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MOON Cafe Change in Business Hours
Due to the prevention of the COVID-19, MOON Cafe will be changing the business hours from July 22nd(Tue) 2021 to August 31st(Tue) as follow.

OPEN: 11:00am ~ Close: 8:00pm (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)

OPEN: 10:30am ~ Close: 8:00pm (Sat, Sun, Holiday)

Last Order 7:30pm

※No alcohol to be served for all-day.

Closed on Thursdays

To prevent the spread of the virus, please sanitize your hands, wear your mask and measure your temperature and please take a distance from each other.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.

MOONEYES Official Online Shop Temporary Closure
Due to the Japanese holidays,
From August 13th(Fri) to 16th(Mon)
order and inquiry by phone call is temporarily closed.

Mail order, order by emails, shippings are working as usual.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause,
and thank you for your understanding.

MOONEYES Online Shop
We will support your Car Life and Southern California Style!
Automobile, Motorcycle Parts, Car Accessory
And many other item including RAT FINK and other character items.
We also prepare many items for Pinstriper.

MOONEYE is Southern California Style Company that spreads to the World.

Official Online Shop
Everyday 5 times bonus point at MOONEYES Official Online Shop.

All items deal with MOONEYES is covered.

There are Premium item only sold in the Official Online Shop.


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23rd Annual ALL ODDS Nationals

Date: September 12th (Saturday) 2021
9:00am ~ 3:00pm Rain or Shine
Location: Harbor City Soga, Chiba
Content: Car Show & Swap Meet
Admission Fee: 1,000Yen (Under 12years old is FREE)

The event may be postponed or cancelled due to reasons such as, further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19),other Force Majeure (institutional requests and guidance from the government and facility,and risk of infection spread due to the event), or Organizer’s decision.

"ALL ODDS Nationals" is Domestic Car Only .
This year, it has reached to 23rd time to hold Japanese Domestic Car Only event "ALL ODDS Nationals". It will be open at the Harbor City Soga, Chiba for this year. Let's enjoy the day with many Japanese Domestic Car!

We do not have Featured Car and CROWN CLASSICS Reunion for this year. If you wanter register with Toyota Crown, preasee register from Car Show.

※We do not have a public parking in the venue so, please use the parking near the venue or use other public transportation.

We will take all the necessary steps to ensure social distances during the event, and we will be very cautious and take thorough measures to ensure everyone's safety and health.

If you are interested to participate in the event and have difficulties to regsiter in Japanese, please contact us before August 30th(MON).

General admission tickets can be purchased at the entrance on the day of our event.
(No postponement for rain)

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Buy, Sell and Trade 3rd Surf City Market Place by MQQNEYES

Date: 2021 October 3rd (Sun)
9:00am ~ 3:00pm Rain or Shine
Location: Harbor City Soga (Chiba)
Content: Swap Meet
Admission Fee: 1,000yen / 1person
(Under 12 years old FREE)

Swap Meet By the sea ! Special 1 Day!

MOONEYES is introducing the Swap Meet Event, which is the Buy, Sell and Trade 3rd "Surf City Market Place"(SCMP) by MQQNEYES at Harbor City Soga(Chiba) on Sunday 3rd of October! Car & Motorcycle Parts, goods, Secondhand clothing, Clothing, Vintage & Antique items, and more other Shop will gather at the Surf City Market Place and make a Special Day. Swap Meet By the Sea! Special Day.

Advance Entry Registration is needed for Swap Meet Booth.

General admission tickets can be purchased at the entrance on the day of our event.
If you want to register for swap meet or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Event Date: 2021 December 5 (Sunday)
Location: Pacifico Yokohama

The event may be postponed or cancelled due to reasons such as, further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19),other Force Majeure (institutional requests and guidance from the government and facility,and risk of infection spread due to the event), or Organizer’s decision.

YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW, organized by MOONEYES, is the largest indoor custom car and motorcycle show in Japan. It's also one of the most popular events worldwide with visitors from all over the world. The event features guests and builders from all over the world., swap meet and vendor spaces, live bands, custom paint contest, pinstripers and so much more wrapped up in a one-day show.

On December 5th(Sun), 2021, the 30th Anniversary YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2021(HCS) is planned to be held! There is enough time from now. Nothing bad to start early. Let’s get ready to work on it!

The SPOTLIGHT and details will be updated on the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Official Website when it’s decided. We are looking forward to seeing wonderful Show Cars and Bikes on Sunday the 5th of December and see everyone’s smile at the Pacifico Yokohama. Let’s meet at the venue for 2021!!

GO with MQQN!!!

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MOONEYES Official Events are
MOONEYES Street Car National®, Motorcycle Swap Meet,
Held total of 4 times in a year!
Information for the events can be check from each Official Website.

Every odd-numbered month's
first Sunday is Sidewalk Sale!

Outlet items, Special items are set in a Special price
At the Sidewalk Sale in front of MOONEYES Area-1.
Wildman's Pinstripe demo is also carry out.

Event Schedules are here

We also participate to several Events at other region.
Event schedules are daily update.

Recent Articles

Recommend Items

New International Magazine has Completed!!
Full with MQQNEYES World

The special article is featuring the 1969 Camaro that was not much focused on before. And the most must-read article for SUMMER 2021 No. 23 is the Long Interview of MOON OF JAPAN President Shige Suganuma. Last but not least, it comes with MQQNYES Complete catalog which contains, all the items sold at MOONEYES! You can check out standard items and the latest item at that time! Regardless of age and gender, it is the one full of MQQNEYES WORLD, which MOONEYES Fan and MQQNEYES BEGINNER can ENJOY!!

All color of 225 pages
Language: Japanese / English (Bilingual)
[MGCAT21-23] 800yen (+tax)

Buy Now

Heated atmosphere of the event is all covered!
HCS2019 DVD Order it Now!

Hot Scenes of HCS2019 are streaming on MOONEYES Official Youtube Channel as Flashback of the Show with 9 episodes. This is the Complete DVD coverage featuring all 9 episodes of special guest and participant interviews, show guest introductions, depth showcase and impressions from before, during and after. There is also a SPECIAL EPISODE ONLY for this DVD!!

Running Time: 70min.
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles


by Shige Suganuma
MOONEYES EXPRESS that is updated every Saturday
by MOONEYES representative Shige Suganuma.
Shige Suganuma travels all over the world all year round
and MOONEYES EXPRESS will deliver rich topic of his events.

These Blogs are irregularly updated by MOONEYES STAFF.
There are New Item Info, Event Report and many other informations
and photo that can only be seen here.
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Southern California Style offered by
MOONEYES's retail shop
MOONEYES Area-1(Area-1) has opened in Honmoku Yokohama in the year 1991.
As you once step into Area-1, it's Southern California.
Many auto parts, MOONEYES original wear and goods. You will definitely find the thing you want. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. MOONEYES Area-1 is a shop that will support your California Car Life.
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Where Food is Fun
'60s Style Coffee Shop
Large window that is slanting out to the sky, stone wall that is build up outside the cafe and green placed everywhere gives you an image of '60s USA Coffee Shop, that is MOON Cafe. It is only MOON Cafe where you can listen to Hawaiian Music and taste the wonderful Southern Local Foods & Burger. Please try the burger and Hawaiian & Mexican Food we are proud of. MOON Cafe's dessert Mihashi Apple Pie is exquisite.
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MOONEYES Signs & Pinstriping Studio
by WILDMAN Ishii
Not only the familiar demo at the Car Show
but we also offer business trip Paint at MOONEYES Signs & Pinstriping Studio.
From pinstripe on car to sign board for Shop, he will On Trip everywhere in Japan.
Feel free to contact us.

Freehand Brush Work
Pinstripe uses enamel paint and brush. By freehand pattern
and lettering can be painted on automobile, bike, furniture
and other things that paint can go on.
Tools for pinstripe are sold in MOONEYES ONLINE Shop.

For any designs and question on pinstripe Tools,
contact MOONEYES Signs & Pinstriping Studio.
Your question will be answered by Pro Pinstriper Wildman Ishii.

TEL:81(45)623-5999 Fax:81(45)623-9665

Project Car & Motorcycle
You can check out the Car & Motorcycle that is produced by MOONEYES.Car that will produce onward will be added here.
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Event Report & Trip Report
You can see the Event Report and Trip Report by MOONEYES STAFF's experience from oversea trip.
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Check the FOR SALE CAR information!
You can check the MOONEYES selected and imported cars here. Suddenly, you might find the car For Sale so, frequently check this page.
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MOONEYES AUTHORIZED DEALER is in every place in the world.
You can buy MOONEYES items at shop near your house.

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MOONEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe Location

2-10 Honmoku-Miyahara, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan 231-0804

There is free parking so feel free to come with your Car & Motorcycle


TEL 81(45)623-5959
●OPEN 10:00 ~ CLOSE 19:00 (Mon ~ Sun & Public Holiday)
Open all year around


TEL 81(45)623-3960
●OPEN 11:00AM ~ CLOSE 20:30 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)
Last call for order 20:00
●OPEN10:30 ~ CLOSE 20:30 (Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday)
Last call for order 20:00

※If Thursday is a national holiday, we will be working as usual.

Access Info

Catch the latest information of

MOONEYES Mail Magazine (MMM), released on every Saturday 12pm.It will deliver special sale, event, MOONEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe's latest news!Extra news is also released irregularly! Sign up is easy and free! Feel free to sign up.
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Important Agent from USA

Leave it to MOONEYES!
It is an import agent service that MOONEYES will backorder the parts, wear, and other items in USA for you. (Depending on the size and weight, but most of the things arrives by air shipping) Request for estimate is Free! Feel free to contact us.
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Let's liven up the

California Car Life together

A person who has enthusiastic to make MOONEYES bigger together, please contribute to us. Let's liven up Japan's California Car Life together!
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