MQQNEYES on Honolulu, Hawaii

MQQNEYES Hawaiiと呼ばれている MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer ” Pacific Street & Rod”.
今迄は Ron’s Performance Center内で営業していましたが この度Locationを
1470 Liliha St. Honolulu, HI 96817 へ移転しました。
Hononolulu Int’l AirportからH1を走りおよそ15分、有名なハワイ出雲大社から歩いても数分、
近くにはHawaiiのFast Foodで有名な L & L Drive Inn 1号店 もあるOld Town Honoluluにあります。
基本的に土日だけのOpenですがAppointmentを取れば水曜日等 特別にOpenしてくれます。
Honoluluへ行った際は是非New Shopになった”Pacific Street & Rod”をお尋ね下さい。

MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Pacific Street & Rod” also called as MQQNEYES Hawaii.
It used to work in the Ron’s Performance Center but, from now on they have moved the Location to 1470 Liliha St. Honolulu, HI 96817.
The Shop is in the Old Town Honolulu, and it is about 15 minute of drive from Honolulu Int’l Airport by H1 and also few minutes walk from the famous Hawaii Izumo Taishakyo Mission. Near the Shop there is also the famous Fast Food in Hawaii, L & L Drive Inn which is also the first store.
Usually, it is only Open on Saturday and Sunday. However, if you take an appointment it can be specially Open on other days like Wednesday.
If you have a chance to go to Honolulu, please have a look at the New Shop of “Pacific Street & Rod”.


Owner Tad

Wildman DesignのOriginal T shirts Honoluluでしか買えません。

Wildman Design Original T-shirts, Only sold at Honolulu.


This is the surroundings of the shop.


Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii

Original L & L Drive Inn (良く見るあのL&Lにはとても見えません)

Original L & L Drive Inn(It doesn’t look like the L&L usually see.)

L & Lの並びにある “SAIMIN”の看板があるお店のSaiminは薄味で美味しかったです。

On the same street to L&L, the restaurant “Saimin” was light taste but tasty.

Honoluluから戻った翌日 Honoluluに住み、Californiaへ引っ越して来た
彼のHawaii PlateのWagonです。

After the next day back from Honolulu, Jason who moved to California from Honolulu came to visit.
His Hawaii Plate Wagon.

1965 Mercury Comet Stationwagon

Wagonville, MQQNEYES USA.

1963 and 1964 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon

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