Holiday on Norwalk Blvd

まったく気が付かなかったけどMQQNEYES USAの斜め向かいにある “Gentleman’s Club Holiday” が閉まっていた。
Gentlemen’s Clubと言うから街のGentlemenが行く所、こう言うShopもどんどん姿を消してしまう時代。
California でさえ最近は低い建物を潰し高層ビルが建ち、街の景観がどんどん変わって行きます。
ここもその内、そうなるのか? あるいは、New Ownerの元、再建されるのか?

Holiday will be gone?
I didn’t realize but “Gentlemen’s Club Holiday” that is in diagonally in front of MQQNEYES USA is closed.
It is Gentlemen’s Club so, it a place where Gentlemen goes, although it is a generation where these kinds of Shop disappearing.
Even in California, low buildings are crushed and High buildings are built and the townscape is gradually changing.
Will this place be like that? Or, will it rebuild by the New Owner?
Probably, that won’t happen.

写真中央の赤い屋根が “Gentleman’s Club Holiday” の2019年。
Red roof in the center of the image is “Gentlemen’s Club Holiday” in 2019.

これは1984年 LA Olympicの際、聖火ランナーがNorwalk BlvdのHoliday、そしてMOON Equipment Company(現MQQNEYES)前を

The image is an abstract from MIM#9, and the building with a red letter in the center is Holiday.
This is the photo took, when there was the LA Olympic in 1984.
A flame‐bearer is running through Norwalk Blvd, Holiday and MOON Equipment Company (Current MQQNEYES).

Dean MQQNも隣のハンバーガーショップで応援です。 1984年

Dean MQQN is cheering at the Burger Shop next door. 1984

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