Raiden Roadster- Back on the Road!!

After 3 short months, Raiden Roadster is back on the road.  The original Model A Frame was redesigned and reinforced for safety.  The body and grill shell are still in pretty rough condition, but our budget was very limited this time around.   The engine was freshened up and intake manifold was swapped for […]

Raiden Roadster “Radiator Grille and Height Set-up”

The Body line was lifted up to match the radiator grille. The grille shell was lowered about 2 inches. I think it is pretty well balanced where it is now. I will also need to add some metal back to the lower section of the cab, as […]

Raiden Roadster (1 month)

The frame was painted and the engine was dropped in it’s final resting place until I bring it back to life in a couple weeks. Stay Tuned for more!!