Grand National Roadster Show 2020 in Pomona, CA

毎年Pomona, CAで開催されるGrand National Roadster Showの一番の華は
Building 4で開催される 最も綺麗なRoadsterを選ぶ “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” (AMBR)です。
その中の一台は昨年のYokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019のBest of Showに輝いた
32 Ford “K’s Roadster”が日本からエントリーでした。
Deuce Factory JapanのShun KasaiがStreet Rodderを日本で始め35年、
他車に負けない仕上がりは “日本のBuilderも遂にここまで来た” と言う感じでした。
Blue SkyのSouthern CaliforniaにマッチするRoadsterです。
残念ながらAMBR のAwardは取れませんでしたが、日本で作ったRoadsterが堂々とAMBRに参加し

Every year the Grand National Roadster Show is held at Pomona, CA. The best spotlight of the show is “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR)” which is held at Building 4.
Many Roadster which spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars, registered every year to win this Award.
This year, 10 Roadsters were registered for AMBR.
One the Roadster was 32 Ford “K’s Roadster” which won the Best of Show at last year’s Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019.
35 years have past when Shun Kasai of Deuce Factory Japan first started as Street Rodder.
It is definitely the one that is full of his knowledge and experience for 35 years.
The competitive finish of the car was like “Japanese Builder has finally come this far.”
It has a more massive image looking at in Pomona than Yokohama and, is it only myself that felt it was natural to be there?
It is a Roadster that matches the Blue Sky of Southern California.
Unfortunately, it couldn’t win the AMBR Award but, it was a wonderful thing that Roadster made in Japan imposingly participated in AMBR and, attracted the attention of many people.
If it has past its just 35 years but, I felt that I saw the results of blood, sweat, and tears that is build-up for a long time.

2020 AMBR に輝いたのはこのRoadsterです。

2020 AMBR winner is this Roadster.

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