#001 Surf Trip -- 2006.02.02
This is the first issue from the project of MOONEYES USA sending "Live from MOONEYES USA, California". "Live from MOONEYES USA, California" will contain report and news of events in California every two weeks. But this weekend was rare as there was no event like swap meet or car show.

So as sending "California" is the key for this report, this week I will Go! Surf to beach on my '65 El Camino. Longboard looks great on '65 El Camino. Cruising slow on 5 FWY to destination "San Onofre", It feels great when people passing by with Thumbs Up.
Let me introduce my '65 El Camino quick, its with 283 V8 motor with AT Power Glide. Sometimes I use it for work so its daily drive condition but with recent high speed driving condition of Southern California freeway, It's tiring to go along on freeway and thinking of placing new motor and trans. Front has disk brake. Wheel is MOONEYES Original Cast BC Smoothie 17". With Factory A/C and Factory Air Shock. It was purchased as original car 10 years ago and haven't found any reasonable one like this before or after.
Weather Forecast said may be rain on Saturday morning but by the noon in San Onofre it was sunny with blue sky and I enjoyed full of longboard surfing until my arms were unable to go up for paddling. You can imagine the driving back home was hard with my sore arms.
Next day on Sunday, I went on Go! Surf again. Really there was no event on this weekends.
Today I took easier ride with my wife's 2003 Passat stationwagon. Its totally different look compared to yesterdays' '65 El Camino but its Good too. Please check out this Mag Grey finished Speed Master Wheel.

I went on little further from San Onofre to Oceanside. Nice beach side view with long deck pier. I was so surprised while I was floating on longboard and watching the Cobra cruising by on the coast road with V8 sounds, a seal popped its head out of sea about 20 foot away from me.
It's nice to have weekend without an event but next weekend is Big 3 Swap Meet at San Diego. I am looking forward to this swap meet as it's annual Swap Meet and has different people coming to compared to Pomona and Long Beach Swap Meet.

by Makoto

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