Bangkok International Motorshow 2019

何年振りかにMotor Showなる物に行ってきました。
MQQNEYES Shop Bangkokの3周年記念で訪れていたBangkokで Bangkok International Motor Showが開催されていました。
1997年にもBangkok Int’l Motor Showに来た事があったので22年振りって事になります。

I went to Motor Show for the first time in several years.
There was Bangkok International Motor Show held at Bangkok which we went to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary go MQQNEYES SHOP Bangkok.
I have been to Bangkok Int’l Motor Show in 1997, so it is the first time in 22 years.
I was happy to see a lot of pick-up trucks, that we have low opportunities to see in Japan.

日本で発売なるのか知りませんが新しいHi Aceです。
大きい! とにかく大きい!

I don’t know if it will release in Japan but, it is New Hi Ace.
Big! It’s just big!

タイではピックアップトラックのDrag Raceが盛んだそうです。

Pick-up truck race car that was beside us on the Expressway.
At Thailand, Drag Race of Pick-up Truck is popular

MQQNEYES Shop BangkokのShop Truck.

MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok Shop’s Truck.

中心街でタクシーから徹底的に乗車拒否をされ、結局 ツクツクに乗る事になってしまいました。

At the central town, we totally got rejected by the taxi so, we had to go on the tuk-tuks.
Although it was quick and convenient for traveling around the city with chronic traffic jam.


Catering of Sushi.
Go! with your own soy sauce

バンコクへお出掛けの際はMQQNEYES Shop Bangkok and MQQN Cafe Bangkokに是非お立ち寄り下さい。

When you visit Bangkok, please also visit the MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok and MQQN Cafe Bangkok.

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