Heaven of MQQN Discs

LAからおよそ1,000km(630miles) 約10時間走るとBonnevilleにたどり着きます。
We arrived at Bonneville after driving 1,000km (630 miles) for 10 hours from LA.

Blue skies for a while when we entered the state of Utah.

However, it was obviously raining in the distance.

We arrived at the town 2 hours from Bonneville, the heavy rain has stopped and a double rainbow appeared.

Bonnevilleに着くとそこはMQQN Disc 天国!
When we arrived at Bonneville, it was a Heaven of MQQN Discs!



1st anniversary of the OPENING of MOONEYES SHOP BKK (MSD)



追って MQQN Cafe も OPEN 予定です。

Later on, a MQQN Cafe is also planning to be OPEN

タイ バンコクへお越しの際は是非お立ち寄りください。

Please visit when you go to Bangkok, Thailand.

MOONEYES BKK (MSD) は 空港から30分位、 街の中心から 1時間位の場所にある Train Night Market と呼ばれる大きな Antique Mall の中にあります。

MOONEYES BKD (MSD) is 30 minutes away from the airport, 1 hour away from the town center and it is in the Train Night Market that is in the Large Antique Mall.


Last Weekend

9月の最初の週末 横浜赤レンガ倉庫で ” Crazy Ken Band 20th Attack!”
バンド結成20周年スペシャルライブが青空の下 開催され、MQQNEYESも出店させて頂きました。

August was a rainy and cloudy month, and we had very little clear days in the Kanto Area where we are.
On the first week of September there was the “Crazy Ken Band 20th Attack!” event at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
The 20th Anniversary Special Live was held under blue skies and MQQNEYES also participated at the event.


12 Cars were exhibited in front of the Red Brick Warehouse

Red Brick Warehouse in 1986.


This ELF actually blew its front right tire in the tunnel while on its way to Osaka.
It was close one! But fortunately it didn’t turn into a big accident.
However, parts of the side skirt broke so I am looking for replacement parts.
Please contact me if you have any information.


The most popular one was the Buggy. Although, it was troublesome that some people did not ask for permission and simply went on the Buggy.

Photo by Pan Sumi

Photo by Pan Sumi

そして翌日曜日は東京お台場で”Motorcycle Swap Meet”でした。

Furthermore on Sunday, the next day, we had the “Motorcycle Swap Meet” event at Odaiba, Tokyo.
The event opened with refreshing weather, similar to Autumn.


Venue after the event.

Entry Registration will start on September 13th (WED) 11:00~

26回目となるYokohama Hot Rod Custom Show のSpotlightは以下です。

Spotlight for the 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is listed below.

“Gracious Pick Ups 1959~1987 El Camino”
すでに生産が中止され30年が経つEl Camino
会場にはどの様なEl Caminoが集まるか楽しみですね。

“Gracious Pick Ups 1959~1987 El Camino”
El Camino which 30 years had passed after the last production.
Looking forward to what kind of El Camino will gather at the event.

“Taste of Deuce”
MQQNEYES Special Competition Coupeがやってきます。

“Taste of Deuce”
Deuce will celebrate the 85th anniversary from the first production in 1932.
MOONEYES Special Competition Coupe will come.

MotorcycleのSpotlightはズバリ “Traditional Chopper”.

Spotlight for the Motorcycle is “Traditional Chopper”.
We will be waiting for Traditional and Beautiful Chopper.

“Color the Temptation” Custom Paint Contest、Air Cleaner Coverを
ベースにCustom Paintを競って下さい。

“Color the Temptation” Custom Paint Contest
Custom Paint the Air Cleaner Cover as the base and compete.

エントリー受付は 9月13日(水) 11:00 より Webエントリー となります。
詳しくは YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Official Website をご覧下さい。

Entry registration will start from 13th (Wed) September 11:00am (JST). Web Entry only.
For further information please check the HCS official website.
Looking for to see many entries.

Grow Together! “Sodateyou!”

26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017

26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show ポスターです。
今年も色々な企画で盛り沢山のHCS 2017、最新情報はウェブサイトをご覧下さい。


This is the poster for 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.
Poster will start selling from 1st of September.
HCS2017 will have many exciting entertainments again this year, for New updates check the website.

Entry registration starts from 13th (Wednesday) of September.

One Day in Summer

関東では8月1日から連続17日間も雨が降り続け2017 Summerも終わってしまった感じです。

It seems like 2017 Summer has ended with the continued rain for 17days from 1st of August.

8/27(日)、MQQNEYES Area-1店頭で恒例のSide Walk Saleを開催

9/02(土) 横浜赤レンガ倉庫で開催される “Crazy Ken Band 20th Attack! CKB”に出店します。
9/03(日) 東京お台場で 12th Annual Motorcycle Swap Meetを開催

8/27(SUN) Side Walk Sale in front of MQQNEYES Area-1
9/02(SAT) Participating at “Crazy Ken Band 20th Attack! CKB” hold at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
9/03(SUN) 12th Annual Motorcycle Swap Meet hold at Odaiba Tokyo

残り少なった2017 SummerをEnjoyしましょう!

Enjoy the rest of 2017 Summer !!

Open House in Switzerland

スイスのMQQNEYES Dealer “Custom Parts and Wear”が年に一度開催するOpen Houseに参加しました。

Participated in Open House that is open once a year by MQQNEYES Dealer “Custom Parts and Wear” in Switzerland.
It is about 1 hour far from Zurich.



Mr. G working on his own.


People of Pinstriper in Finland.


Great man Nash who is cleaning the venue after the event.

1974 Toyota Crown Custom


Say farewell to them and they aim to Germany.


What I suddenly saw at Zurich is.


Next is this.


For some reason old USA Taxi.


It seems like this is the image of Japan.

BIG GO WEST!MOONEYES Pop-up Shop is OPEN at Umeda, Osaka!

阪急うめだ本店 8階 コトコト ステージ81にて、期間限定の MOONEYES SHOP がOPENしました。

MOONEYES Pop-up Shop is OPEN at Hankyu Umeda Main Store 8F Coto Coto Stage 81.

MOONEYES Project Motorcycle 2007年 H-D XL1200R SPORTSTER “MOONSTER” も展示しています。

MOONEYES Project Motorcycle 2007, H-D XL1200R SPORTSTER “MOONSTER” is also displayed.

MOONEYES を代表する Products の MOON DISCS, MOON TANK をはじめとした
MOONEYES オリジナル アイテムの数々を実際に手に取ってご覧ください。

Please pick up and take a look of Original items that represents MOONEYES beginning with MOON DISCS, MOON TANK and other variety of items.

開催期間中 MOONEYES STAFF が毎日駐在しておりますので、商品のご質問等ございましたら、気軽にお声かけください。

During the time MOONEYES STAFF will be there every day so, if there is any questions to the item, please feel free to ask them.

こちらの SHOP 限定のアイテムもございます。

There are also Limited items only for this Shop.

さらにご来店頂いた方には、こちらの MOONEYES オリジナル うちわをプレゼント。

Furthermore, if you visit the SHOP, you can get MOONEYES Original Uchiwa.

8月12日(土)、 13日(日) の2日間は Wildman 石井による ピンストライプ デモを開催致します。

On the 2days of August 12th(SAT) and 13th(SUN), Wildman we be performing Pinstripe Demo.

8/15(火) までの開催となっておりますので、是非会場に足をお運びください。

It will be open until August 15th so, please come and visit.

Go With MQQN!


いよいよ 来週 8/02(水)~8/15(火)の 2 weeks, 大阪、梅田の阪急梅田本店8階 “コトコトステージ81″にて Big Go West! が開催となります。

Finally from next 2 week of August 2nd (WED) ~ August 15th (TUE), Big Go West! will be opened at Hankyu Umeda Main Store 8F Coto Coto Stage 81 in Osaka. It is MOONEYES Pop Shop at Osaka.

8/12 & 13(土日)は Wildmanによるピンストライプ デモ を開催。
期間中 Shop 限定のアイテムもご用意しました。

For 2days of August 12th(SAT) & 13th(SUN) there will be Pinstripe Demo by Wildman.
We have prepared Limited items for this Shop.


MQQNEYES Staff も笑顔で皆様のご来店をお待ちしております。

Kansai area people who cannot visit to Yokohama easily and people who are planning to go to Osaka in the Obon week, come and visit MOONEYES.

MQQNEYES Staff will be waiting for your visit with Smiles.

MQQNEYES Information

26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017

HCS 2017が大分 見えてきました。

1. Gracious Pickups: 今年で最終生産から30年、1959~1987 El Camino にSpot Light をあてます。

2. Taste of Deuce: 1932 Ford (Deuce)から85年、Deuce MQQNEYES Sp’l Competition Coupeを招き
Deuce のコーナーを展開, 永遠の人気車の 85年目を祝いましょう。

3. Swinging Tradition: Simpleで綺麗なEarly 60s StyleのChopperをお待ちしています。

4. Color the Temptation: Air Cleaner Coverを使ったペイントコンテストです。

Special Guest: Vans Shoesの Steve Van Doren, Pro Skater Steve Caballero, Vans Triumph製作のThompson Cycles

これからまだまだ色々と追加されて行きますが 今回はここまで。

HCS 2017 is starting to be seen.
1. Gracious Pickups: Giving Spot Light to 1959~1987 El Camino, which is 30th Anniversary from the final production.

2. Taste of Deuce: 85 Years from1932 Ford (Deuce), Inviting Deuce MQQNEYES Sp’l Competition Coupe

Starting with Deuce section and let’s celebrate the 85th year of the popular car forever

3. Swinging Tradition: We will be waiting for simple and beautiful Early 60s Style Chopper.

4. Color the Temptation: Paint Contest using Air Cleaner Cover.

Special: Guest: Steve Van Doren from Vans Shoes and Pro Skater Steve Caballero, Vans Triumph production Thompson Cycles.

There are more things adding but this is it for now.
Please look forward!!

Big Go West! です。
8/02(水)~8/15(火)の 2 weeks, 大阪、梅田の阪急梅田本店8階, “コトコトステージ81″にて
MQQNEYES Shopを展開します。8/12 & 13(土日)は Wildmanによるピンストライプデモを予定されています。
連日、MQQNEYES Staffも居ますので是非お立ち寄り下さい。

MQQNEYES Pop-up Shop is opening at Osaka.
Big Go West!
2 weeks from August 2nd (WED) ~ August 15th (TUE).At Umeda, Osaka’s Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store 8F “Coto Coto Stage81” MQQNEYES Pop-up Shop will be open.
On the August 12th & 13th (SAT&SUN) Pinstripe Demo by Wildman is planned.
During the period, MQQNEYES Staff will be there every day so, come and visit.


MOONEYES Official LINEスタンプをリリースしました。


Design by Wildman Ishii

おなじみのアイボールからどこかで見たことのあるような MOONEYES アイテムがLINE スタンプになりました。
LINE Storeからなら自分で購入するだけではなく、お友達にもプレゼント出来ます。


Go With MQQN!


MOONEYES Official Line Sticker is released.

24 Stickers
Price: 120Yen

Design by Wildman Ishii

Familiar Eyeball to MOONEYES Item you have seen is now, a LINE Sticker!
Can you find out which item is use for the sticker?
Of course, there is a New design sticker that Wildman designed for this!

To buy the MOONEYES Sticker click the link below

If you buy it from the LINE Store, not only for your self but you can also give it to your friend as a gift!

You can also search 【MOONEYES or mooneyes】 from the Sticker Shop in LINE App on your phone. MOONEYES sticker is Creators sticker so click Creators and you will find it.

How about having MOONEYES in your daily communication?

Go With MQQN!

真夏の様な暑さの7/8(土), MQQNEYES USA Open House が開催されました。
Parkingスペースが少ないので朝6時だと言うのに 毎年ですが 既に数台の車が来ていました。
MQQNEYES USA内のParkingにはセレクトされた車だけがParkできます。
これが終わると次はXmas Show and Drag “MQQNEYES Xmas Party”が12/9(土)
Irwindale Racewayで開催されます。

On 8th of July, hot weather like mid Summer, MQQNEYES USA Open House was held.
There is not much parking space so, although it was 6 o’clock in the morning, there were already few cars as every year.
Selected Car can Park at Parking in MQQNEYES USA.
When this is done, next is Xmas Show and Drag “MQQNEYES Xmas Party” on 9th of December (SAT),
at Irwindale Raceway.

6時前だと言うのに既に数台のHot Rodが

Although it is 6 o’clock in the morning, already few Hot Rods

European Bug In #7

2週間前に開催されたBorn Free #9 で今年のHCSにやって来るバイクが決まりました。
少しずつですがHCS 2017の形が見えてきました。
HCS 2017のMotorcycle テーマは “Traditional Choppers”
Late 50s ~ Early 60sのChopperをイメージして下さい。

Motorcycle that is coming for this year’s HCS has selected at Born Free #9 which opened at 2 weeks ago.
“Traditional Choppers” is the Motorcycle theme for HCS 2017.
Image the Late 50’s ~ Early 60’s Chopper
Extremely Long Fork will not be applicable.
If there are any things, feel free to contact us.

先週末はベルギーのChimay ビールで有名な Chimayで7回目のEuropean Bug Inが開催されました。
金土日と3日間 雨。たまに晴れ間が見えたのは金曜日だけでした。

End of last week 7th European Bug In was opened at Chimay in Belgium where it’s popular with beer.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, rain for all 3 days. It was only Friday that we sometime saw an interval of clear weather.

MOONEYES Belgium Dealer ” Hot Rod Custom Supply Belgium Coast”


From Flat-4 Mr. Komori and Nao Fujita participated.
Also as a sponsor of the event.
It was full of mud so boots was required.


Local newspaper!!


Look at the shoes. It’s like we went out for farm work.


In such a state!

MQQNEYES Pickは マレーシアからモンゴル、ロシア等を通りベルギーまで23,000kmをVW4台( T-I 1台、T-2 3台)で自走して来た彼らが選ばれました。

For MQQNEYES Pick, they were selected who drove through Malaysia to Mongolia, Russia and other country to Belgium for 23,000km by 4 VW (one T-1 and three T-2).


This is the rent car. It was good thing to rent 4WD.

そのまま返すのも心苦しいので街はずれのCar Washで洗車。

Although it felt bad to just return it so, washed the car at the Car Wash in the edge of a town.


Flight was from Paris, so the last day is sight seeing at Paris.
It was wonderful weather.


結局 シャーシーが戻って来たのは イベントの前日 18時。

The day before the event, Chassis came back and then started to assemble it.


It was 23:00 when we finished.


明日がイベントだと言うのにPowder Coatに出したシャーシーがまだ来ません。

Tomorrow is the event but, chassis that went to Powder Coat is not here yet.

白髪オヤジ2人で 取り敢えず 磨いておきます。

So, for the time being 2 silver hair old men will be polishing.


Powder Coat したフレームの色が日に日に薄れてきたので
再度 Powder Coat に出す為に Dragster をバラバラにしました。
フレームが Powder Coat から戻って来たらすぐに組み込みです。

The powder coated on the chassis has slowly faded by being in the sun day after day.
In order to get it powder coated again, the MOONEYES Dragster was taken apart.
As soon as it returns with new powder coating, it will be put back together.



Early 60s の写真です。

This is an early ’60s photo.