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MOON SPACE AGENCY Hiro's Born Free 5 Trip Report (English Edition)

MOON SPACE AGENCY Hiro's Trip Report

MOON SPACE AGENCY Hiro’s Trip Report

Hello, I'm Hiro from MOON Space Agency.
I went to California for the Born Free 5 motorcycle show. There were a lot of famous builders there including an invited builder from Japan. You may know this or not but the Best in Show winner (builder and bike) get a trip to the 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2013) on December 1 (Sun). Keep on reading to see who the winner is.

We arrived in California in the evening and immediately headed for the Born Free Pre Party which was in Long Beach. It was held at Alex Bar and there were many motorcycles gathered there. The live band that was playing was great and the party went on into the late night.

The next day was the event preparation day.
When we got to the event area the Born Free Invite Builders were already there and set up.
Among the invited builders there was one that was already confirmed as coming to Japan for HCS2013. Chopper Dave will be at the 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Show! He said it's been a while since he visited Japan so he is excited to see everyone again.
The invited builders at Born Free that were present at HCS2012 last year were all in attendance. It was nice to see familiar faces. At this event, it is great to see the quality of motorcycles there and new builds not only from the invited builders but the entire show in general was a sight to see. It was literally impossible for me to determine what bike would win the award.
On this day, there must have been heatwave because it was unbelievably hot.
Uncertain about the next day we ended the setup day by going to a nearby bar called Cook's Corner where the Show Class Magazine's Camp Party was held.
Once we arrived at the party, there were more than 100 motorcycles gathered and still there were more bikes coming in. At this event party, builders that were not part of the invite of Born Free and tons of motorcycle fans had there own contest going on as a People's Choice. It was very interesting to see. Even as it got late into the night there were still more people arriving. We left early and headed back to the hotel.

Born Free Show Day
We arrived super early, before the sunrise. After the MOONEYES Booth was set up, we started to make our rounds and check out the other booths and motorcycles.
I was told that this particular day was the hottest day so far this year. It was extremely hot and luckily the lemonade stand was a life saver. American iced lemonade never tasted so good! At this event, not only were there tons of bikes on display but there were also many swap meet vendors too. Just looking was exciting. Officially at 10AM the event was opened. Before I knew it, the parking lot was full of bikes and there were thousands of people. This awesome event is a great example of California shows. Great weather, tons of things to see and huge crowds.
Invited builders bikes on display.

By the time the event was coming to an end, the awards ceremony was taking place.
For Born Free 5, there was the infamous lottery ticket drawing. For this year, the winning ticket had to be present at the show when the number was called. Best of all, the winner could have their choice of one of the 18 builder bikes!

MOONEYES Pick was Dynamic Joe's Knucklehead.
This bike and builder will be coming to Japan for HCS2013!
Builder's Choice award went to this Panhead built by Power Plant Choppers Yaniv "Neevo" Evan.

Best of Show award went to Scott "T-Bone" Jones of Noise Cycles. It's a 1952 Panhead base with a fully custom body. Scott was a guest at HCS2012 last year and is very excited to be a part of HCS2013 this year. Congratulations! See you in Japan!

Another bike that was selected to come to HCS2013 this year was Big Scott Stopnik's 1946 Knucklehead from Cycle Zombies.
As posted on Shige Suganuma's MOONEYES Express Blog, Caleb Owens/Cro Customs Shovelhead which was a featured builder at Born Free 4 last year and received the Builder's Choice award, will also be coming to Japan for the 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013.
Born Free is the greatest show in USA for its diversity in builders and quality. It also just happened to be that all the guest motorcycles for this year's HCS2013 came from Born Free. The event itself is incredible. Location is superb, organization by Mike and Grant plus their entire staff make this THE motorcycle show to see in person each year and we are already looking forward to next year's show. If you have make the trek to Born Free, start making place now for next year. It is an experience that will last forever.

Born Free Official Web Site

by Shige Suganuma
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