Vanning is Back??

70年代の Vanning が So Cal で流行つつあるようです。
そんな感じの中 Costa Mesa で “VAN-IN” が開催されました。
どれも今 一歩、好きになる雰囲気は分かるけど、 Vanning もお金が掛かります。
Vanning も中途半端では表現できない 難しい世界です。
好きだ、 何となく、 雰囲気良いから、 なんて調子では達成できないくらい
ハッキリした物があるのが Vanning と Low Rider ではないでしょうか。

It seems that Vanning, the once popular trend from the ’70s, is making a come back in So Cal.
In fact, there was a “VAN-IN” recently in Costa Mesa.
Every single one had something to like and I get it, but Vanning is expensive.
The difficult part of Vanning is you have to go all the way, it can’t be incomplete.
It’s the same thing with Vanning in Japan, you have to go all out.
You can’t have an attitude that thinks it’s alright. It just won’t come out right. I think Vanning and Lowriders have that same sense where you have to go all out where you are really into it, otherwise it just don’t look right. Continue…