Ohana Weekend by Pacific Rod and Street, MQQNEYES Hawaii

先週末、Honolulu, HIにあるMQQNEYES Hawaii Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street" が
"Ohama Weekend" と言うEventを開催しました。
SaturdayはShop前で WildmanのPinstripe Demoを行い、SundayはKailuaにある
Clyde’s Auto Care ShopでCar Show & Wildman’s Pinstriping と
Hot Wheel等の小さい物に描く作業が多く、段々イライラしだす Wildmanですが
今回は Cars, Guitar, Helmet等大きな物も多く終始Stepを踏んでいたと言うことは上機嫌だったと言う事です。
Honolulu 市内にある MQQNEYES Hawaii Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street"は

Last weekend, MQQNEYES Hawaii Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street" in Honolulu, HI
held an event called "Ohama Weekend".
On Saturday, at the front of the Shop, there was a Pinstripe Demo by Wildman.
And on Sunday, at Clyde’s Auto Care Shop in Kailua, there was a Car Show & Wildman’s
Pinstriping so, Wildman had a very busy weekend.
He took a Pinstriping request in advance so, he was working without getting out of work.
In Southeast Asia event, there is more order to work on Hot Wheel and other small things so,
he gradually gets irritated but, this time he got a Pinstripe request for Cars, Guitar, Helmets
and other bigger things so, and he was taking a light steps that mean that he was in a good mood for all day.
Hawaiian were surprised with Widman’s technique so, he was getting many big hands.
MQQNEYES Hawaii Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street" in Hawaii,

the business hour is irregular open so, please contact them in Advance.

MQQNEYES Hawaii Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street"
Address: 1474 Liliha st. Honolulu, HI 96816
Website: www.mooneyeshawaii.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PacificRodandStreet/

開店前 商売繁盛のBlessing Ceremonyです。
Before opening, Blessing Ceremony for a thriving business.

In the sudden rain, Roadster has arrived.

今回の記念Tシャツ、モチロンDesigned by Wildman. 近日少量ですが販売します。
Commemorative T-shirt for this event is of course designed by Wildman. The number is limited but we will be selling it soon.

なんでも100台しか作られなかったCorolla Convertible, Topはなんと電動!
Corolla Convertible which only 100 is made, Top is surprisingly electric!

SundayはKailua近くにある Clyde’s Auto Care ShopでCar Showが開催されました。
On Sunday there was a Car Show held by Clyde’s Auto Care Shop which is near Kailua.

ChevelleもCamaroも Wheel は Centerline Auto Drag. 70年代後半、一斉を風靡したホイルです。
Chevelle and Camaro’s Wheel is Centerline Auto Drag. Everyone was using this Wheel in the late 70’s.

このCamaroも70sの匂いがしますね。最近 近所ではこう言う感じのマッスルカーあまり見なくなりました。
This Camaro also has some mood of 70s, Recently, I don’t see this kind of muscle car in my neighborhood.

I also don’t see this kinds of Corvette.

Shopではなぜか Centerline Auto Drag がFor Saleでした。
For some reason at the Shop, Centerline Auto Drag was For Sale.

今にも雨が降りそうな雲ゆきでしたが幸いこの日はNo Rain.
It was cloudy that seems to rain but, fortunately, this day was No Rain.

このMercは2011年、MOONEYES Pick に輝いた車です。
今回はFront BumperにWildmanのPisntripeが追加されました。
This Merc 2011, is the awarded for MOONEYES Pick.
This time Wildman’s Pinstripe was added to the Front Bumper.

左から5人目が主催者のTad, そしてFriendsです。
5th person from the left is organizer Tad and his Friends.

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