HCS 2019 Bathtub

Bathtubが HCS 2019に来る事が決定し作業に入れるのかと思っていたら 突然Discovery Channelの収録予定がはいり、
そんな短い期間で DaveはBathtubを見事に蘇らせました。
作業が始まったのが10/04, コンテナヤードに運び込まれたのが10/21、正味2週間位で仕上げた事になります。
凄い!12/01(日) パシフィコ横浜で見れるのを楽しみにしていて下さい!!

The Bathtub has decided to come to HCS2019 and, we thought that we can work for it but suddenly, Discovery Channel’s filming came in. Would it be completed by the shipping, after several months have past without being touched at all?
This year the show will hold on December 1st and we don’t have much time and it is 10days and faster to be loaded in the container, compared to average year.
It is in the state that everything has to be done in advance.
This is also, same to the participant and, its quite a hard schedule of December 1st.
In the short time of period, Dave has perfectly restored the Bathtub.

It was started on October 4th and, it was moved to the container yard on October 21st. Therefore, it was actually finished within about 2 weeks. Amazing! Please look forward seeing it at the Pacifico Yokohama on December 1st.

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