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MOONEYES Staff Steve’s Thailand Trip Report

MOONEYES Staff Steve's Thailand Trip Report
Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand - February 20 & 21, 2016

Greetings! This is Steve from MOONEYES. MOONEYES Authorized Dealer Fat Boy Design in Thailand invited us to attend the 1st Annual Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show on February 20-21, 2016 (Sat/Sun) in, as you might have guessed, Bangkok, Thailand. The event organizer "Bomb" has been responsible for the Bangkok International Motorshow and had been wanting to create an event for the custom scene in Bangkok. He teamed up with Fat Boy Design among other close friends and together, they organized this event. With timing being perfect, Shige-san and Wildman both were available too so the three of us made the trip. This was going to be so exciting!
Shige-san has already posted several times on Mooneyes Express Blog about it too.
Also be sure to check out Wildman's Blog for his report.

A couple months before the show, the magazine "Garage Life Thailand" released a new issue featuring an awesome article about the history of MOONEYES. We thought this was great and could be used as a way to promote the event as MOONEYES was an invited guest to their show. As it turned out, Bomb's cousin is the publisher of the magazine and that was thier idea too!

bkk2016-001 bkk2016-002
We arrived at Bangkok International Airport in the evening on Friday. Little did we know at the time but it was a three day weekend. However, heavy traffic is very common and we eventually made it to our hotel without any problems. After we checked in, we had dinner and prepared for tomorrow.

bkk2016-003 bkk2016-004 bkk2016-005 bkk2016-006
We were told that most spectators in Thailand don't show up until the evening but we still got to the event before midday. Sure enough, it was a slow start and it gave us time to settle in. Garage Life had a booth and a RWB Porsche on display.

bkk2016-007 bkk2016-008 bkk2016-009
In the late afternoon people began to arrive. Bomb used the Garage Life booth as a photo and interview spot.

The event was held in a large empty factory building. It had one main hall with functioning air conditioning and two other large warehouse rooms that were connected to it. Parking was just outside for a cars and motorcycles. Of course, it would be nice to have everything in one room but in a way, it had great charm. As a first time event, I thought it was perfect. There were many vendors, lots of food and drinks, live music and entertainment, outside and inside stages and of course great cars and bikes to see!

This was a two-day event. I had no idea what to expect as it was my first time in Thailand. I was blown away as everything was more than what I imagined it would be. The following photos are from both days as they were equally fun! I believe the first day saw more spectators but this could have been something to do with the three day weekend. Overall, it was a fantastic event and they are already making plans for next year!

bkk2016-010 bkk2016-011 bkk2016-012 bkk2016-013 bkk2016-014 bkk2016-015
Some of the vendor booths and the crowd starting to build up.

bkk2016-016 bkk2016-017 bkk2016-018 bkk2016-019 bkk2016-020 bkk2016-021 bkk2016-022 bkk2016-023 bkk2016-024 bkk2016-025 bkk2016-026 bkk2016-027
Luckily, the MOONEYES booth was in the air conditioned building as Wildman was busy from the moment after we setup to the time we left at night. Shige-san was busy as well and even did a short interview on stage.

bkk2016-028 bkk2016-029 bkk2016-030 bkk2016-031 bkk2016-032 bkk2016-033 bkk2016-034 bkk2016-035 bkk2016-036 bkk2016-037 bkk2016-038
More vendor booths. The large warehouse rooms were great visually but the temperature was a bit high although nobody seemed to mind at all. Only us "visitors" that were not used to the weather. It was in the mid 30s C (high 80s F) and technically speaking, it was winter season.

bkk2016-039 bkk2016-040 bkk2016-041 bkk2016-042
The MOONEYES booth had tons of items for sale. This was handled by Mooneyes Authorized Dealer Fat Boy Design and staff.
Wildman pinstriped at his own booth and did autographs as well throughout the course of the event.

bkk2016-043 bkk2016-044 bkk2016-045 bkk2016-046 bkk2016-047
Entertainment included a dance squad followed by Wildman's pinstripe demonstration on stage.

bkk2016-048 bkk2016-049 bkk2016-050 bkk2016-051
More vendor shops

bkk2016-052 bkk2016-053 bkk2016-054 bkk2016-055
Outside near the stage featured the food vendors with a great selection of all types local food.

bkk2016-056 bkk2016-057 bkk2016-058
Meanwhile inside at the MOONEYES booth, Wildman and Shige-san were working hard!

bkk2016-059 bkk2016-060
As the day turned to night, the crowd began to grow.

The cars were lined up just outside the building in a large open area used for the event parking. Being outside, I wasn't sure if rain would suddenly pour down so I decided to take some photos right away. Impressive! I wasn't expecting to see this many cars at all. On top of that, the variety from stock to full custom and everything in between was very cool to see. I think it's safe to say most of these cars are driven and enjoyed by their owners! Each one was unique and made it interesting to check out.
bkk2016-061 bkk2016-062 bkk2016-063 bkk2016-064 bkk2016-065 bkk2016-066 bkk2016-067 bkk2016-068 bkk2016-069 bkk2016-070 bkk2016-071 bkk2016-072 bkk2016-073 bkk2016-074 bkk2016-075 bkk2016-076 bkk2016-077 bkk2016-078 bkk2016-079 bkk2016-080 bkk2016-081 bkk2016-082 bkk2016-083 bkk2016-084 bkk2016-085 bkk2016-086 bkk2016-087 bkk2016-088 bkk2016-089 bkk2016-090 bkk2016-091 bkk2016-092 bkk2016-093 bkk2016-094 bkk2016-095 bkk2016-096 bkk2016-097 bkk2016-098 bkk2016-099 bkk2016-100

bkk2016-101 bkk2016-102 bkk2016-103 bkk2016-107 bkk2016-108
After taking photos of the cars I headed back inside. I figured I would continue by taking pictures of the bikes. By then, it was late afternoon. I noticed more and more people. The limited parking was full before sundown and we heard that people were parked several blocks away. I decided to take photos of the bikes the next day.

bkk2016-109 bkk2016-110 bkk2016-111 bkk2016-112
In the morning the next day, it was raining. As we made our way to the event location, it cleared up!

Coming to Thailand, I wasn't sure what to expect and the bikes were another great surprise. So many different styles and all types of bikes, makes and models. Very cool to see the variety here from vintage classics, modern and old choppers, bobbers, long fork choppers to Japanese bikes, European street machines and classics and so much more!
bkk2016-104 bkk2016-105 bkk2016-106 bkk2016-113 bkk2016-114 bkk2016-115 bkk2016-116 bkk2016-117 bkk2016-118 bkk2016-119 bkk2016-120 bkk2016-121 bkk2016-122 bkk2016-123 bkk2016-124 bkk2016-125 bkk2016-126 bkk2016-127 bkk2016-128 bkk2016-129 bkk2016-130 bkk2016-131 bkk2016-132 bkk2016-133 bkk2016-134 bkk2016-135 bkk2016-136 bkk2016-137 bkk2016-138 bkk2016-139 bkk2016-140 bkk2016-141 bkk2016-142 bkk2016-143 bkk2016-144 bkk2016-145 bkk2016-146 bkk2016-147 bkk2016-148 bkk2016-149 bkk2016-150 bkk2016-151 bkk2016-152 bkk2016-153 bkk2016-154 bkk2016-155 bkk2016-156 bkk2016-157 bkk2016-158 bkk2016-159 bkk2016-160 bkk2016-161 bkk2016-162 bkk2016-163 bkk2016-164 bkk2016-165 bkk2016-166 bkk2016-167 bkk2016-168 bkk2016-169 bkk2016-170 bkk2016-171 bkk2016-172 bkk2016-173 bkk2016-174 bkk2016-175 bkk2016-176 bkk2016-177 bkk2016-178 bkk2016-179 bkk2016-180 bkk2016-181 bkk2016-182 bkk2016-183 bkk2016-184 bkk2016-185 bkk2016-186 bkk2016-187 bkk2016-188 bkk2016-189 bkk2016-190 bkk2016-191 bkk2016-192 bkk2016-193 bkk2016-194 bkk2016-195 bkk2016-196 bkk2016-197 bkk2016-198 bkk2016-199 bkk2016-211 bkk2016-201 bkk2016-209 bkk2016-202 bkk2016-208 bkk2016-203 bkk2016-207 bkk2016-204 bkk2016-205 bkk2016-206 bkk2016-212 bkk2016-213 bkk2016-214 bkk2016-215 bkk2016-216 bkk2016-217 bkk2016-218

bkk2016-220 bkk2016-219 bkk2016-221 bkk2016-222 bkk2016-223 bkk2016-224 bkk2016-225 bkk2016-226 bkk2016-227 bkk2016-228 bkk2016-229
The Mooneyes Pick Award went to Thor Chops & Kustoms. A local shop right here in Bangkok, Thailand. He's been building cars and bikes for a very long time. His personal project, this '51 Mercury Kustom took a total of 8 years to complete. All the modifications and custom work was done in house including the chop and down to the small details such as the chrome window frames. The blown engine sounded superb and the full leather interior was amazing too!

bkk2016-230 bkk2016-231 bkk2016-232 bkk2016-233
The Best in Show Bike Award was done by judging/points. The final point score was added up and this fully CNC aluminum chopper built by Fat Boy Design took the trophy. The wheels, front fork, seat, tail, fuel tank, and more were all fabricated from billet aluminum at Fat Boy Design's factory. Even parts of the frame were made from aluminum. A true show bike and well deserved win!

bkk2016-234 bkk2016-235 bkk2016-236 bkk2016-237 bkk2016-238
bkk2016-239 bkk2016-240 bkk2016-242
Wildman did three jobs when we first arrived Saturday. These were auctioned off on Sunday night at the outside stage. The last piece was this gas tank and it was a battle between two men! The MC even bought a round of beers as it was quite exhausting for them! In the end, the winner was all smiles and Wildman even give the piece his official autograph to seal the deal.

Day Trip: Garage & Shop Visit
bkk2016-243 bkk2016-244 bkk2016-245 bkk2016-246 bkk2016-247
The 2-day event was awesome and we are all looking forward to next year. If you have a chance, put this on your to-do list for sure. The next day, we headed out to visit some shops in the area.

Custom Shop: 13 Custom
Our first stop was 13 Custom. They have been building custom cars for a while but only recently started as a full time business. They decided to opened up shop at a location known as Bangkok Train Night Market (more on that below). They have a number of ongoing projects and several custom cars that are getting work done too. They are extremely busy and many are repeat customers. Tucked in one of their buildings was a clean Lincoln Zephyr waiting to be customized.
bkk2016-249 bkk2016-250 bkk2016-251 bkk2016-252 bkk2016-253 bkk2016-254 bkk2016-255 bkk2016-256 bkk2016-258 bkk2016-259 bkk2016-260 bkk2016-261

Crazy Collector: Rod's Antique
We arrived here too early. The shops don't open until late afternoon so we decided to visit 13 Custom first as they are located on the same lot. The owner of the area is Rod. He has been collecting vintage "everything" forever and it shows by the number of buildings stuffed with just about anything from small objects to rare classic cars. He created Bangkok Train Night Market which is a vintage-focused dream. There are a ton of shops that are similar too but we were their too early. Rod opened up his doors to show us his collection and it was mind blowing! If you are in the Bangkok area, this is one place you will have to visit. Find out when they host their vintage swap meet events too. Worth the visit and bring a camera!
bkk2016-262 bkk2016-263 bkk2016-264 bkk2016-265 bkk2016-266 bkk2016-267 bkk2016-268 bkk2016-269 bkk2016-270 bkk2016-271 bkk2016-272 bkk2016-273 bkk2016-275 bkk2016-276 bkk2016-277 bkk2016-278 bkk2016-279 bkk2016-280

Mooneyes Authorized Dealer: Fat Boy Design
Next, we headed to Fat Boy Design's shop. The owner and main builder of custom bikes here is Mark. The shop is a full featured shop that builds and repair motorcycles and has a full lineup of MOONEYES goods. Mark built the show bike that won the Best in Show award over the weekend. It was already proudly on display in the shop. After we left the shop, we stopped by Mark's house as well. Be sure to check Wildman's blog for the highlight of that visit.
bkk2016-281 bkk2016-282 bkk2016-283 bkk2016-284 bkk2016-285 bkk2016-286 bkk2016-288 bkk2016-289 bkk2016-290 bkk2016-291 bkk2016-292 bkk2016-293

Mooneyes Pick Builder: Thor Chops & Kustom
Our last stop was Thor Chops & Kustoms. They built the Mercury that won the MOONEYES Pick award. Thor's shop from the outside looked like a standard apartment building... because it is. If it wasn't for the Mercury-shaped car under the cover outside, we might have easily passed by without any notice. Once you step inside though, it's a fully operation shop and garage with rooms for the office, fabrication, maintenance and more. The Ford Flathead shown below is going into the Merc under the cover outside. Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of Thor Chops & Kustom!
bkk2016-295 bkk2016-297 bkk2016-296 bkk2016-298 bkk2016-299 bkk2016-300 bkk2016-302 bkk2016-303 bkk2016-304 bkk2016-305 bkk2016-306 bkk2016-307

There was so much to see and do in Thailand we can't wait to go back.
Thank you for reading my Thailand Trip Report! Hope you enjoyed the photos.
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