Chevy TH350 – Fixing the notorious kickdown cable leak

The kickdown cable port on the TH350 transmission is a common issue.  This week, I decided to put an end to this leaky madness.

In Japan, especially in the city, there are so many traffic lights and stop signs, that the kickdown can actually be completely removed.  That makes […]

Ford Model A Engine Swap – L Head – 4 Banger


Last Month I had the opportunity to swap out the original L-Head Engine on a 1931 Ford Model A Sedan with a souped up Rebuilt 4 Banger.  It was a bitter sweet experience because the car use to be mine, and it was something I always wanted to do but couldn’t afford.  To […]

Replacing Seals on a McLeod Hydraulic Throw Out Bearing

There are a handful of advantages to Hydraulic Throw Out Bearings (TOB for short) over the traditional Mechanical type, but today we will talk about the Hydraulic TOB pitfall, “The Seals!!”

There is a surefire way to know when your TOB is dead or on it’s way out.  A puddle of brake fluid under […]

Learn To Stripe and Letter like a Pro – Part 3 (Final)

So now we know how to properly maintain and use our brushes. (Part 1)

And we know the basics of handling the brush. (Part 2)

So now lets talk about symmetrical images.

There is a very interesting method to this art form that requires time and patience to perfect.

First thing to consider […]

Learn To Stripe and Letter like a Pro – Part 2

This week I will share some good advice direct from “Wildman” to get you moving along with your brush technique.

In Part one of the 3 part Pin-striping series, We discussed the best brushes to use for absolute beginners of the pin-striping art, and also the correct way to load and store your […]

Learn To Stripe and Letter like a Pro – Part 1

As most people know, the Moon Automotive Garage is also the home to Pro Pinstriper “Wildman”.  It is a great honor to work along side “Wildman” and see the awesome work he does on a daily basis.

Starter Kits can be a bit pricey, they don’t have everything you really need and […]

1960 Chevy Impala – Convertible Top Hydraulic System

When it comes to Automotive Maintenance among many other things, the humidity in Japan proves to be a powerful force of destruction.

Water build up in this hydraulic system caused the hoses to rot from the inside out and ultimately fail.  The reservoir was also internally […]

Happy New Year! -Moon Garage 2016-

The Mooneyes Family would like to wish all our friends and family a great and prosperous 2016.

Most of you may have already heard the Good News, we have been approved to have the HRCS 25th Anniversary show at the Pacifico Yokohama again for 2016!  It will be a Huge […]

1932 Ford Roadster – Powerglide to TH350 swap

The Powerglide transmission in the 32 Roadster started acting up.

Rebuilding was one option.

The old 1956 cast iron power glide.

We had a TH350 sitting around, so rather than mess around with the old boat anchor, we opted for the swap.


Brake Inspection – What to look for on Drum Brakes

Drum brakes have been used on cars since the beginning and are still widely used on a various make and models.

So here are a couple of things to look for when your brakes are acting up.

First thing the customer noticed was that the emergency brake was not engaging with the […]