2019 Calendar

Fake Shoes

2008年に発売したMQQNEYES/Vans Shoe の Fake版です。
Vans Logoや札までソックリ! 

Fake version of MQQNEYES/Vans Shoe released in 2008.
Vans logo and the tag looks exactly the same!
However, it’s hard to tell that it is fake or not if it is made this similarly.

33rd SCN has safely finished.


管轄警察署から指導、過去同じ場所で開催された車関係イベントとの絡み等 制約が多いなか
皆さまの ご理解 と ご協力 により問題も起きず無事終了できた事に感謝致します。
お台場 最後となる SCN 多くの方々にご来場頂けました。
多くの方に聞かれましたが 2020年の開催場所はまったく決まっていません。
また9月にお台場で開催していました All Odds Nationals, Motorcycle Swap Meetも同様に開催場所が見つかっていません。
何か動きあればMQQNEYES Website & SNS等でお知らせしますので注意していて下さい。

何はともあれ SCN の開催にご協力頂きまして本当にありがとうございました。

そう、今のところ 28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 です。

Go! with MQQN

33rd SCN has safely finished.

Although there were some regulations from the notice from the police
and the relation between other car related event held at the same
place. We really appreciate that we were able to hold the event safely
from everyone’s support and cooperation.
Thank you very much.
In the morning it was sunny weather and, there was rain forecast but
it did not rain until night. It felt slightly cold than usual but,
many people came to the last SCN that held in Odaiba.
Many people asked me about 2020, but we have not decided yet.
Similarly, the location for All Odds Nationals and Motorcycle Swap
Meet that are held in September are still not found.
If there is any movement to the event, we will announce it on MQQNEYES
Website & SNS so, please pay attention.

However, thank you very much for your support for SCN.

Let’s meet at the next event!
Yes, for the time being, it is 28th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019.

33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals®

いよいよ明日 33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® を
例年より2カ月早い開催なので、いつもの SCN より寒いです。

今年の SCN では記念Tシャツ、記念ポスターを販売します。
プレゼント キャンペーンもありますので、MOONEYES ブースでお買い物をお楽しみください。
Event の詳細は SCN Official Website をご覧ください。

それでは3/10 (SUN) お台場 東京でお待ちしております!

See you there!

Finally, tomorrow 33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® will be held at the same location in Odaiba.
It is 2month early than recent years so, it will probably cold than usual SCN.
Please keep your self warm when you come.

At SCN there will be Limited T-shirts, and Limited Event Poster.
There is also a present campaign so, please come and shop at MOONEYES Booth.
Please check the SCN Official Website for details.

We look forward to seeing you at 3/10(SUN) Odaiba Tokyo!!

See you there!

33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals®
Limited Tシャツ

Mens S ~ XXL
Price: ¥2,600 w/tax (XXL ¥2,900 w/tax)

Ladies S、M
Price: ¥2,600 w/tax

Kids Sサイズのみ
Price: ¥2,400 w/tax

33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals®

Size:B3 サイズ
Price: 600yen (tax incl.)

MOONEYES ブースにて、先着1,000名、3,000円(税別) 以上お買い上げの方にプレゼントします。

If you purchase more than 3,000yen(excluding tax), we will give this for FREE!!
※Get it before it goes out.

A week to go for SCN!

昨年と同じお台場青海 Parking N.O.P Area で開催する 33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® まであと1週間。

A week to go for 33rd Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® that will be held at Odaiba Aomi Parking N.O.P Area, the same location as last year.
To hold the event, we have an important notice to everyone.
It will be quite long but, please read it through the end.

33rd Annual MQQNEYES
Street Car Nationals® ご来場の皆様へ



ここ数年、特にSCNでは Low RiderによるHopping、暴走等の危険行為が目立ちます。また他車による騒音等。それを目的にエントリーせず、周辺を走り回っている車達。警察にとっては、イベントから影響するこれらの行為もイベントの一つとして認識されています。迷惑以外ありません。



との事でした。 これで物事解決するなら簡単ですが。


エントリーでショー会場内に居る方々は別として エントリー車では無く会場周辺で 騒音、Hopping等 を繰り返し走行する直接ショーには関係していない人達によってショーが潰されて行くと言うのが現状です。現実, 同じ場所で開催された他社のイベントでは交通機動隊による取り締まりがあったりイベントを中止せざるえなくなったケースが実際に出てきています。

会場内だけでなく、会場周辺の物事も当然主催者である我々の責任の範疇だとは思いますが、我々はそれら行為を止めさせる事が出来る権力は持っていません。と言う事は 皆様に状況を理解し協力して頂く以外、せっかく30年以上に渡り気づき上げてきた心地良い、自分たちの世界がSHOWとは関係ない方々の行為により今潰されそうになっています。

お願いしたいのは この状況をエントリーされて居ないそれぞれのご友人方々へ知らせて下さい。「自分達が楽しいと思う事は自分達で守らない限りすぐ無くなってしまいます」我々の心地良い楽しみも一歩間違いがあれば、吹けば飛ぶように終わってします。



To everyone who participates in 33rd Annual MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals®

We received the guidance from local police who jurisdiction of the venue.

In the car event organized by another group held at the same venue in the past, they received the notice from the local police who jurisdiction of the venue of Odaiba. The cause was a car/motorcycle act by Kyusha-Kai(Old Car Association).

1. Prohibition of runaway acts on roads near the venue aiming the spectators.
In recent years, especially in SCN, dangerous acts such as hopping by Low Rider, runaway acts and etc are conspicuous. Also noise from other cars. And having those as the purpose and not registering and cars just running around the venue. For the police, these actions that influence from the event are also recognized as part of the event. There is nothing other than trouble.

2. Prohibition of inspecting those act at the median strip, sidewalk and etc
We can understand the feeling you want to see it but do not see it because they will do it because you see it. This act is also warned by the police.

3. The expression of Kyusha will image the Kyusha-Kai so, do not use it.
旧車=Kyusha, meaning old car. It will be simple if we can just solve the problem by not using the word.

4. Including the above, if there is another influence event is
suspended immediately.

We have received above strict guidance.

Apart from the people who are in the show venue, the current situation is that the show goes crushed by people who are not involved in the direct show where noise, hopping etc. runaway act around the venue is not the registered car. In reality, at other companies’ events held at the same place, there are cases in which there are crackdowns by the Traffic riot police and the event has to be canceled.

Not only in the venue but also things around the venue are the categories of our responsibilities as the organizer, but we do not have the power to stop these acts. Our comfortable world that is build up for over 30 years, is becoming crushed by people’s action not related to the SHOW. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to understand this situation and cooperate together.

What we want to ask you is to, let people know about this situation to each of your friends and people who have not registered. “Things we enjoy will be gone immediately as long as we do not protect it.” If there is a mistake in our comfortable enjoyment, it will end up nothing. For people who have the patches on their uniform will think our world
is same as Kyusha-Kai.

Why don’t we protect this world made by everyone?
We ask for your cooperation.
Thank you.


For the move-in, we apologize for the trouble from last year and to prevent it we will proceed the followings. We will try to have a smooth move-in so, we ask for your cooperation.

33rd Annual MQQNEYES
Street Car Nationals®エントリーの皆様へ



1. 会場周辺道路から会場への誘導図は記載致しません。大変申し訳ありません。周辺道路は公道の為、色々な事情、状況があり、警察でない我々には交通のコントロールが出来ません。ご理解ください。

2. 会場周辺道路の渋滞を緩和する為、搬入口を2箇所もしくは、3箇所設け、係員の指示でランダムに入場して頂きます。

3. 車別の配列を無くし、入った順番で車種に関係なく停めて頂きます。

4. グループで止めたい場合、一緒に入場出来なかった方は まず一緒には停められないと思って下さい。会場に入ってから待機するのもご遠慮ください。

5. 搬入をスムーズに行う為、エントリーパーミット、エントリー受理書等は、事前にダッシュボードへ置いておいて下さい。またエントリー車一台一台、それぞれのドライバーは必要書類は持っていて下さい。

6. 入場の際、エントリーパーミットへの穴開けを中止し、代わりに小さなステッカーをフロントガラス上部に貼らせて頂きます。

7. 早い時間は比較的空いています。早めにお越しいただけますとストレスも少なくなるかもしれません。

上記の内容で開催致します。上手く進むかどうか分かりませんが努力致しますので怒らず 立てる腹は横にしてスムーズな搬入が行えます様ご協力ください。ご理解、ご協力宜しくお願い致します。

今回で最後と成るのか SCN 、とにかく33回目を楽しみましょう。


Go! with MQQN

To everyone who participates in 33rd Annual MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals®

Thank you for registering to 33rd SCN that will be last to be held at Odaiba Tokyo. Despite the date is March 10th when it is still cold, there was owe 1,100 car registered. And we deeply apologize that it took time to enter the participants and inconvenience that may cause.

To prevent the trouble for this year, we will proceed with the followings.

1. We will not note the move-in route from the road around the venue to the venue.
We are sorry for the inconvenience it may cause. The road around the venue is a public road so, due to the situation and circumstance we are not police so, we cannot control the traffic. Thank you for your understanding.

2. For mitigation of traffic jam around the venue, we will establish two or three entrance and enter the car randomly by the staff’s decision.

3. We will get rid of the display by car model and ask you to park in order regardless of the car model. (There will be some general grouping)

4. If you want to the display in a group and could not enter together, please be aware that you will not display together. Please do not wait at the venue.

5. To proceed the move-in smoothly, please put the Entry Permit and Qualification on the dashboard beforehand. And the driver for each car should have the needed documents.

6. During the admission, instead of making a hole on the Entry Permit, we will put a small sticker on the top part of the front glass.

7. If you come early in the morning it is relatively not crowded. If you come earlier you will have less stress.

We will organize the event following the above. We do not know whether it will go well but, we will try so please be patient and support us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Will it be the last SCN or not, anyway let’s enjoy the 33rd SCN.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue. Please come safely.

Go! with MQQN
Shige Suganuma