European Bug In #7

2週間前に開催されたBorn Free #9 で今年のHCSにやって来るバイクが決まりました。
少しずつですがHCS 2017の形が見えてきました。
HCS 2017のMotorcycle テーマは “Traditional Choppers”
Late 50s ~ Early 60sのChopperをイメージして下さい。

Motorcycle that is coming for this year’s HCS has selected at Born Free #9 which opened at 2 weeks ago.
“Traditional Choppers” is the Motorcycle theme for HCS 2017.
Image the Late 50’s ~ Early 60’s Chopper
Extremely Long Fork will not be applicable.
If there are any things, feel free to contact us.

先週末はベルギーのChimay ビールで有名な Chimayで7回目のEuropean Bug Inが開催されました。
金土日と3日間 雨。たまに晴れ間が見えたのは金曜日だけでした。

End of last week 7th European Bug In was opened at Chimay in Belgium where it’s popular with beer.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, rain for all 3 days. It was only Friday that we sometime saw an interval of clear weather.

MOONEYES Belgium Dealer ” Hot Rod Custom Supply Belgium Coast”


From Flat-4 Mr. Komori and Nao Fujita participated.
Also as a sponsor of the event.
It was full of mud so boots was required.


Local newspaper!!


Look at the shoes. It’s like we went out for farm work.


In such a state!

MQQNEYES Pickは マレーシアからモンゴル、ロシア等を通りベルギーまで23,000kmをVW4台( T-I 1台、T-2 3台)で自走して来た彼らが選ばれました。

For MQQNEYES Pick, they were selected who drove through Malaysia to Mongolia, Russia and other country to Belgium for 23,000km by 4 VW (one T-1 and three T-2).


This is the rent car. It was good thing to rent 4WD.

そのまま返すのも心苦しいので街はずれのCar Washで洗車。

Although it felt bad to just return it so, washed the car at the Car Wash in the edge of a town.


Flight was from Paris, so the last day is sight seeing at Paris.
It was wonderful weather.



結局 シャーシーが戻って来たのは イベントの前日 18時。

The day before the event, Chassis came back and then started to assemble it.


It was 23:00 when we finished.



明日がイベントだと言うのにPowder Coatに出したシャーシーがまだ来ません。

Tomorrow is the event but, chassis that went to Powder Coat is not here yet.

白髪オヤジ2人で 取り敢えず 磨いておきます。

So, for the time being 2 silver hair old men will be polishing.



Powder Coat したフレームの色が日に日に薄れてきたので
再度 Powder Coat に出す為に Dragster をバラバラにしました。
フレームが Powder Coat から戻って来たらすぐに組み込みです。

The powder coated on the chassis has slowly faded by being in the sun day after day.
In order to get it powder coated again, the MOONEYES Dragster was taken apart.
As soon as it returns with new powder coating, it will be put back together.



Early 60s の写真です。

This is an early ’60s photo.



Last Sunday

梅雨入り前の日曜日、モテギではVWのDrag Raceが開催され、鈴鹿ではStreet Car Nationalsが開催されました。

Sunday before the rainy season, Drag Race for VW was opened at Motegi and Street Car Nationals was opened at Suzuka.
Rainy season has started in Kanto Area.


M-2/MOONEYES Die Cast Model

M-2 Die cast ModelからMQQNEYES 仕様の1/24 VW T-I & T-II が発売になりました。
ebay等に出ているの色違いの物はWalmart Exclusive/ウォールマート限定商品です。
その中に” Chase Model”と言う特別な物があり、なかなか手に入らない為、
下記モデルの”Chase Model”と呼ばる物は ブラックホイル + イエローティンテッドウィンドウ が付いています。
中々複雑なModel Carの様です。

MOONEYES specification 1/24 VW T-I & T-II is released from M-2 Die case Model.
Some people might already know it, from ebay.
Item that is in other color seen in ebay and other websites is Walmart Exclusive/Walmart Limited Item.
You can only get it at Walmart.
Generally color below is the one that can be purchased.
Within there is a special one called “Chase Model” and it is really rare so, it is set in high price at ebay.
“Chase Model” has Black Wheel + Yellow Tinted Window of model below.
It seems quite complex Model Car.
Following to VW, about 6 types of 1/64 model will be release after August.


Big! Go West

先週末は 九州小倉で開催された10th FTWへ参加しました。
当初、横浜~小倉 (1,000km/625miles) 全行程を走り切るつもりでしたが日が近づくと
段々 気も変わり横浜~大阪南港間 約500km/310milesを自走し、南港~門司はフェリーを利用しました。

Last week we participated in 10th FTW that was held at Kokura in Kyushu.
This time was the last opening, so we went with a Bike.
First time we plan to ride through Yokohama to Kokura(1,000km/625miles). However as the day get closer we change our mind and ride our bike from Yokohama to Osakananko for about 500km/310miles and used ferry from Nanko to Moji.
Before arriving at Nanko, we went to see SEMBA Motors.
It was surprising line up.


Start is from 6 in the morning.


Refilling at Ebina SA and aim to the next gas station in Ashigara.


At Okazaki SA we happen to meet Mr. Nishioka from Selected, Yokohama and his team, aiming for FTW.

Fuel Tankが小さいので給油の為、ほぼ全てのSAに止まっていたので時間が掛かりました。

When we arrive at SEMBA, Osaka it was about 3:30p.m, and more than 9 hour has passed after we left from Yokohama. It took time because we were stopping at almost every SA for filling because the Fuel Tank was small.

SEMBA Motorsの岡田社長&弟様に "Sodateyou" キャンペーンにご協力頂きました。

Mr. Okada and his young brother of SEMBA Motors supported our “Sodateyou” campaign.


Inside the shop is museum.


Pass through Osaka city and go straight to Osakananko(Port).


We will arrive Moji in the morning, by going on this.


Morning of Setonaikai (Inland Sea)


Finish disembarking from a ferry. There was still time before carrying in so, we plan to go to Tsunoshima in Yamaguchi. About 130km/80miles round trip.


It was okay to suggest but, feeling bit depressed after hearing 130km round trip without highway.


Cross Kanmon Bridge and to Tsunoshima in Yamaguchi.


Ride along JR Yamaguchi line endlessly.


On the way, we passed Mr. Nishioka, “Selected Custom Motorcycle” in Yokohama and his team that went ahead.


Just ahead is Tsunoshima and this road is said to be popular.
Seem to be Japan’s Key West.



It was a Amazing View.


関門海峡 下関

Kannmon Kaikyo (straits) of Shimonoseki

無事 小倉FTW会場に到着!

Finally arrived at venue of Kokura FTW!

FTW Show Final “Champion” Selected Custom Motorcycle from Yokohama

FTW Show Final “Best of Chopper” Swallow Tail from Kagoshima

横浜から5台のバイクを無事走り切らせた “整備のIM Factory”はCool賞

5 bikes has been maintenanced by IM Factory and there were no issue during the trip.
We proudly call that shop “Specializing in Maintenance and Custom”
IM Factory got “COOL” award.

なんとMr. Blueも来場でした。

What a surprise, Mr. Blue was also there.


31st SCN and 2nd Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2017

31st SCN 無事終了です。
雨も降らず また事故も無く そして皆さんの笑顔が見れて嬉しかったです。
同じ週末タイ、バンコクでは2回目となる Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show が開催されていました。

The 31st SCN finished without any issues. I am happy to say that it didn’t rain, there were no accidents reported and I got to see everybody with big smiles. It’s nice to see this event has evolved into a slow laid back day. Thank you very much.
Although we have heard that we can use the same place next year, we’ll wait until then to confirm. Rumors are circulating about construction there for the Olympics in 2020.
During the same weekend as SCN, it was the 2nd Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show held in Bangkok, Thailand.



I arrived at Haneda Int’l Airport from Thailand and by chance, I saw a couple cars heading for SCN while I took a taxi to the event area in Odaiba, Tokyo.


MQQNEYES Staffの車です。

These are a few of the MQQNEYES Staff owned cars.


SCN前日土曜日は バンコクHCSに参加してきました。

A day before SCN on Saturday, I participated in Bangkok HCS.


タイの Car Scene はレベルが高いです。 この Merc は “Thor Chops and Customs” Shop が製作。
彼 (Thor) はタイのカスタムカーの第一人者です。

The car build quality and custom car scene in Thailand is high. This Merc was built by Thor Chops and Customs shop. Thor is the top custom car builder in Thailand.



As it got later in the day, the attendance grew.


会場オープンは12時 終わりが23時。 スタート時間が全く違うのです。
開演早々来場者もまばらな中 ライドインかと思ったら ライドインのリハーサルでした。

The event opens at 12pm and goes until 11pm. The start time is completely different there.
As soon as the event began, there were hardly any people and what I thought was the “Ride In” was just a rehearsal. As afternoon set in, people began to arrive which it could be because it’s too hot?
The actual “Ride In” was around 4pm.



Mario, a popular Thai actor owns this Chevy.


MQQNEYES Pickは 37 Fordへ。
Thor Chops and Customs Shopで一から製作された車です。

MQQNEYES Pick went to this ’37 Ford.
It was built completely by Thor Chops and Customs.


MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB) のブース。
MQQNEYES Japan (MOJ) のブースも何とかしないといけません。

The MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB) booth.
We need to do something about the MQQNEYES Japan (MOJ) booth.


目に入ったのサニーの Drag Race Car. Tub が綺麗にできています。

This Datsun Sunny drag race car caught my eye. The tub was made very well.


Hotel の送迎車

This was the hotel courtesy car.


Born Free にいそうな感じの Shovel.

This Shovel looked like something you would see at Born Free Show.



Chevy Truckのオーナーで人気俳優のMario君は Wildmanデザインの横浜ベイスターズTシャツに
Kustom Style の Beanie. Yokohama Fan?

This is the Chevy truck owner and famous actor Mario wearing a Yokohama Baystars T-shirt designed by Wildman and a Kustom Style beanie. Is he a Yokohama fan?


Monster Nash and his team.


MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB)、遊びに行って下さい。
AC がガンガン効いていますよ。

If you get a chance, please visit MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB).
Their A/C works really well.


MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19 全国書店好評発売中!

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19 is now available at all quality bookstores in Japan.



今週末は盛りだくさん/Many Things This Weekend


There are many things going on this weekend.


MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19
もちろん MOONEYES Website、 各MOONEYES Dealer でも購入出来ます。

MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19
It will go on sale at all quality bookstores throughout Japan beginning today.
Of course, it will be available for order on Mooneyes online stores and from Mooneyes Dealers as well.


そして明日は31回目の Street Car Nationals (SCN)
SCNで会場でMIM #19をお求め下さい。
それから今年は 31回目 と言う事なので 31アイスクリーム が出店です。
有料入場の際、お渡しするチケットの末尾2桁が “31”の方には
なんとFree アイスクリームを進呈致します。

Tomorrow is the 31st Annual Street Car Nationals (SCN).
We will be waiting for you in Odaiba, Tokyo!!
Be sure to stop by the Mooneyes booth and get the new MIM#19 there.
Being that this is the 31st this year, we have a special appearance by 31-ice cream (Baskin-Robbins). You will receive an admission ticket stub for each paid entry. If there’s the number “31” within the ticket number sequence, you can trade it in for a free ice cream at their booth.
Looking forward to Sunday!


Plug In Show in Sapporo

5月7日は北海道札幌のAxes Sapporoで開催される “Plug In Sapporo”に出店しています。


On Sunday May 7, 2017 in Sapporo, Hokkaido at Axes-Sapporo the “Plug In Sapporo” event will take place.

Hope to see you there.


MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok(MSB) in Bangkok, Thailand

バンコックは暑い! 31度!
先週末は MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB) がある
Train Night Market で “American Swap Meet” が開催されました。

New market goer’s favorite: Train Night Market Ratchada

Bangkok is hot! 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit!
In this weather, a lot of events usually don’t start until afternoon when the sun starts to go down.
Everything is open until very late.
This past weekend at Train Night Market where MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB) is located they had their “American Swap Meet” event.


建設中の “Speed Shop”, リフトもあり部品の取り付け等の作業は出来る様になるそうです。

The addition “Speed Shop” that’s currently under construction will have a lift apparently so that they can put parts on for customers.




On the same lot there are catering carts where you can buy food to eat too.


“Sushi Variety” 5バーツは ¥15位、 ¥15の寿司ってどうなんでしょうか?

“Sushi Variety” starting at 5 Thai Bhat (about 15 Yen). Is sushi that cheap a good thing?


左端は 絶滅危惧I類 に指定されている「兜カニ」の様です。

On the left it looks like endangered species “Kabuto Kani” or similar.
I’m not really sure though.



They even had raw oysters.
Well, in this hot temperature it would be a test of your stomach strength.



5月13&14日(土日)には 2回目となる Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2017 が開催されます。
東京お台場で開催される 31回目のStreet Car Nationalと同日ですがバンコックに行く予定のある方は

On May 13-14 (Sat/Sun) the 2nd Annual Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2017 will be held.
In Odaiba, Tokyo the same weekend is the 31st Annual Street Car Nationals however if you are in the Bangkok area that weekend, be sure to check it out.



Blue Ribbons


I put blue lines on my tires.


MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Pickers Service” in Bandung, Indonesia

先週 インドネシア、バンドゥーンの MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer (MAD) の “Pickers Service” が
開催した 5th Annual BBQ Ride 2017 に海外担当の “Sunny” Yano-kun と行ってきました。
羽田空港発なので業務終了後 Murakami-kun が送ってくれました。
深夜便で出発の際、恒例となっている Dinner の模様です。

Last week MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer (MAD) Pickers Service held their annual 5th Annual BBQ Ride 2017 event in Bandung, Indonesia and international representative “Sunny” Yano and I attended.
We flew out of Haneda Airport on a late flight so Murakami took us after work.
Our flight wasn’t until very late so we had dinner there as we normally do.



The quiet airport of Bandung.



Right outside of the airport is Starbucks.



The traffic congestion is terrible.
They said it sometimes takes several hours to travel several kilometers.
The traffic conditions are very serious.


街を走ると前に見た事あるマークが でもうちで売ってる物ではなさそう。

As we were riding on the street, I saw a familiar mark in front of us but it’s not something we’ve made before.


バンドゥーンにある MAD, Pickers Serviceです。

MAD, Pickers Service in Bandung.


Mitsubishi Bongo! 珍しい!

Mitsubishi Bongo! Very unusual!




The roads surrounding the event area was crowded with bikes heading to the event.


市が協力してくれてるそうで 入場料も駐輪/車もFreeでした。

The city apparently cooperates with the event and admission as well as parking is free.




As usual, we saw some T-shirts we’ve never made before.

Sunny Yano’s Blog:



Blue Sky, Palm Tree and MQQNEYES

Southern California は例年に無く雨が多かったので久しぶりに Green が綺麗です。

With all the unusual rain in Southern California, everything is so green and bright now.
I think we’ll even have a reason to use the sprinklers for the lawn this year.
It’s finally Spring!


ホイル磨き / Wheel Polish

日本製の Shake Morley を使うと燻んでいたホイルが20分/1本位でご覧の様に!

It’s been a while so I made some time to polish my wheels.
I tried this polish from Japan called Shake Morley and spent about 20 minutes on each wheel with the following results!


Compared to other polish brands I’ve used, this polish was faster to work with. However, after 4 wheels, my fingers were all cramped up.


Shake Morley by Morita Polish Artist, made in Japan.
4,000 Yen/ea と少々高価ですが価値ありの1本です。

Shake Morley by Morita Polish Artist. Made in Japan.
Priced at 4,000yen per bottle, it’s a bit pricey but for a good reason and this 1 bottle is worth it.
Try it out.



As you can see, this is after I was finished and it looks great!