HCS 2020


It’s already February.
Where will be the venue for the 34th SCN?
Venue for the 23rd AON is also not decided.
Several issues piled up and the current situation is that,
it is difficult to borrow a large venue.
We will announce if there is any movement.

会場は既に予約も取れ 12月6日(日) の開催が決まっています。
僕らの世界はその様な事とは別に 分け隔て無く 全世界の人達が Yokohama へ集り 明るく, Happy な時間を共に過ごしたい!
そんな思いから今年は “We Love People!” “Tomodachi!” です。

There are some events that the venue is not decided,
and the HCS is also feared that it will be held every time by various reasons but,
the HCS will be held for 29th times this year.
We have already reserved the venue for December 6th(Sun) and decided to be held.
The Event Catchphrases that started from “Shizukani”,
2020 there are many things happening in the world.
However, apart from such a thing in our world,
we want people from all over the world gather in Yokohama and,
to have a bright and Happy time together!
Therefore, this year is “We Love People!” “Tomodachi”.
Care each other and let spend fun time together!



“Forever Model A”
Model A が主役です。
何かと Model B が多く取り上げられる事が多いですが脇役的な Model A を Feature します。
色々なTasteの Model A が集まれるのではないでしょうか?


“Unbelievable Japanese Choppers”
Japanese Bike ベースの Chopper, ベースは日本車であれば構いません。
それをあえて日本車で造る、そんな Chopper が集まったら楽しそうです。

3.Paint Contest

“ Fantastical Magic of Helmets”
2020年は Helmet!
2011年の Paint Contest で1度開催していますが Artist の方々の強い希望により再挑戦です。
(2011年は一回目のPaint Contest)

This is each Theme for 2020.

1. Automobile
“Forever Model A”
Model A is featured.
Model B is featured often but, this time features Model A that is like a side character.
I hope to see various Taste Model A.

2. Motorcycle
“Unbelievable Japanese Choppers”
Japanese Motorcycle base Chopper, any Japanese base motorcycle is acceptable.
To make it solidly, both Japanese and Foreign motorcycle takes the same amount of time and effort.
And intentionally build with Japanese motorcycle, it will be fun if those Choppers gathered.

3. Paint Contest
“Fantastical Magic of Helmets”
2020 is Helmet!
We have held it in Paint Contest in 2011 but, it will be a challenge again due to the strong request from Artists.
Since then, the number and technique remarkably went Up and the Special One will be displayed.
(2011 was the 1st Paint Contest)

今回は各 Theme のアナウンスを少し早めにさせて頂きました。
またShow まで 10 months はあります。
今から Go!
いよいよ、29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2020 が Start です。

this time I announced each Themes little earlier.
There are 10 months until the Show.
Let’s Go! from now!
We are looking forward to wonderful works.

29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2020 Starts.

“We Love People! Tomodachi! “

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