Sunday December 7, 2008 at Pacifico YOKOHAMA
It was the 17th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. In 2008, crude oil prices fluctuated and we thought it would have an effect on the number cars and bikes being entered. Although it was a difficult year for everyone, entrants from within Japan as well as guests from abroad, not to mention the vendors, motorcycles, pinstripe gathering attendees from USA, Switzerland, Germany and many other countries all together at Pacifico Yokohama. From the start, with the gates opening at 9:00AM, and lasting the entire day, enthusiasm was in the air. The highlights of this year's Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show were driven in to their display positions immediately after the gates opened. Below, in the order of the time schedule, are introductions of each attraction.

First, the guests from abroad rode in. Leading the way was Beatniks member James Hetfield's Rick Dore built 1953 Buick Skylark, "Skyscraper" with a Hi-Tech sounding motor and smooth body. Many of the Beatniks members were there together as well.

So-Cal Speed Shop's Jimmy Shine built, Todd Haas owned 1957 Chevy Gasser. This car performed a nice burnout in front of the gate!

Following the two cars were motorcycles from 4Q Conditioning, Max Schaaf and Jasin Phares. Bringing a personal touch of their own, they made a display for the two bikes.

Tom Foster
When the promo reel DVD was first being made they had a difficult time keeping up with the speed of Tom Foster's bike. Coming into the show, he displayed some of that speed.

With gold leafing on the tank and fender, a long vertical twisted sissy bar and various touches made this an impressive HD.

Custom painter and Sinners member, John Edwards. Candy color HD with rare handle bar risers.

His second time coming to HCS, Rico Fodrey brought a 70's styled HD.

His third time to the show this year. Each time, Cole Foster has brought different styled HD build.

1927 Ford Modified Roadster LSR

The Dynotones
With great intensity on stage, not once by twice! There were many people gathered in front of the stage. B

Jackie and The Cedrics


The El Caminos

Rat Island, Pinstripe Gathering, Guest Booth,Hot Rod, Art and More!!

Wildman's Pinstripe Challenge

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