#005 Machine Shop -- 2006.04.08
Storm has bee continuing from March. The snow has covered top part of San Bernardino Mountain which we can see at north direction from Mooneyes USA. It's a nice view in winter after rain when air is clean unlike smog and less rain summer season.

This week I will introduce Bill Jenks from our Machine Shop.
He is well known as a welder of Moon Tank and grinder of Moon Camshaft and now he is having most busy days through his long life of 75 years. Especially The Order for Moon Tank continues to come in. Bill is the only one who can make Moon Tank and the job cannot be rushed to finish So we can only ask our customer to wait. But it's worth waiting as the Moon Tanks made by Bill is a state of art, it is made with real craft-man ship and filled with Bill's Soul for each and every Moon Tank. Bill goes out to Golf on weekends but he says it doesn't go well as Welding on a Moon Tank.

* For customers wish to purchase Moon Tank, please consult with Mooneyes staff. Currently about three weeks lead time is necessary for production. For customers already made order, sorry but please wait a little while Bill is making each one. Genuine MOONs are made in good ol' USA.

by Makoto

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