MQQNEYES Pop Up Shop on the salt

今年も70th Annual Speed Weekがやってきました。
例年に無く塩のConditionが良く、雪に例えれば昨年までは 湿気を帯びた、ベタベタした雪

70th Annual Speed Week has come again this year.
The Condition of the salt is good than ever, if you compared to snow, last year’s was like moisture sticky snow but this year, it is like powder snow.
Therefore, there was less salt sticking to the tire and car.

塩のコンディションは良かったのですが 車のコンディションが良くありませんでした。
結局 走る事が出来ずCAへ戻る事になりました。

The Condition of the salt was good but, the condition of the car was not good.
As a result, it couldn’t run and went back to CA.

途中に街、Old Town Ely

On the way, Old Town Ely.

M-2 Die Cast 1/64

M-2からRed Camaroが1/64のスケールで11月頃? 発売予定。

1/64 scale Red Camaro from M-2, will be released around November.

7th Annual Art of Speed, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaで開催された7回目のArt of Speedへ参加しました。
今回で6回目の参加となります。しかもMQQN Bug とMQQN Diggerを日本から送りました。

We have participated to 7th Art of Speed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
This is our 6th time to participate. Moreover, we sent the MQQN Bug and MQQN Digger from Japan.

素晴らしいMQQNEYES Booth.

Wonderful MQQNEYES Booth.
We never had this quality before!


Saturday Morning, before the Ride-In.

まずはMQQN Bugから

First, MQQN Bug


Narrow pathway!

Sunny Yanoが MQQN Digger に乗って Ride In

Sunny Yano Ride-In with MQQN Digger

主催者 Asep が作ったT-3 Valiant.

T-3 Valiant made by organizer Asep.
On Saturday the tire was dirty, but…

日曜日にはタイヤも綺麗なり この車が MQQNEYES Pick になりました。

On Sunday it was cleaned and this was the car awarded for MQQNEYES Pick.


Wildman spent a whole day for this car.

向かって右が 主催者のAsep & Deni 夫妻, 私, llest /Fat Lace のMarkもUSから参加、M&K Makotoと
この3名から Awardが出ました。

From the right Organizer Asep and Mr. & Mrs. Deni, me, Illest /Fat Lace Mark participated from US and M&K Makoto.
And from these three, awards were chosen.
On the stage I had a speech “Tire is same as shoes so, make it clean!”

One Piece Window や Cragar SSが良いですね。

One Piece Window and Cragar SS looks good.


This t-1 also had a good atmosphere.


This motorcycle basing the BMW was winning many Awards.


The guest from Japan “Tokyo Indians”

Yokohama からは Kustom Style も出店!

From Yokohama, Kustom Style has also participated!


Characteristic of this event is that there are many people wearing old design MQQNEYES.

有名なBeach Clubの反対側でWelcome DinnerとDice Partyが土曜日の夜に開催されました。

On the other side of the famous Beach Club, there was the Welcome Dinner and Dice Party on Saturday night.


Here. “余分な冷たいマイナス2度(-2℃ Extra cold)” what is this?


In the front of the hotel, there are Luxurious cars.

Kuala Lumpurへ行く事がありましたら是非訪ねてみて下さい。

If you have a chance to go to Kuala Lumpur, please visit.

MQQN Cafe Bangkok, Thailand もちゃくちゃくと進んでいる様です。
左側がMQQN Cafeとなります。

MQQN Cafe Bangkok, Thailand’s construction is progressing steadily.
Left side is MQQN Cafe.

Now & Then


Amazing Poster will be created.
Plese look forward!

そして世界限定 150個 の Limited Edition MOON Equipped Watch が発売開始となりました。
MOONEYES Area-1 " MOONEYES Online Shop (通信販売) にてお買い求めください。
限定アイテムとなりますので、Sold Out の際はご容赦ください。

Furthermore, Limited Edition MOON Equipped Watch is released.
Limited to 150 in Worldwide.
You can purchase at Honmoku, Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1 or MOONEYES Online Shop.
It is a Limited item so, please understand that it might get sold out soon.

※Model in the image is female.



毎年7月の第2土曜日はMQQNEYES USAのOpen House.
例年 提供されるChico’s Burger(Free Humburger), 今年は近隣との諸事情により中止となりました。

Every July second Saturday is MQQNEYES USA Open House.
From early in the morning many cars, people gathered and it closed at 3 pm in a great success.
Unfortunately, due to the neighboring circumstance, this year’s Chico’s Burger(Free Hamburger) which annually offered was canceled.

朝6時前、既に道には数台のHot Rod等が来ていました。

Before 6 in the morning, there were several Hot Rod on the street already.

HCS 2018 Guest Car

続々とゲストが決まっている YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2018 ですが、
先週の Blog で御紹介した Blue の C10 に続き、
今年の SPOTLIGHT “Full Size Pickup Spectacular” での Guest Full Size Pick Upはこちらです。

The guests are gradually decided for YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.
Continued from last week blog’s Guest Car Blue C10, the Guest Car for this year’s SPOTLIGHT “Full Size Pickup Spectacular” has been decided.

1959 Ford F100 “Tequila Sunset”

20代の若きビルダー Victor Sevilla と共に横浜へやって来ます。

Young builder in the twenties, Victor Sevilla will come to Yokohama.

ペイント担当は Gene Winfield が担当し、2015年の Grand National Roadster Show で
Car Guy 達の間でおおいに話題となった Tequila Sunset。

Paint is done by Gene Winfield and Tequila Sunset was popular by the Car Guys in Grand National Roadster Show, 2015.
Don’t miss the Car and the promising young hope of the Custom World!

27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018

Here is Guest Truck and Bikes for this year’s Yokohama Show!

10th Annual Born Free

10周年で多いに盛り上がったBorn Free #10で選ばれたこの2台が
今年の27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018にゲストバイクとやってきます。

This two bikes that are awarded in 10th Annual Born Free will be invited to this year’s 27th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2018 as a Guest Bike.

MQQNEYES BoothではHCS 2018キャンペーン。

HCS 2018 Campaign at MQQNEYES Booth.

2018 Best in the Show

2018 Invited Builder First Place

MQQNEYES Dragster Australian Tour

MQQNEYES Dragster Australian Tourの最終地は West Australia( West Coast ) Perth.
東京からSydney迄約10時間、2時間の乗り換え待ちで 今度はQuantas Airlinesで約5時間
横浜を出てから約20時間でPerthに辿り着きました。 ちょっと遠かったです。

The Last destination of MQQNEYES Dragster Australian Tour is West Australia (West Coast) Perth.
About 10 hours from Tokyo to Sydney and 2 hours of layover and next about 5 hours at Quantas Airlines. Finally, after 20 hours out from Yokohama, we arrived at Perth. It was quite a long way.


Arrived at Sydney airport which sun has not rise yet.
I felt that when I came in May, it was slightly bright.

Sydneyからは Quantas Airlines.

Sydney to Quantas Airlines.


Flying for 5 hours, I started to see the city of Perth.

PerthのMQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Armadale Auto Parts Hot Rod Shop”で

Dragster is kept at MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Armadale Auto Parts
Hot Rod Shop” in Perth.


Display with Heiwa Motorcycle


MQQNEYESは主催者から”Memorial Award”を頂戴しました。

MQQNEYES won the “Memorial Award” from the organizer.
This trophy will be used again so, we have to return it next year.


This is the last destination, after this it will return to LA by the ship.
How long will it take?
After it is back, we have to take out the engine and repair the clutch, which broke at Melbourne.

Show会場ではエンジンを掛けられなかったので After Partyで掛けました。
中央が MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Armadale Auto Parts Hot Rod Shop”のオーナーAlanです。

The engine couldn’t turn on at the Show venue but it turned on at the After Party.
Center in the photo is MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Armadale Auto Parts Hot Rod Shop” owner Alan.
If you visit to Perth, please stop by.

Perth, Australia

MQQNEYES Dragster Australian Tourの最終 22nd Annual West Australian Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular と言うイベント、昨日はSet Up Dayでした。

I’m in Perth.
MQQNEYES Dragster Australia Tour’s final destination is 22nd Annual West Australian Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular. And yesterday was the Set Up Day.


Camaro passed in front of the Hotel


Indian Ocean

23rd Toyota Fest in Long Beach, CA

いろいろなToyotaが集まるToyota Fest, USA中からだけで無く海外から

Toyota Fest, where a variety of Toyota gathers. Not only USA and there are many other Toyota Fan gathered from overseas.


Tarcel, They were making this kind of car too.


Until here, it is like “Toyota”, the familiar Toyota.

Santini Paint! 懐かしいです。

Nostalgic Santini Paint!


Realized that MQQNEYES retention rate is high.

MQQNEYES Boothの前を何と!タケヤリ、つり革号が通過!
リアガラスの右上にはMQQNEYES ステッカーが!

Bamboo pole and hanging strap passed, the MQQNEYES Booth!
On the top right of the rear glass MQQNEYES Sticker!

Fukuoka Styleと呼ばれるそうです。知りませんでした。

It seems to be called Fukuoka Style. I didn’t know that.

Texas Plateです。

It is Texas Plate.

MQQNEYES Dash Mat & つり革、う~ん~

MQQNEYES Dash Mat & hanging strap

MQQN & Rat Fink


This sticker is approved.

Antenna Ball

Antenna Ball が付いていた Cressida は Head Light Visor付き

Cressida with the Antenna Ball also has Head Light Visor

巨大オーバーフェンダーに MQQNEYES Sticker

MQQNEYES Sticker on large Over Fender

日本のNational Flag

Japan’s National Flag

HoodにShip Flag

Ship Flag on the Hood

Toyota Century には日米親善のFlags

Japan-US Flags on Toyota Century


On the beer cask Japanese is written

パームツリーとShip Flag

Palm Tree and Ship Flag


There were design like Nihonga.
Nihonga is Japanese Style Painting.

Cragar STを履き、USA独特のFlare(フレアー)のセリカ
このブログではオーバーフェンダーを USA的なのはFender Flare(フェンダーフレアー)と呼び

Celica wearing Cragar ST with Flare which is USA’s characteristic
In this Blog, USA like Over Fender will be called Fender Flare and Japanese like will be call Over Fender.

Cragar STしかも4H、貴重品です。

Cragar ST on top of that it is 4H and valuable.


Familiar style Celica


It was Right Hand Drive.


Relieved to see this kind of car.



These style got fewer.

MQQNEYES Dragster Australia Tour #2

MelbourneからスタートしたMQQNEYES Dragster Australia Tour、
今回はSydneyで開催された Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo 2018にやって来ました。
開催場所が素晴らしい、Horse Track Raceway, 競馬場ですが日本の競馬場とは
今回 MQQNEYES Dragsterは展示とエンジンを掛けるだけでした。
さてTourの最後は Perthで6/16&17(土日)に開催されるAW Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular 2018 になります。お近くの方は是非お出かけ下さい。

MQQNEYES Dragster Australia Tour which begun from Melbourne, went to Sydney’s Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo 2018.
The venue was a wonderful Horse Track Raceway and although it is a horse track raceway is was completely different to Japan’s horse track raceway and it was like a place in a film.
I look forward to watching the show drinking champagne but, unfortunately, Bar in the venue was closed.
This time MQQNEYES Dragster was just displayed and turn the engine.
Wildman was putting Pinstripe on a car for all 2 days.
Recently, I have not seen much putting Pinstripe on a Car at the venue but, it was nice to see the feeling that there is a Pinstriper.
Well then, the last destination of the Tour is AW Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular 2018 that will hold on June 16th&17th(Sat&Sun) at Perth.
Please come and visit, if you live nearby.


Facilities in the venue. What a surprise!


It’s a Bar.


It’s a Bar.

Show OrganizerのAndy.
Sydneyで Andy’s Restorationsと言うShopをやっています。

Show Organizer Andy.
He has the shop called Andy’s Restorations in Sydney.

MQQNEYES Australian Dealer “Armadale Auto Parts” Perth, Australia

中央がArmadale Auto PartsのOwnerのAlan

Center is Alan, owner of Armadale Auto Parts

何時もの事ですが エンジンをいざ掛けようとすると何か起きるのです。

As always, something will happen before turning the engine.
It’s always. Eventually, it takes time…
There are many people watching so, I wish it will obediently turn on.

3人で エッ!

Three in a surprise.

Australia, Cruzin MagazineのOwner & Chief Editor の Gavin

Gavin who is Owner & Chief Editor of Cruzin Magazine, Australia.
Friend for 20 years.

数々のAwradを取り、さらにBest Of Showに選ばれたMerc.
モニターが沢山あるので この様にポスター代わりにイベント名がどこでも観れるのも競馬場と言う施設の賜物。

Merc which won several Awards and also won the Best Of Show.
It is scheduled to participate in SEMA.
It is also the gift of the horse track raceway’s facility with lots of monitors, where event names can be seen everywhere instead of a poster.

MQQNEYES Pickは 32 Ford 5 Windowsへ

MQQNEYES Pick is to 32 Ford 5 Windows

Wildman’s Pickです。

Wildman’s Pick.

There was this kind of attraction.

Porsche Village


Booth of MQQNEYES Fan


Hi Ace of MQQNEYES Fan

右ハンドルのFordとGMC Truck

Right Hand Drive Ford and GMC Truck

5XL Tシャツ! オージーは大きいです。

5XL T-shirt!

“P”サインは初心者マークの様な物ですが カラーが3色くらいあり
2年目, 3年目と経験と共に緩くなって行くそうですが

“P” sign is like a beginner mark and there are 3 colors and changed by 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year.
A person who is in the 1st year can only drive Inline-four engine inline-four engine or Inline-six engine.
It seems that the rule will become flexible with experience as 2nd and 3rd year but, there seems to be a strict rule that you cannot drive after12 o’clock in the night.
It is good for safety.

Celica is back!

32nd Annual Street Car Nationals® 2018 へ

また会場搬入混雑の為 長時間に渡り渋滞となり、

18年経っても綺麗な状態で1972 Celicaが戻ってきました。

1972 Celica is back, even after 18 years it is still in a beautiful condition.
Thanks to the owner who cherished it for a long time.

32 Years

5月17日 MQQNEYESが元町横浜にShopをOpenしてから32年目を迎えました。
そして5月20日(日)は 32回目のStreet Car Nationals ®.

Deuce Dayです。
皆様 会場でお待ちしております。

On May 17th, MQQNEYES celebrated 32 years since it was opened in Motomachi, Yokohama.
Thank you very much for the continuous support.
And on May 20th Sunday is 32nd Annual Street Car Nationals ®.
Deuce Day.
We look forward to see you at the venue.
Please be careful and come to the venue.


If you are planning to put your car beside your friend’s car, please do not wait for your friend near the venue.
Please gather before and come.
Thank you for your understanding.

MQQNEYES社有車第1号は1974 VW T-II

Ed “Big Daddy” RothによるSign Board.

MQQNEYES Company Car #1 is 1974 VW T-II
Sign Board by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

京都の “Cafe Luck Sweets Shop” www.cafe-luck.com で作って頂いた32年記念クッキー!
このお店はCustom Bike Builderで有名な Masa Sugiura’s Luck Motorcycles
奥様がやられている 手作り Sweets Shopです。


32nd Anniversary Cookie made by “Cafe Luck Sweets Shop” www.cafe-luck.com in Kyoto!
This shop is Sweets Shop owned by the wife of Luck Motorcycles http://darkcustom.harley-davidson.co.jp/blog/luckmotor/ Masa Sugihara who is popular as Custom Bike Builder.

See you on Sunday!

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #20

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #20が 5月20日(Sun) お台場 東京 で開催される
32nd Street Car Nationals で発売開始となります。
MQQNEYES Dealers, MQQNEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe and 通信販売で購入出来ます。
MQQNEYESが扱う全商品が載ったFull Catalog プラス 5年間だけ 恵比寿 東京 に存在した
MQQN Equipped Shopの話や Wildmanのおもちゃ自慢、MQQN Cafe’s Mexican Food Nat’lと題し
MQQN Cafeで食するCal Mexメニューの紹介等々 読み応えのある内容のはずです。
総ページ225 価格は¥800(税別), お楽しみに!

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #20 will be available from the day of the 32nd Street Car Nationals® held on May 20th(Sun) at Odaiba, Tokyo.
From this year it is not available in public bookstore.
You can buy it from MQQNEYES Dealers, MQQNEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe and MQQNEYES Online Shops.
Full of interesting contents with the Full Catalog of MQQNEYES product, the story of MQQN Equipped Shop in Ebisu Tokyo which last for 5 years, Wildman’s Talk and MQQN Cafe’s Mexican Food Nat’l that introduces the Cal Mex Menu in MQQN Cafe.
225 pages and the price is ¥800(+tax)
Please look forward!

それでは 5/20(Sun) お台場 東京でお待ちしております。
ショー当日, 会場には 1,000台 以上のエントリー車, 120軒 を超すベンダーが一気に入場します。
頑張って搬入を急ぎますので どうか腹は立てずに横にして お待ち下さい。
See you at there!

We look forward to see you at May 20th (Sun) Odaiba, Tokyo.
At the day of the event, there will be over 1,000 cars and 120 vendors.
Depending on the time the venue will be busy with the car entering.
We will try hard for loading so, please be patient and support us.
Let’s keep good manners and have an excellent day.
See you at there!