MQQNEYES Pop Up Shop on the salt

今年も70th Annual Speed Weekがやってきました。
例年に無く塩のConditionが良く、雪に例えれば昨年までは 湿気を帯びた、ベタベタした雪

70th Annual Speed Week has come again this year.
The Condition of the salt is good than ever, if you compared to snow, last year’s was like moisture sticky snow but this year, it is like powder snow.
Therefore, there was less salt sticking to the tire and car.

塩のコンディションは良かったのですが 車のコンディションが良くありませんでした。
結局 走る事が出来ずCAへ戻る事になりました。

The Condition of the salt was good but, the condition of the car was not good.
As a result, it couldn’t run and went back to CA.

途中に街、Old Town Ely

On the way, Old Town Ely.

M-2 Die Cast 1/64

M-2からRed Camaroが1/64のスケールで11月頃? 発売予定。

1/64 scale Red Camaro from M-2, will be released around November.

7th Annual Art of Speed, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaで開催された7回目のArt of Speedへ参加しました。
今回で6回目の参加となります。しかもMQQN Bug とMQQN Diggerを日本から送りました。

We have participated to 7th Art of Speed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
This is our 6th time to participate. Moreover, we sent the MQQN Bug and MQQN Digger from Japan.

素晴らしいMQQNEYES Booth.

Wonderful MQQNEYES Booth.
We never had this quality before!


Saturday Morning, before the Ride-In.

まずはMQQN Bugから

First, MQQN Bug


Narrow pathway!

Sunny Yanoが MQQN Digger に乗って Ride In

Sunny Yano Ride-In with MQQN Digger

主催者 Asep が作ったT-3 Valiant.

T-3 Valiant made by organizer Asep.
On Saturday the tire was dirty, but…

日曜日にはタイヤも綺麗なり この車が MQQNEYES Pick になりました。

On Sunday it was cleaned and this was the car awarded for MQQNEYES Pick.


Wildman spent a whole day for this car.

向かって右が 主催者のAsep & Deni 夫妻, 私, llest /Fat Lace のMarkもUSから参加、M&K Makotoと
この3名から Awardが出ました。

From the right Organizer Asep and Mr. & Mrs. Deni, me, Illest /Fat Lace Mark participated from US and M&K Makoto.
And from these three, awards were chosen.
On the stage I had a speech “Tire is same as shoes so, make it clean!”

One Piece Window や Cragar SSが良いですね。

One Piece Window and Cragar SS looks good.


This t-1 also had a good atmosphere.


This motorcycle basing the BMW was winning many Awards.


The guest from Japan “Tokyo Indians”

Yokohama からは Kustom Style も出店!

From Yokohama, Kustom Style has also participated!


Characteristic of this event is that there are many people wearing old design MQQNEYES.

有名なBeach Clubの反対側でWelcome DinnerとDice Partyが土曜日の夜に開催されました。

On the other side of the famous Beach Club, there was the Welcome Dinner and Dice Party on Saturday night.


Here. “余分な冷たいマイナス2度(-2℃ Extra cold)” what is this?


In the front of the hotel, there are Luxurious cars.

Kuala Lumpurへ行く事がありましたら是非訪ねてみて下さい。

If you have a chance to go to Kuala Lumpur, please visit.

MQQN Cafe Bangkok, Thailand もちゃくちゃくと進んでいる様です。
左側がMQQN Cafeとなります。

MQQN Cafe Bangkok, Thailand’s construction is progressing steadily.
Left side is MQQN Cafe.