あと2週間で 27th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2018 です。

2 more weeks until 27th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2018.
It will hold at Pacifico Yokohama again this year.

2018年も変わらず、二輪車での会場(パシフィコ横浜) 及び
公共交通機関をご利用ください。 ご協力よろしくお願い致します。

It is prohibited to ride your motorcycle into the venue(Pacifico Yokohama) and Minato Mirai Area.
Please used public transportation.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

2018年のキャンペーン "Cherish Our Kulture – 大切に – Tai setsu ni"
自分達の Kulture を大切にしようという意味を込めた言葉です。

Campaign for 2018 is “Cherish Our Kulture – 大切に – Tai setsu ni”.
We are getting many supports. Let’s keep up with this campaign! Thank you very much.

HCS2018 今年のOfficial ハッシュタグは
#hcs2018, #cherishourkulture, #taisetsuni, #savetheyokohamahotrodcustomshow

This year’s HCS2018 Official Hashtag are
#hcs2018, #cherishourkulture, #taisetsuni, #savetheyokohamahotrodcustomshow

Tai setsu ni ステッカーを手に入れたら、Instgram にてハッシュタグを付けてご投稿ください。

If you get the Tai sets ni sticker, please post it on the Instagram with this Hashtag.


It is almost to the event and to succeed to the next, please support us.

HCS 2018 の前売りチケットのお知らせです。

前売り券の販売は、MOONEYES Area-1 Shop, MQQN Cafe ,
MOONEYES Official Online Shop (楽天市場店、Yahoo! Shopping 店での販売はございません)、
各チケット サイト(ローソンチケット、チケットぴあ、eプラス、チケット ペイ) よりお買い求め頂けます。

詳しくは、HCS2018 前売り券詳細ページをご確認ください。

Information for the HCS2018 Advance Ticket.

You can get the admission ticket on the day, however, it might get crowded so we recommend you to get the ticket beforehand and enter the event smoothly.

Advance Ticket is available on MOONEYES Area-1 Shop, MQQN Cafe,
MOONEYES Official Online Shop (http://www.mooneyes.jp/product/9975).
Or other Japanese Online Ticket websites.

If you want to participate in the Little Get Together Party (Pre-Party), the only way you can purchase tickets to the Little Get Together Party is via the Option through the Advance Ticket from our Official Online Shop.

Depending on the Shop the closing date are different.
For more detail please check HCS2018 Advance Ticket Detail Page.

前売り 3,400円 (12歳以下 Free)
当日 3,900円 (12歳以下 Free)

Advance Ticket 3,400yen (Under 12 years old Free)
General Admission Ticket 3,900yen (Under 12 years old Free)

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