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最近、Special Order(Size)MQQN DiscのOrderが増えています。

Recently, order is increasing for Special Order (Size) MQQN Disc.
One of the reasons is that wheel size has become diverse, and car increased that are not suitable for normal size.

Leonardが持っているのは 2018 Dodge 4WD Truck用に作った23.5″のMQQN Discです。

Leonard is holding the 2018 Dodge 4WD Truck 23.5″ MQQN Disc.

Special Orderで作る場合、枚数は作らないのでMoldはWoodを削って製作し、それをベースに使います。
木型の場合はMachine Shopで作っています。
通常販売しているMQQN DiscはSteelのMoldを使っています。

To make the Special Order, we won’t make that many so Wood is shaved for the Mold and that is used as a base.
If its a wood model it is made at Machine Shop.
MQQN Disc that is normally sold is using a Steel Mold.

試作中の18″ MQQN Disc

Examining the 18″ MQQN Disc.

取り付けはDzus Fastenerの予定です。

It seemed to need an adjustment to the wood model.
Plan to installed by or with Dzus Fastener.

Tesla 3用 これで走行距離がUpする事間違い無し。

For Tesla 3. There is no doubt that the driving distance will go Up with this.

Honda GoldwingはDaytona Bike Weekに出展されました。

Honda Goldwing has exhibited at the Daytona Bike Week.

10連休中、MQQNEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafeは通常営業してます。
5/05(日) Area-1店頭で Side Walk Sale and Wildman による Pinstripe Demo を行います。

During the 10days holiday, MQQNEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe are working regularly.
On Sunday 5th of March, there will be a Sidewalk Sale in front of Area-1 and there will also be Pinstripe Demo by Wildman.
We are looking forward to your visit.


Monthly Special: Cauliflower Cheese Burger

マンスリースペシャルメニュー: カリフラワーチキンプレート、カリフラワーとライスが50/50のヘルシープレートです。

Monthly Special Menu: Cauliflower Chicken Plate, Healthy plate of 50:50 Cauliflower and Rice.

MQQN Cafeは 4/27(土)以降 21:00閉店(ラストオーダー20:30)となります。

After Saturday 27th of April, MQQN Cafe’s closing time will be 9:00 PM (L.O 8:30 PM).
In addition from Monday 13th of May, every Monday is Closed.

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