1960 Chevy Impala – Convertible Top Hydraulic System

When it comes to Automotive Maintenance among many other things, the humidity in Japan proves to be a powerful force of destruction.

Water build up in this hydraulic system caused the hoses to rot from the inside out and ultimately fail.  The reservoir was also internally […]

1960 Chevy Impala Exhaust Manifold Swap (Original)

A common problem with straight engines is the tendency for the exhaust manifolds to crack due to frequent heat differences along the manifold casting.  Although welding the crack is a quick fix, there is no doubt that the best fix is replacing the assembly.  A bit of work is involved, but nothing […]

1980 Toyota Pickup SR5 – Tie Rods and Center Link Replacement

1980 Toyota Pick Up – 2.2L 20R

If you notice your steering has become sloppy or wanders side to side while you drive, it may be time to invest some effort into checking out your steering tie rods and center link assembly.

After careful inspection, it […]

1954 Plymouth Suburban-Transmission Repairs

1954 Plymouth Transmission Belt and Servo Replaced.

The reverse servo was also replaced with a newer heavy duty part.

The old reverse servo did not look bad,but was replaced with the lighter aluminum version.

Due to the difference in belt grip design,the […]

Toyota Crown Trunk Lock Assembly -Repair-

Recently repaired a broken trunk key assembly on a Hard Top Toyota Crown.  The rubber pad was missing and parts for old Toyota`s are pretty hard to come by, even in their home land.  So I made one from scratch.

I used a piece of rubber material and cut it to shape.