California Metal Flake Roud Hole Finger Grip Steering Wheel

MOONEYES Original Products から 待望の California Metal Flake Roud Hole Finger Grip Steering Wheel が登場です。

From the MOONEYES Original Products, the California Metal Flake Round Hole Finger Grip Steering Wheel has been released!

カラーは California Metal Flake タイプの オレンジ、ギャラクシー ブルー、コナ カイ ブルー、シルバー、ゴールド、グリーン、パープル、レッド の8色に加え、
Vinyl Grip タイプ の ブラック、ホワイト の計 10 Colors 展開。
There are 8 colors for California Metal Flake such as Orange, Galaxy Blue, Kona Kai Blue, Silver, Gold, Green, Purple, and Red.
And there are Black and White for the Vinyl Grip.
You can pick your favorite color from the 10 Colors.

サイズは 15″ のみ。”FINGER GRIP” によりハンドルの操作性はもちろん、オールドスクールな雰囲気がよりいっそうアップします。

The size is only 15”. With the “Finger Grip,” you will have great control of your handle, and gives an Old School LQQK!
The backside is chrome finished and you will definitely get everyone’s attention from the front window.

本牧横浜の MOONEYES Area-1 Shop にて展示、販売しておりますので、実際にお手に取って頂けます。
取り付けが不安な方は、MOONEYES Area-1 にて商品取り付けのサービスも行っております。(要予約、別途取り付け料金を頂きます。)
店舗 STAFF にお問合せください。

もちろん購入は MOONEYES Online Shop 各店舗でもお買い求め頂けます。

This product also displays and sold at Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 s, you can physically look at it.
If you have difficulties installing it, MOONEYES Area-1 staff can install it for you.
(Need reservation / Installation fee will be charged separately. )

Of course, you can purchase it at MOONEYES Online Shop and also MOONEYES USA.

MOONEYES ORIGINAL California Metal Flake Finger Grip Steering Wheel 38cm(15″) [GS290FG]
販売価格: 12,000円(税別)

MOONEYES ORIGINAL California Metal Flake Finger Grip Steering Wheel 38cm(15″) [GS290FG]
Our Price: 12,000Yen(Tax excl.)
Purchase is Here!

New Year 2021 Window Sign



MOON Cafe の営業時間を下記の通りとさせて頂きます。

OPEN: 11:00am ~ Close: 8:00pm (月~金)
ラストオーダー 7:30pm
※お酒の提供は 7:00pm までとさせて頂きます。

OPEN: 10:30am ~ Close: 8:00pm (土、日、祝日)
ラストオーダー 7:30pm
※お酒の提供は 7:00pm までとさせて頂きます。

MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe へのご来店の際には、


To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), January 8th(Fri), 2021
MOON Cafe will be changing the business hours as follow.

Monday ~ Friday
OPEN: 11:00am ~ Close: 8:00pm
Last Order 7:30pm
※No Alcohol serving after 7:00 pm.

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
OPEN: 10:30am ~ Close: 8:00pm
Last Order 7:30pm
※No Alcohol serving after 7:00 pm.

When you enter Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe,
please wear a mask, sanitize your hands and please cooperate in temperature measurement.
During the payment and crowd, please keep a distance from each other.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

MOON Cafe では To Go(テイクアウト) メニューもございます。
MQQN Cafe で人気の ハンバーガー、ロコモコ、タコライス、

At MQQN Cafe To Go is also available.
You can enjoy MQQN Cafe’s popular Burger, Loco Moco,
Taco rice, Caesar Salad and Apple Pie st your home.

MOONEYES Area-1 は通常営業しております。

MOONEYES Area-1 Shop is working as usual.

1月10(日) に予定しておりました Sidewalk Sale は、

We were planning to hold the Sidewalk Sale on January 10th(Sun), 2021
but, to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have decided to CANCEL the Sidewalk Sale.

We apologize for the people looking forward to the event. Thank you for your understanding.

昨年末 MOONEYES Pinstriper “Michie” が New Year 2021 に向けて Window Sign を描きました。

In the end of last year MOONEYES Pinstripe “Michie” has worked on the Window Sign for New Year 2021.

こんなご時世ですから、Windows Sign で少しでも明るい気持ちになって頂ければ幸いです。
MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe にご来店の際は、本牧通側のショーウィンドウを是非ご覧ください。

I hope that people will feel better by looking at this Window Sign.
If you visit MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe, please also check the Shop Window.

本牧 横浜 MOONEYES Area-1 で、
3,000円(税別)以上お買い物のお客様にスペシャル ステッカー を1枚プレゼント中です。

At Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1,
if you purchase more than 3,000Yen(tax excl.) you can get this Special Sticker.

Happy MQQN New Year 2021

A wonderful New Year from Yokohama.
Hope 2021 is better for all of us.
Stay safe and stay away from strangers.
Go! with MQQN