MQQN Cafe Bangkok, Thailand

先週末 MQQN CafeがBangkok, ThailandにOpenしました。
Night Train Marketと言う大きな露天マーケットの一番奥にあります。
ぜひ、MQQN Cafe Bangkokへお出かけ下さい。

Last weekend, MQQN Cafe Bangkok has Opened in Thailand.
It is at the very inner part of the Street Market called Night Train Market.
Varieties of Shops will start moving around from 6:00pm because it is a Night Market.
Please visit MQQN Cafe Bangkok.
Working Hour is Wednesday to Sunday from 4:00pm~.
Please check before you visit.

MQQNEYES Shop Bangkokの2周年記念とMQQN Cafe BangkokのGrand Openingを同時に開催しました。

We celebrated 2nd Anniversary of MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok and MQQN Cafe Bangkok Grand Opening at the same time.
Designed by Wildman.

On the first day of the Opening, it is Thailand’s custom to have this kind of ceremony.

After reading the sutra, meal are served and after they return, we can have the meal.


Ribbon cutting ceremony.
I didn’t imagine this was happening.

笑顔が素敵な Ownerの Mr. and Mrs. Mark
Nice Smile of the Owner Mr. and Mrs. Mark.


Menu are same as Yokohama plus there are Original menus of Thailand people’s favorite.

Gin 前田先生とMQQN Cafe BangkokのOpening Staff。
Gin 前田が2週間に渡り現地で指導をしてきました。

Teacher Gin Maeda and MQQN Cafe Bangkok Opening Staff.
Gin Maeda has teach them for 2 weeks at the actual place.

MQQN Cafe BangkokのUniform.

Uniform of MQQN Cafe Bangkok.

MQQNEYES Shop をバックに MarkのToyota Crown HTとVW T-1(後ろ)

Having MQQNEYES Shop in the back, Mark’s Toyota Crown HT and VW T-1(in the back)

Open前、昼間のShopとCafe. とにかく暑いです!

Before the Open and Day time of Shop and Cafe are just hot!
It is hot so people doesn’t gather. From the evening to mid-night it will get cooler so, people get crowded at the market.
The opening of the event started around 5:00pm to mid-night.
We are used to the event starting from early in the morning to evening so, it was little hard for us.

25年前位この様なMOONEYESのDie Castあったのご存知の方もいると思います。

Some people might know that there was the MOONEYES Die Cast like this 25 years ago.
Please be careful for the heat and rainy season and visit.

Jackie Stewart & Graham Hill を写しているのは Dean MOON at Fuji Int’l Speedway in 1966.
From MOONEYES Archive

Dean MOON at Fuji Int’l Speedway in 1966 taking photo of Jackie Stewart & Graham Hill.
From MOONEYES Archive

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