HCS2018 Limited Items

27th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD SHOW まで残り1か月を切りました。
今年のレイアウトが決定し、いよいよ HCS2018 が大きく動き始めました。

It’s now less than a month until 27th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.
The layout is decided and HCS2018 is moving forward.

受理書の発送は 11/13(火) を予定しておりますので、お手元に届くまで今暫くお待ちください

ショー会場で販売する限定アイテムもお楽しみに!VANS X MOONEYES Shoes に、ショー限定 Clothing & Goods さらに Rat Fink の Limited Doll と内容盛りだくさんです!

Please look forward to the Limited Items that will be available at the show venue! We have prepared many contents like the VANS X MOONEYES Shoes, Limited Clothing & Goods and Rat Fink Limited Doll!


HCS2018 の前売り券は MOONEYES Area-1, Cafe, Official Online Shop、チケットぴあ、ローソンチケット、イープラス、チケットペイ にて好評発売中です。

詳しくは HCS Official Website をご覧ください。

Advance Tickets are available our Official Online Shop and our physical shop MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe in Honmoku Yokohama.
For Overseas, the only way you can purchase tickets to the Little Get Together Party is via the Option through the Advance Ticket.

For more details please check the HCS Official Website.

SEMA 2018

HCS 2018で発売される VANS x MQQN Equipped Authentic Shoes のポスターです。

This is the poster of VANS x MQQN Equipped Authentic Shoes that will release at HCS 2018.
Left is one from 1969, right is the 2018 version after about 50 years.

New ItemはTesla Model 3用MQQN Disc
電気自動車の場合、MQQN Discを付けると燃費が良くなると言えません。

The new item is MQQN Disc for Tesla Model 3
In case of an electric car, it not to be said that by putting the MQQN Disc fuel efficiency gets better.
Mileage will get longer.

もう一つのNew Item, Side Air Deflector.

Another New Item. Side Air Deflector.
It can be mounted to any car.
Coming soon.

SEMA2018でのMy Pick その1

My pick in SEMA2018 Part 1





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