25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC

1990年11月8日(日)に Yokohama Sportsman’s Club で開催した第1回 CROWN PICNIC。
その後 Crown Classic Reunion として ALL ODDS Nationals (AON) と同時開催していましたが、

今年は AON の開催が難しい為、CROWN PICNIC を11月8日(日)に MOONEYES Area-1 からすぐそこの


CROWN PICNIC としての開催は25回目!になります。
観音クラウンから60系クラウンまでの TOYOTA CROWN の皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。


新型コロナウィルスの感染対策としてマスクの着用、ソーシャル ディスタンスを保つようご協力お願い致します。
入場料はございませんので、CROWN オーナーでない方も MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe に寄りながら、

The 1st CROWN PICNIC started on November 8th(Sun), 1990 at Yokohama Sportsman’s Club.
After that as the Crown Classic Reunion, the event was held with ALL ODDS Nationals (AON) but,
it is hard to hold the AON for this year so,
we have decided to hold the CROWN PICNIC at Honmoku Hill Top Park near MOONEYES Area-1 on November 8th(Sun).

Advance entry registration is not necessary.
It is public parking so, please pay for your car.
In addtion, general car will also use the parking.

It is a 25th Memorial Event as the CROWN PICNIC.
We are looking forward to the participation of Crown Owners with Suicide Door Crown to ‘60s Crown.

On the day of the event, there will be Memorial Items will be released.

To prevent infection spread of the Novel Coronavirus(COVID) please wear a mask and,
keep a distance from each other.
Free admission, everyone is welcome so, while going to MOONEYES Area-1 Shop and MOON Cafe,
please come by to Honmoku Hill Top Park.

25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC
SUNDAY NOV. 8,2020 at Honmoku Hill Top Park

11月8日(日)本牧山頂公園にて、観音クラウンから60系クラウンを対象とした 25th Anniversary CROWN PICNICを開催致します。

観音クラウンから60系クラウンまでの TOYOTA CROWN であれば、どなたでもご参加頂けます!


近隣住民の皆様にご迷惑がかからないよう Shizukani お越しください。

また各自ソーシャル ディスタンスを保つようご協力お願い致します。

On November 8th(Sun) at Honmoku Hill Top Park, 25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC will be held.
The event is subjected to any Toyota Crown between Suicide Door Crown to ‘60s Crown.

Free admission but, the venue is public parking.
It is parking that general people use so, you might not able to enter due to the crowd.
Keep your manners and let’s make it an enjoyable day.
In addition please pay for your parking.

Please come SHIZUKANI (quietly) and, do not disturb the neighbors.

For COVID-19 prevention, we ask you to wear a mask and keep a distance from each other.

25th Anniversary CROWN PICNIC
日時/Date: 11月8日(日) 雨天決行/November 8th(Sun) Rain or Shine
場所/Location:本牧山頂公園/Honmoku Hill Top Park
時間/Time: 10:00am ~2:00pm
対象車/Subjected Car:観音クラウンから60系クラウンまで/Suicide Door Crown to ’60s Crown

TEL: 045-623-9662 (10:00 – 17:00)


30th HCS

29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Showは残念ながらキャンセルです。
2021 は30th, 何としても開催したい節目の年です。
素晴らしいBikes and Carsが集まる事を期待しています。
2021 こそ会場でお会いしましょう!!

Unfortunately, 29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is cancelled.
However, we cannot look forward if we are talking about 2020.
The Poster for the 30th anniversary is completed.
2021 is 30th and it is a milestone year that we definitely want to hold the event.
We have enough time from now.
We are looking forward to the wonderful Bikes and Cars to be gathered.
Nothing bad to start in advance.
Everyone, please push forward for the preparation.
Let’s meet at the venue for 2021!!
Be held on December 5th(Sun)!!

HCS2020 Cancelled T-shirt
Price:2,500円~3,000円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)

HCS2020 Cancelled Long Sleeve T-shirt
Prce: 3,200円~4,000円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)

Printed in USA

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 Poster [MGPOHR20-1]
Price: 800円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)

Printed in USA

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 Banner [MGPOHR20-3]
Price: 8,500円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)

HCS2020 Tomodachi Key Ring [MKR179OR]
Price: 500円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)


2nd Surf City Market Place by MQQNEYES

2nd Surf City Market Place by MQQNEYES

一度は延期になった 2nd Surf City Market Place by MQQNEYES を
明日9月27日(日)に Good Location の 大磯 Long Beach で開催します。


The 2nd Surf City Market Place by MQQNEYES that was once postponed will finally hold
tomorrow September 27th(Sun) at the Good Location Oiso Long Beach.

In order to enjoy the day together, we have a request for everyone who comes to the event.


1. マスクの着用
2. 検温
3. 手指の消毒
4. 参加者、来場者全員の氏名、住所、連絡先の記入


For the prevention of Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19)

1. Wear a Mask
2. Temperature Measurement
3. Sanitize your hand and finger
4. Recording all the Participant’s / Visitor’s Name, Address and Phone Number

We ask you for the above.

ご来場頂く皆様に、入場口にて 氏名、住所、連絡先の記入を行って頂きます。
スムーズに入場して頂く為に、事前にご用意いただける方は、お名前、住所、連絡先 が記載された用紙をお持ちください。


Before entering the venue we will ask you to write your
Name, Address, and Phone number.
To make the enter smoothly we ask you to prepare a sheet with your
Name, Address, and Phone number written in advance.

※Above image is a sample so, any format is fine if your Name, Address and Phone number is written.



上記の対策の他、イベント中のソーシャル ディスタンスを確保するための積極的な声かけ、


If we find out that your temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees or not feeling well,
we will ask you to est in the tent for 5〜10minutes and check the Temperature again.
If your Temperature is still 37.3°C or higher, you will not be allowed to enter.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and,
thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

In addition to the measures mentioned above,
we will take all the necessary steps to ensure social distances during the event,
and we will be very cautious and take thorough measures to ensure everyone’s safety and health.

However, we might refuse the entry to the event for the safety and
health of other people if there is anyone with symptoms of fever, cough and etc, not wearing a mask,
refusing to sanitize, or refusing to fill out the information.

残念ながら中止となってしまった、 29th YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Item の販売を MOONEYES ブースにて行います。

At the MOONEYES booth, we will be selling the 29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Items,
which was unfortunately canceled.

MOONEYES Keep Distance Sticker Present Campaign!! は本日からスタート。
MOONEYES Area-1 , MOON Cafe、 Online Shop で
3,000円(税別) 以上お買い上げのお客様にプレゼントさせて頂きます。

イベント会場内の MOONEYES ブースでのお買い物も対象です。

MOONEYES Keep Distance Sticker Present Campaign!! is starting from today.
If you purchase more than 3,000yen(excl. tax) at MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe, and Online Shop you can get it for Free.

It is also applicable at the MOONEYES Booth at the Event venue.

MOONEYES Area-1 , MOON Cafe、 Online Shop をご利用頂いた方で希望者全員にプレゼント致します。
明日のイベント会場内でもお渡し致しますので、最新の MOONEYES Item をチェックしてみてください。

新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19) の感染予防をしながら開催する初めての Event です。


It is the first event that is organized preventing the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We might make you wait to enter with the crowd, temperature measurement, sanitizing and recording.
But, please keep calm and have patience.

To held the safe event, please keep your manner and make a happy day.

Please be safe and stay healthy.

Safe! with MQQN



MOON Project Motorcycle として 今回は話題の HONDA CT125 をチョイスしてみました。

積載能力に特化したカスタムをコンセプトにした HONDA CT125専用の MOONEYES オリジナル パーツ & アクセサリーを展開します。
ただ荷物が沢山詰めるだけではなく、悪路の走行に活躍するパーツやドレス アップ パーツもあります。
荷物が何もない時は、CQQL な MQQNEYES STYLE で街中を Cruise できます。

全てのパーツは純正のボルトを生かしたボルトオン パーツで展開しているので、取り付けも簡単。

MQQNEYES が提案する新たなスタイルを是非体験してみてください。

For the MOON Project Motorcycle, I have chosen the popular HONDA CT125.

We were doing subtracting custom but, for this time we have released
the MOONEYES Original Parts & Accessories for HONDA CT125 that focused on camp touring.
Not only loading many things and there are also dress-up parts and useful parts to riding through the rough road.
When you have nothing to carry, you can Cruise through the city with CQQL MQQNEYES STYLE.

All of the parts are bolt-on parts using the genuine bolt and easy to install.

Please try out the New Style that MQQNEYES offers.

全ての商品は MOONEYES Online Shop 各店舗でお買い求め頂けます。

こちらの HONDA CT125 専用パーツはご注文確定から、お手元に届くまで約一ヶ月程度の納期となります。
全てのパーツがボルト オン パーツですが、すでに車両をカスタムしている場合は、取り付けに多少の加工が必要となる場合がございます。
※ドレスアップ アイテムとなりますので一般公道でのご使用はお控えください。

All of these products can be purchased at MOONEYES Official Online Shop.

This product is only for HONDA CT125 Hunter Cub.
It will take about a month to deliver after your order is confirmed.
All of the parts are bolt-on parts but,
if you already made some customize to your motorcycle, you might need to work to install it.

※It is a dress-up parts so, please avoid using it on a public road.


MOON Classic Plastic Beer Cup Present Campaign

9月も中頃になるというのに真夏のような暑さが本牧 横浜では続いています。
せっかく夏が続くなら休みのは日くらい美味しい Food と 冷えた Beer を飲みたいですよね。
そんな Beer 好きの皆様の為のキャンペーンを MQQN Cafe で開催します。

It’s already the middle of September but, it’s still hot like mid-summer in Honmoku Yokohama.
If summer is still here, it would be nice to have some delicious Food and CQQL Beer on the day off.
For all the Beer Lovers, we are holding a campaign at MQQN Cafe.

MOON Classic Plastic Beer Cup Present Campaign

MQQN Cafe では、バドワイザー生ビールをご注文の方に、MQQN Classic オリジナル ロゴを
プリントしたカップでご提供する Plastic Beer Cup プレゼント キャンペーンを開催中です。
USA で使われているMade in USAの プラスティック カップです。
One Order ごとに新しいカップでご提供させて頂きますので、食事を楽しみながら MOON Cafe で
Draft Beer を飲んで、沢山カップを積み上げてください!
まだまだ残暑厳しいこの季節。キンキンに Beer を冷やして皆様のご来店をお待ちしております!


くれぐれも Drunk Drive はなさらぬよう、公共交通機関でお越しください。

Budweiser Draft ¥700 /each

On the plastic cups used in the USA, we have printed our original logo and,
made the Special MOON Classic Plastic Cup.
And we will offer this Special MOON Classic Plastic Cup to
everyone who orders Budweiser Draft Beer at MQQN Cafe.

This campaign only applies to Budweiser Draft Beer.
You can take home the empty cup.
We will offer a new cup for each order so,
enjoy the delicious meal and drink a lot of Draft Beer and pile up the cup!

The lingering summer heat is still intense.
We will be waiting for you to come to MQQN Cafe with a Ice Cold Beer!

※As the plastic cup is gone, the campaign will end.

Be sure to not Drunk Drive, and come by public transportation.


Fall is around the corner

2020年3月から中止にしていた Sidewalk Sale を6カ月ぶりに明日 9月6日(日) に開催します。
しばらく開催できていなかったので、在庫限りの Special プライスな衣類が多数並ぶ予定です。

もちろん Wildman 石井のピンストライプデモも行います。

For the first time in 6 months, finally tomorrow Sunday,
September 6th we will hold the Sidewalk Sale that was canceled from March.
It has been a long time since last time so, we will have a lot of special priced clothing.

There will also be Widman’s Pinstripe Demo.

順番にご案内致しますので、MOONEYES スタッフの指示・注意に従ってください。


Sidewalk Sale 会場は本牧通り側からご入場頂けません。
MOONEYES Area-1 裏手の駐車場側から入場してください。

新型コロナウイルス感染の拡大を避けるために MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe へのご来店の際には、

Our staff will distribute a number ticket to enter the shop in order.
We will call you in order so, please follow the instructions by our MOONEYES Staff.

If it gets crowded, we might have an admission restriction.

You cannot enter to the Sidewalk Sale from the Honmoku main street.
Please go around the back of MOONEYES Area-1 and enter from the parking.
If you have any concerns, feel free to ask our staff.

To prevent the spread infection of COVID-19
please wear a mask and sanitize your hand before entering MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe.
In addition, please keep a distance during check and crowd.

MOONEYES の新米ピンストライパー "Michi" が本牧通り側のサインを描いてます。

Wildman’s apprentice pinstripe “Michi” is working on the Sign on Honmoku main street side.


Finally finished! Please LQQK forward seeing it at the Sidewalk Sale!

以前お知らせしていた MOON Fuel Block Spark Plug Stand が発売開始です。
MOON First Product の フュエル ブロックを使った、今までありそうでなかったスパーク プラグ スタンドです。

The MOON Fuel Block Spark Plug that I mentioned before is now available.
It is the Fuel Plug Stand that uses the MOON First Product Fuel Block.

Made in the USA
Size: (W)14cm (H)3.1cm (D)4.6cm
Plug Hole 14mm

MOON フュエル ブロック スパーク プラグ スタンド [MP1012S]
販売価格: 9,500円(税別)

MOON Fuel Block Spark Plug Stand [MP1012S]
Our Price: 9,500yen(excl. tax)



2nd “Surf City Market Place” (SCMP)

9/27(日) 大磯 Long Beach Parking Area (9am ~ 3pm)で開催します。

1. 検温 及び 消毒
2. 氏名、連絡先等の記入
3. マスクの着用(必須)



Held on Sunday, September 27th at Oiso Long Beach Parking Area (9am ~ 3pm).

Infection control measures for COVID-19

1. Take Temperature and Sanitize
2. Recoding Name and Address
3. Wear a Mask

We will ask the above before entering.
We do not allow the entry of people who has a high temperature,
not wearing a mask and not filling the name and address.
If you are likely to do so, it would be better for not coming beforehand for your mental health.
We are looking forward to people who are willing to support and
cooperate with us in this difficult time.

This is the first event in a long time.

As the self-restraint has been continuing and our body is the weaken so, please take good care of your health on the day of the event.

“Side Walk Sale”

MQQNEYES Area-1 では 9/06(日) Side Walk Sale (SWS)を開催予定です。

On Sunday, September 6th we are planning to hold
the Side Walk Sale(SWS) in front of MQQNEYES Area-1.
We will carry out wearing a mask and taking distance.
There might be admission restrictions due to the crowd.
We don’t know how it works but, we ask for your cooperation.


Cancelled HCS 2020 Yokohama Show

Dear MQQNEYES Valued Customers and Friends

12月6日(日)、パシフィコ横浜展示ホールにて開催を予定しておりました 29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 は、
新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19) の感染拡大が収束方向に動いていない事から、中止する事と致しました。



来年、2021年12月5日(日)に30回目となる YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW を開催出来るよう動き始めていきます。


2020年8月 MOONEYES

Here is the final answer for 29th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2020(HCS 2020).

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection has not been settled.
which was scheduled to be held on December 6th(Sun) at the Pacifico Yokohama has been canceled.

We have been discussing with the owner of the venue, whether or not it could be held, including the conditions for holding the event at the venue,
but we have decided to cancel the event to prevent further spread of infection.
And, we still don’t know when our gate way will open for international travelers before December 2020.

We deeply apologize for people who had been considering to participate in the event, that we informed you three months before the event.

Next year December 5th(Sun) 2021 will be the 30th Anniversary for the HCS.
We want people from all over the world to gather in Yokohama and, to have a bright and happy time together so,
we will work hard to hold the event and look forward to seeing you again.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but, we ask for your continuous, support, and cooperation.

Hope to see you all in Yokohama, 2021!!
Till then, please be safe and stay healthy.

Safe! with MQQN

Shige QQ Suganuma


Obon Week at MOONEYES

Obon Week も残りわずか。

MOONEYES Area-1 ではこの Obon Week 中に沢山の企画を開催中です。

Obon Week is ending sQQn.
Honmoku Yokohama is been extremely hot after the rainy season.
We are sorry in this heat but, to prevent the spread of infection,
please wear your mask, clean your hand and maintain social distancing.

During Obon Week, at MOONEYES Area-1 there are many promotions.
Please beware of heatstroke and to take precautionary measures before you go out.

Wildman 石井がデザインした YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS × MOONEYES コラボレーション アイテム 2020 が
MOONEYES Area-1 にて販売スタートです。

Online Shop (通信販売) はございません。
ご希望の方は、YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS の オフィシャルサイトよりお買い求めください。

Wildman design YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS x MOONEYES Collaboration Items 2020 are available at MOONEYES Area-1.
It is not available at Online Shop.
If you wish to purchase please, purchase from YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS Official Website.

お好きな Tシャツやキャップの3枚選んで頂いた内の1枚をプレゼント。
Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Pick 3 from T-shirts or Caps and, 1 of them is for free as a gift.
Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
※Some items are not included in this sale.

MOONEYES STAFF が厳選した6アイテムが 30% OFF の

MOONEYES STAFF selected 6 items are 30%OFF Discount

3,000円(税別) 以上お買い上げで FAST! FASTER!! FASTEST!!! BUMPER STICKER をプレゼント。
MOON Cafe, MOONEYES Online Shop 各店舗 (通信販売) も対象です。

If you use more than 3,000yen(excl. tax) you can get the FAST! FASTER!! FASTEST!! BUMPER STICKER.
You can also get it at MOON Cafe, MOONEYES Online Shop.


Event Info

Las Vegas, USA で11月に予定されていたSEMA Showはキャンセルとなり
Pomonaで2021年1月に開催予定のGrand National Roadster Show(GNRS)は5月に延期となり
2021年4月開催予定だったViva Las Vegas Showも9月へ延期となりました。
12/06(日)開催予定のHCS 2020, 9月初め迄には開催に関するOfficial Announcementを出す予定でいます。

At Las Vegas SEMA SHOW that was scheduled to be in November is now canceled and,
the Grand National Roadster Show(GNRS) that was scheduled on 2021 January has postponed to May and,
Viva Las Vegas Show that was scheduled on 2021 April has postponed to September.

I hoped that events would somehow be available from the latter half of this year but,
under these circumstances, it seems to be difficult until year-end or maybe the middle of 2021.
We are planning to issue an Official Announcement by the beginning of September
about the HCS 2020, scheduled to be held on December 06 (Sunday).
I’m getting bored without events.

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 Official Website

Printed in USA

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 Poster [MGPOHR20-1]
Price: 800円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)

Printed in USA

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 Banner [MGPOHR20-3]
Price: 8,500円(excl. tax)


MOONEYES Official Online Shop (English)

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2020 のキャッチフレーズは
“We are all Friends!” “Tomodachi!”

HCS2020 今年のOfficial ハッシュタグは
#hcs2020, #savetheyokohamahotrodcustomshow, #weareallfriends, #tomodachi


We are moving to hold the 29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW.

29th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Catchphrase is “We are all Friends!” “Tomodachi!”

HCS2020 Official Hashtag are
#hcs2020, #savetheyokohamahotrodcustomshow, #weareallfriends, #tomodachi

Please support us to spread this information!

ご賛同 / ご協力頂ける方に、こちらの Sticker を Free でお配りしています。

We are giving out this Sticker for Free to people who will support us and cooperate together.

HCS2020 Tomodachi キーリング [MKR179OR]
販売価格: 500円(税別)


HCS2020 Tomodachi キーリング [MKR179OR]
Our Price: 500yen(excl. tax)




WildmanのSigns and Pinstriping Studioはここから始まりました。

Wildman had some work to do at Goshoyama, so I went there for the first time in a while and
found that the exterior of the building had been changed to a very colorful one.
It’s not Wildman that painted the building. We don’t own this place so, the owner painted.
This building is rent over 30 years from 1989 until now.
Wildman’s Signs and Pinstriping Studio has started from here.
At once there was about 20 staff but, it is quiet now.
It is used when there is work for a large car.

Yellow, Blue, Purple and White!


The exterior has been changed, but inside is space where time has stopped.

64 T-IIはスタッフの居眠り運転で全損になり今は無いのでこの写真は古いです。

Recently it was an exterior like this but…
The 64 VW T-2 was a total loss by a staff member who fell asleep during a drive and
it’s gone now, so this photo is old.

かつてのMQQN Woody工房もそのままです。

The former MQQN Woody workshop is left as it is.

30年間溜まりに溜まった物です, いつどうやって片付けますか?

Things that are piled up for 30 years. How and when should it be cleaned?


The former office is like this.


2F is like this.


Well used mailbox.

ガラクタをどうするか? これからの大きな課題です。

It has to be cleaned at some point.
I got depressed and left the place.
What to do with the junk? It’s a big challenge for the future.
There’s not much time left.


MQQN Equipped


まずはFuel Blockを使ったSpark Plug Standです。

I will be introducing two new MQQNEYES items.

First is Spark Plug Stand which is using the Fuel Block.
It’s an item that should have been there already.

“URN” 辞書を引いてご確認ください。

It has been secretly demanded so, for this time we made a sticker.
Please LQQK it up in the dictionary “URN”.
It is for your loved ones.


Safe at Office

COVID-19で出張に出る事も無く時間があるので 今まで手が回らなかった所を片付けています。
これ以上物を増やしたく無いと思っている矢先ある所からWurlitzer Juke Boxが届きました。

Due to the COVID-19, no business trip and, I’ve got some time so I’ve been working on cleaning things which I haven’t gotten around to doing.
Just when I thought I don’t want to add more stuff, Wurlitzer Juke Box arrived.
It was so big so, space was limited for display and as a result, I asked our staff to bring it up to the Office on the 3rd Floor.

早速 電源を入れてみると所々電灯が点きません。

When I turned on the power, the light did not come on in some places.

蛍光灯が数本切れていたのでHome Centerで調達。

Some of the fluorescent light was dead so, we got them at Hardware Store.
The short one was available in Japan but the long one(image) was not available in Japan so, I’m going to order it from the USA.


I decided to wait for the long ones to arrive from the USA
And for now, I put in the Japanese ones to light up.

Juke BoxをOfficeへ入れるので左の背の高いデイスプレー(TIMEX)に細かい物を入れてスペースを確保。

Since the Juke Box in moved to the Office, I have put in some small things in the left tall display(TIMEX) to save the space.

Juke Boxも収まりましたが、まだ縦両側はまだ蛍光灯が入っているだけなのでカラーにムードがありません。

Juke Box is now settled but, it doesn’t have a mood because there is only fluorescent light installed on both vertical sides.

Juke Boxを一周するバブルの一部がまだ修復出来てないのでUSAから入荷すればほぼ完成です。

Finally, the regular fluorescent light arrived, and when I install it ……
WOW! compare the image with the previous one. Now it’s moody.
The part of the bubble that surrounds the Jukebox is still not repaired so if it comes from the USA its ready to go.

次はOfficeの隣がPan-kunのデスクです。片付けで放り出されたBudweiser Woody 蛍光灯。

Next is Pan’s desk beside the Office. It is Budweiser Woody fluorescent light that was left from the cleaning.
When I noticed it was hanged from the ceiling.
From where I’m standing, it is hard to know where the desk is.
Various designs are created from here.
The bike in the front is for Pan’s training.


Now the working space is brightened and the delusion begins again.

SCTA Speed Weekはまだキャンセルになっていません。

SCTA Speed Week is still not canceled.
Although, I don’t think we are able to go this year.


Mask required for MQQNEYES

新型コロナウイルス感染の拡大を避けるために MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe へのご入店の際には、

To prevent further infection spread of the Coronavirus, we are asking you to wear your mask and clean your hands before entering MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe.


During your check and when it’s crowded please keep a distance.


MOONEYES Area-1 Shop 限定の
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At MOONEYES Area-1 and MOONEYES Online Shop, a variety of masks are available. Although it is calming then before, Keep your guard up.

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マスクを使わない場面で重宝する マスクケースもございます。
There are also Mask Case which perfect when you are not using your mask.

MOON Mask Case [MGC213]
Our Price: 1,000yen(excl. tax)
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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Campaign is currently held at MOONEYES Area-1, choose 3 t-shirts or caps and you can get one of them for free.


Summer Chow Mein

レタスたっぷり涼しげな ” Summer Chow Mein” 薄塩味でさっぱりと召し上がれ。
To Go(take out)もGO!

Menu Limited for Hot Season.
Fresh “Summer Chow Mein” with plenty of lettuce and enjoy.
To Go is also available!

サマー チャウメン (Summer Chow Mein) / ¥1,200(excl. tax)
ラージ ライス (Large Rice)/ ¥1,350(excl. tax)
ライス無し (without Rice) / ¥1,050(excl. tax)

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