The CROWN Picnic was hosted at MOONEYES Area-1 Parking Area on very sunny Sunday October 28th. The outdoor event is best with blue sky on Sunny Sunday. The CROWNS gathered again this year from "Kannon" suicide door model to "Kujira" Model. There were many repeaters and also brand new ones to the show. The long line up of same models are one of the famous scene in this event. Naturally everyone was taking snap shot of this rare scene. The event space had no music but endless talk about CROWN continued while taking pictures and enjoying the CROWN only space. For people who didn't join this year with CROWN not in perfect condition, CROWN Picnic will be hosted again next year and year after that too. And for some people who may want to own one in future, please contact CROWN Classics!

The Special Sticker was made for Entrant and presented at the CROWN Picnic.
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