Jim Dunn / MQQNEYES Funny Car

今週末は Pomona, California で NHRA 最終戦、 World Final が開催されます。 Designed by Pan Sumi です。 情報も NHRA.COM に掲載しています。 http://nhra.com/story/2016/11/7/moon-dragster-graphics-on-dunn-funny-car-at-finals/

  The NHRA World Finals will be held this weekend in Pomona, California. Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car body graphic was designed by Pan Sumi. It’s even been mentioned on the NHRA.COM website. (Continue reading…)

Photo by Pan Sumi

今回は MQQNEYES Official Photographer “PAN” Sumi君の写真集です。 数枚彼の物で無い写真もありますが 違いが分かりますよね。

Here are several pictures from MQQNEYES Official Photographer “Pan” Sumi. There are a couple that are not his but is so easy to tell which ones are his.


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Santa Maria

Santa Maria の Cruisin Scene, 7:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm までメインストリートの一部をブロックしクルーズが開催されます。 The cruise scene in Santa Maria is from 7:00PM-9:00PM on a blocked off section of the main street.

轢かれたのではありません。 MOONEYES Staff の Pan君こと Sumi君です。 どんなのが撮れたのでしょうか楽しみです。 That’s not someone that got run over. It’s MOONEYES Staff Pan (Sumi) working. I can’t wait (Continue reading…)