New Products coming out from Moon Garage! -Moon Light-


Automatically controlled headlights on you classic car are no longer just a dream.

Your friends at Moon Garage have made the dream a reality.

This kit splices into your stock headlight switch and takes full control of you lighting system.

Crown with 1JZ Engine – Oil Change

I recently performed an oil change on the 1970 Toyoya Crown with the 1JZ Engine.

And I must say, it was not as easy as I expected.


Prepped some kitty litter for the old oil.

The filter was not easy to access from […]

Toyota Crown Trunk Lock Assembly -Repair-

Recently repaired a broken trunk key assembly on a Hard Top Toyota Crown.  The rubber pad was missing and parts for old Toyota`s are pretty hard to come by, even in their home land.  So I made one from scratch.

I used a piece of rubber material and cut it to shape.