Celica is back!

32nd Annual Street Car Nationals® 2018 へ

また会場搬入混雑の為 長時間に渡り渋滞となり、

18年経っても綺麗な状態で1972 Celicaが戻ってきました。

1972 Celica is back, even after 18 years it is still in a beautiful condition.
Thanks to the owner who cherished it for a long time.

32 Years

5月17日 MQQNEYESが元町横浜にShopをOpenしてから32年目を迎えました。
そして5月20日(日)は 32回目のStreet Car Nationals ®.

Deuce Dayです。
皆様 会場でお待ちしております。

On May 17th, MQQNEYES celebrated 32 years since it was opened in Motomachi, Yokohama.
Thank you very much for the continuous support.
And on May 20th Sunday is 32nd Annual Street Car Nationals ®.
Deuce Day.
We look forward to see you at the venue.
Please be careful and come to the venue.


If you are planning to put your car beside your friend’s car, please do not wait for your friend near the venue.
Please gather before and come.
Thank you for your understanding.

MQQNEYES社有車第1号は1974 VW T-II

Ed “Big Daddy” RothによるSign Board.

MQQNEYES Company Car #1 is 1974 VW T-II
Sign Board by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

京都の “Cafe Luck Sweets Shop” www.cafe-luck.com で作って頂いた32年記念クッキー!
このお店はCustom Bike Builderで有名な Masa Sugiura’s Luck Motorcycles
奥様がやられている 手作り Sweets Shopです。


32nd Anniversary Cookie made by “Cafe Luck Sweets Shop” www.cafe-luck.com in Kyoto!
This shop is Sweets Shop owned by the wife of Luck Motorcycles http://darkcustom.harley-davidson.co.jp/blog/luckmotor/ Masa Sugihara who is popular as Custom Bike Builder.

See you on Sunday!

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #20

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #20が 5月20日(Sun) お台場 東京 で開催される
32nd Street Car Nationals で発売開始となります。
MQQNEYES Dealers, MQQNEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe and 通信販売で購入出来ます。
MQQNEYESが扱う全商品が載ったFull Catalog プラス 5年間だけ 恵比寿 東京 に存在した
MQQN Equipped Shopの話や Wildmanのおもちゃ自慢、MQQN Cafe’s Mexican Food Nat’lと題し
MQQN Cafeで食するCal Mexメニューの紹介等々 読み応えのある内容のはずです。
総ページ225 価格は¥800(税別), お楽しみに!

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #20 will be available from the day of the 32nd Street Car Nationals® held on May 20th(Sun) at Odaiba, Tokyo.
From this year it is not available in public bookstore.
You can buy it from MQQNEYES Dealers, MQQNEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe and MQQNEYES Online Shops.
Full of interesting contents with the Full Catalog of MQQNEYES product, the story of MQQN Equipped Shop in Ebisu Tokyo which last for 5 years, Wildman’s Talk and MQQN Cafe’s Mexican Food Nat’l that introduces the Cal Mex Menu in MQQN Cafe.
225 pages and the price is ¥800(+tax)
Please look forward!

それでは 5/20(Sun) お台場 東京でお待ちしております。
ショー当日, 会場には 1,000台 以上のエントリー車, 120軒 を超すベンダーが一気に入場します。
頑張って搬入を急ぎますので どうか腹は立てずに横にして お待ち下さい。
See you at there!

We look forward to see you at May 20th (Sun) Odaiba, Tokyo.
At the day of the event, there will be over 1,000 cars and 120 vendors.
Depending on the time the venue will be busy with the car entering.
We will try hard for loading so, please be patient and support us.
Let’s keep good manners and have an excellent day.
See you at there!

GO West.

4/28(土)連休初日、名古屋Joints Showへ行ってきました。
本牧横浜を出たのは6:45am, 約320km先の目的へ着いたのは14:00頃やたら時間が掛かっています。
タンクが小さいのと、Bikeだと車の様にガゾリンいれてGo! と言う訳にはいかず小休止が必要です。

The first day of long holiday Saturday 28th April, we went to Joints Show held at Nagoya. The bikes started in 5 and got to 4 on the way but, we safely arrived at Port Messe Nagoya.
We left Honmoku Yokohama 6:45 am and we arrived at the destination approximately 320km away, around 14:00. It quite takes times.
The tank is small and because it’s bike you can’t just Go! by putting gasoline like a car, and need some rest.
Long distance is tiring.


It was 5 bikes when we left Honmoku but.

岡崎SAでHot Companyの五十嵐さんと USA時代からの友人のYoshi-kun夫妻が

At Okazaki Service Area Hot Company Mr. Igarashi and Yoshi-kun and his wife welcomed us.
“Thank you!”


When we arrived at Port Messe, got to 4 Bikes.


We got many support this time too.
Thank you very much.

From Indonesia, KUSTOMFEST 2018の主催メンバーのJackson君 (画像右)

From Indonesia, Mr. Jackson who is one of the members of organizer for KUSTOMFEST 2018. (Right image)


Thank you for your support!