30 years of Excellence 1989 ~ 2019 WILDMAN

Obon Week がスタートしました。
MOONEYES Area-1 では Wildman Ishii が Pro Pinstriper になって今年で30年。
30 years of Excellence WILDMAN を MOONEYES Area-1 にて開催中です。

開催期間: 8月18日(日) まで
場所:MOONEYES Area-1

Obon Week has started.
It has been 30 years since Wildman Ishii became Pro Pinstriper.
30 Years of Excellence WILDMAN is held at MOONEYES Area-1, that look back over 30 year’s history with his works and photos.

Date: Until August 18th (Sun)
Location: Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1

Obon Week は毎日 Wildman が Area-1 1F におりますので、気軽にお声かけください。

Obon Week は 本牧 横浜 の MOONEYES Area-1 , MQQN Cafe にお立ち寄りください。

During the Obon Week, Wildman will be at 1F of Area-1 every day so, feel free to talk with him.
He can also put his autograph on the memorial item!

Please come and visit Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe for this Obon Week.

MOONEYES Online Shop でもお買いも求めも頂けます。
※ Online Shop (通信販売) ご利用の方は、30years of Excellence WILDMAN 記念 Goods の商品お届は、

Memorial Item Information
You can also purchase at MOONEYES Online Shop.
※If you purchase at the Online Shop, 30 Years of Excellence WILDMAN Memorial item will be shipped in end of August.

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】Poster

Size: B3(364mm×515mm)
【MGPO008】¥800(excl. tax)

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】Polo-shirt

Color: NY Navy
Material:65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
Size(US): S、M、L、XL、XXL
【FM188NY】¥2,800 (excl. tax) 

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】T-shirt (Black)

Color: BK Black
Material:*6.1 oz 100% Cotton
Size(US): S、M、L、XL、XXL
【TM766BK】¥5,800(excl. tax), XXL ¥6,100 (excl. tax)

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】T-shirt (White)

Color: White
Material:*6.1 oz 100% Cotton
Size(US): S、M、L、XL、XXL
【TM766BK】¥2,500(excl. tax), XXL ¥2,800 (excl. tax)

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】Title Holder

Size: Abut (H) 25cm x (W) 36cm (Closed 18cm)
Material: Polyurethane, Vinyl

*Pen is not included.

【MGC206】¥3,600 (excl. tax)

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】Key ring

Size: 7cm x 4.8cm x 0.5cm
Material: Acrylic 
【MKR176】¥1,200 (excl. tax)

【Hiro "Wildman" Ishii 30th Anniversary】Sticker

Size: About (H) 9.7cm x (W) 7cm
【DM229】¥800 (excl. tax)

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