Fuji Speedway

先週末はFuji SpeedwayでIAFが開催され 今年初めてCamaroでレースでした。

Last week there was the Fuji Speedway at IAF and this was the first race for this year with Camaro.
However, this is the last race for this year.
And the Summer ended for the Old men.


For the first time in 3 years for Vega.

Photo by Pan

Photo by Pan

抜ける様なBlue Sky, そう暑くもなく、最高の1日でした。

Clear Blue Sky and it was the great day with the comfortable weather.

Photo by Pan

Photo by Pan

Return Roadから見る富士山

Mt. Fuji seen from Return Road

勿論、タイヤはGood Year! Photo by Pan

Of course, the tire is Good Year! Photo by Pan

こちらは1968年にFuji Speedwayで開催された Nippon Can Am です。
左の背の高い人は Don Nichols, Dean MOONの友人でもあり、日本のレースシーンでは
忘れてはならない人です。その隣は Driverの Pedro Rodríguez F-1も乗った有名Driver.
そしてMOON JacketのCrew.
Photo by Dean MOON

This is Nippon Can-Am that was held at Fuji Speedway in 1968.
The left tall person is Don Nichols, who is the friend of Dean MOON and person must not forget in Japan’s Race scene. And the person beside is Pedro Rodríguez, who is the famous driver that also went on the F-1. And Crew wearing MOON Jacket.
Photo by Dean MOON

手前からToyota 7, Lora T-70その先は分かりません。
Photo by Dean MOON

From right before Toyota 7, Lora T-70, I can’t tell the far side.
Photo by Dean MOON

Penske Sunoco Mclaren M6-B.
後ろに立つ2人は Team OwnerのRoger Penske(左) & DriverのMark Donohueです。
Photo by Dean MOON

Penske Sunoco McLaren M6-B.
2 people standing in the back is Team Owner Roger Penske(Left) & Driver Mark Donohue.
Photo by Dean MOON

左から Roger Penske, Caroll Shelby and Mark Donohue.
Photo by Dean MOON

From the left Penske, Carroll Shelby and Mark Donohue.
Photo by Dean MOON

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