HCS 2019 Guest Bike

先日 Oak Canyon Ranch, CA で Born Free Show 11 が開催されました。
毎年この Show にやってきた Motorcycle の中から YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW に招待する Guest Motorcycle が決定します。

開催まで残り5か月。いよいよ HCS2019 が本格的に動き始めました。

以下現時点で決定した Guest 車両をご覧ください。

Last week the Born Free Show 11 was held at Oak Canyon Ranch, CA.
Every year from the motorcycle participated in this Show, Guest Motorcycle is decided to be invited for YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.

5 more month until the Show. It is gradually activating to HCS2019.

Below are the Guest Motorcycle decided for now.

Born Free Invited Builder 1st Place
Hawke Lawshe’ / Harley Davidson Shovel

Born Free Best in Show
Oliver Jones / Harley Davidson UL/Knuckle

Born Free Invited Builder 2nd place
Ben Zales / 1963 Harley Davidson Panhead

Tom Heavey
1953 Triumph

Born Free People’s Champ #1
Nick Busby / 1962 Harley Davidson Panhead

Born Free FXR 2nd Place
Yaniv “NEEVO” Evan / Power Plant / Harley Davidson FXR

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