25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC

明日は本牧山頂公園で 25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC を開催します。



また場所柄 物販は一切できません。

新型コロナウィルスの感染対策として、ご来場頂く際はマスクの着用、ソーシャル ディスタンスを保つようご協力お願い致します。


Wildman 石井がデザインした 25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC の記念グッズ販売もございます。
明日 11/8(日) は MOONEYES Area-1 前にて販売致します。

さらに今回は Online Shop での販売もありますので、

Tomorrow, 25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC will be held at Honmoku Hill Top Park.

The venue will be public parking.

Free admission but, the venue will be public parking and
general people will also be using it so,
when it gets crowded you might not able to enter.

In addition please pay for the parking.

Due to the venue, there is no sales of event limited items at the actual venue.

For COVID-19 prevention, we ask everyone to wear a mask and
keep a distance from each other.

Owners of Suicide-door Crown to 60’s series Crown,
See you SQQN at the event!

There will be a 25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC event limited items.
It will be available from tomorrow November 8th(Sun) at MOONEYES Area-1.

It will be also available at Official Online Shop so,
if you cannot come to the event, please check our Online Shop.

Crown Picnic 2020 Hoodie [SM806NY]
Our Price: 5,400yen(excl. tax)
Size: M、L、XL

Crown Picnic 2020 Sweatshirt [SM805HNY]
Our Price: 3,500yen(excl. tax)
Size: S、M、L、XL

Crown Picnic 2020 T-shirt [TM805BK]
Our Price: 2,000yen(excl. tax)
Size: S、M、L、XL

25th Crown Picnic 2020 Poster [MGPO010]
Our Price: 500yen(excl. tax)

25th Crown Picnic 2020 Sticker [DM236]
Our Price: 200yen(excl. tax)


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