spectacular”

「1940, 50, 60年代のPick Upも対象ですか?」



There was a question of “Full-Size Pickup Spectacular”

“Does 1940, 50, 60s Pickup applicable?”
Of course, it is.

“Is it only USA Car?”
It is only USA Car

If you have any concerns, feel free to ask anything.


Keyring will be available soon,
The sticker is distributed at our physical shop.

MOONEYES Excellence Book Kick Off Party on Paris, France

25th Yokohama Hot Rod Show, 25回目を記念して制作された
MOONEYES Excellence BookのKick Off Partyが先週末Paris, Franceで開催されました。
会場ではCaliforniaで人気のClothing Company “Loser Machine” X MQQNEYES”の
Collaboration Pop Up Shopも展開されKick Offらしい華やかさでした。
このMOONEYES Excellence Book 限定日本語版はMOONEYESで購入可能です。

Last weekend on Paris, France there was a Kick Off Party of MOONEYES Excellence Book
which created for 25th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.
At the venue, there was Collaboration Pop Up Shop of
popular Clothing Company in California “Loser Machine” X “MOONEYES”
and it was brilliant Kick OFF.
This MOONEYES Excellence Book Limited Edition Japanese version can be purchased at MOONEYES.

MOONEYES Excellence BOOK [IM197]
Price: 11,000+tax


27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018 (HCS 2018)

HCS 2018に向けて動きだす時期になりました。

27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018 (HCS 2018)

今年のFeature Automobile and Motorcycle は Full Size Pickup と H-D Panhead です。

It is already March.
It is the time to start working for HCS2018.
From February we had a conversation that “We have to start” but, as a result, it became March.

27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017 (HCS2018)

This year’s Feature Automobile and Motorcycle is Full-Size Pickup and H-D Panhead.

1.Out of Control
"Full Size Pickup Spectacular"

Automobileは フルサイズピックアップを大々的に取り上げます。
近年、Chevy C-10等の Full Size Pickupの加熱ぶりは "Out of Control" !

The automobile will largely focus on the Full-Size Pickup.
Recently the heat of Chevy C-10 and other Full-Size Pickup are “Out of Control”!
Feel the heat at the venue. Any year model is acceptable.
Space is limited so if there are over entry, photo required for screening.
Thank you for your understanding.

2.Character and Sound
"Eternal Panhead"

H-Dの代表的 Engine “Panhead” Motorの装着されたバイクがテーマです。
題もそのまま  "永遠のパンヘッド" Panheadのオーナー方々、遂にです!

The theme is the motorcycle with H-D representative Engine “Panhead” Motor.
The theme title is as it is “Eternal Panhead”, Panhead owner it is finally your turn!!
Space is limited so if there are over entry, photo required for screening.
Thank you for your understanding.

3.Pop Symphony of Custom Paint
Strictly Hot! "Frying Pan"
Custom Paint Contest

Custom Paintコンテストのベースは”フライパン”です。
フライパンが家の装飾品に"Strictly Hot – メチャクチャ熱く" 生まれ変わります!

“Frying Pan” is the base for Custom Paint Contest.
From the one in your kitchen, Old and New, Any Frying Pan is acceptable.
Frying Pan will turn “Strictly Hot!” to your house’s ornament!
The size should be about diameter 35cm (14″).
Limited to state that can be hung on the wall.

4. 2014年 "Be Calm Not Loud / Shizukani"から始まったキャンペーンは
2015年 "Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show",
2016年 "Respect Our Kulture / MAMOROH"
昨年は "Grow Together / SODATEYOU"

5年目の 今年の合言葉は皆でこの大事なLife Styleを大切にしよう!

  "Cherish Our Kulture / Taisetsuni!"

皆さんの協力で折角ここまで来れたのですから これからも「大切」にしましょう!

The campaign started from “Be Calm Not Loud / Shizukani” in 2014 following,
“Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show” in 2015,
“Respect our Kulture / MAMOROH” in 2016 and last year was
“Grow Together / SODATEYOU”.
For the 5th year, let’s Cherish this precious Life Style together!
“Cherish Our Kulture / Taisetsuni! “

To be able to continue this event we “Cherish”, we ask for your continued cooperation and support.