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CustomWar 2016 - Denpasar, Bali (English Edition)


MOONEYES Staff Steve's Bali Trip Report
CustomWar 2016 in Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia - January 29 & 30, 2016

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Greetings! This is Steve from MOONEYES. Mooneyes was invited to attend CustomWar 2016 held in Denpasar, Bali on (Fri-Sat) January 29 and 30, 2016. As the event was held on the same weekend as another event, I was sent alone but met up with Mooneyes Dealer Art of Speed from Malaysia as they were going as well. I soon found out that there were other Mooneyes Dealers going too so it would be a great time to meet up again. In fact, many people that attend KustomFest in Jogja and Art of Speed in Malaysia also came to this event. It was awesome to meet new people and see old friends as well.

CustomWar 2016 was an amazing event. I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time to Bali. The two-day event was from 10am-10pm and the majority of spectators came in the afternoon to avoid heat stroke I guess (which makes sense). January is considered part of the "wet season" or "off season" in Bali and as the season suggests, it was overcast - but didn't rain during the event. I was blown away by the cars and bikes on display. I didn't expect to see that many big-bikes and especially classics too.

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We were picked up from the airport without any delay. We headed straight to the hotel to drop off our baggage. The roads in Bali were much wider and more modern than I had expected.

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We arrived at our hotel, which was off the main street and down a private road where we were met by security. The hotel was amazing. If you ever stay in Denpasar, Bali look up Puri Santrian. After dropping off our stuff we had lunch near the beach and even drank coconut water straight from the coconut.

bali2016-015 bali2016-016 bali2016-017 bali2016-018 bali2016-019
After we ate, we headed for the event location before it got dark. The event was held at Kertalangu Cultural Village (Desa Budaya). In the parking lot was a huge statue of a young Ganesha. As you headed towards the main entrance there were two huge schedules and a floor plan of the event. Most people didn't show up for setup until after it was dark. We decided we would come back in the morning when the event started.

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Friday morning, the artists were making progress on their murals.

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Most of the morning was very quiet. The bands kept to their schedule and played regardless. A stroll through the vendor area during the day was relatively quiet as well. This makes sense because it's an outdoor event. Most people will wait until the afternoon or evening before heading outside, especially if the event is open until 10pm. Sure enough, in the late afternoon, more people began to show up and even gather to watch the bands play.

bali2016-040 bali2016-041
There was an artist area featuring pinstriping and more.

The bicycles on display were like an art exhibit. Each bicycle was suspended by wires in a metal frame.
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As the sun began to set, more people began to show up, especially for the bands. There were actually three stages and they used two as the primary stages for live bands so there was continuous music all day and night. At the end of the day, we had dinner before returning to the hotel. Scott Jones (Noise Cycles) was a guest of the show as well.

bali2016-066 bali2016-067 bali2016-068 bali2016-069 bali2016-071
The second day we headed to the event as we did previously. It seemed that Friday, most people worked all day but Saturday would have more people. Although it was not crowded in the morning the parking lot was more crowded than the day before. It was an overcast day so at leas the sun wasn't beaming down. It was still very hot.

bali2016-072 bali2016-073
The famous Peace Gong at Kertalangu Cultural Village (Desa Budaya).
(photo right) Mooneyes Dealers: KustomFest/Shifter, Art of Speed and Gearhead Monkey Garage.

bali2016-074 bali2016-075 bali2016-076 bali2016-077
Unique fact: This event has a first aid station. Maybe for people that overheat or exhaustion. The artist murals were mostly compete. Most of the art was done with roller brushes.

There were 16 cars total on display under three canopies. Very nicely done. I didn't expect to see this many.
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bali2016-090 bali2016-091 bali2016-092 bali2016-093 bali2016-094 bali2016-095

There were four elevated and covered stages showcasing the motorcycles. The motorcycles ranged from classics to modern, stock to full custom.
bali2016-096 bali2016-097 bali2016-098
The elevated and covered stages.

bali2016-099 bali2016-100
This was the raffle "give-away" bike. Yamaha based chopper built by Kedux Garage/NK13

bali2016-101 bali2016-102 bali2016-103 bali2016-104
bali2016-105 bali2016-106 bali2016-107 bali2016-108 bali2016-109 bali2016-110 bali2016-111 bali2016-112 bali2016-113 bali2016-114 bali2016-115
bali2016-116 bali2016-117 bali2016-118
Full custom Triumph chopper in pink. Nicely done.

bali2016-119 bali2016-120 bali2016-121 bali2016-123 bali2016-124 bali2016-125 bali2016-126 bali2016-127 bali2016-128 bali2016-129 bali2016-130 bali2016-131 bali2016-132 bali2016-133 bali2016-134 bali2016-135 bali2016-136 bali2016-137

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bali2016-167 bali2016-168 bali2016-169 bali2016-170
This Panhead was the MOONEYES Pick. It features cool hot rod parts like the Radir Wheels and beehive oil filter.

bali2016-171 bali2016-172 bali2016-173 bali2016-174 bali2016-175 bali2016-176 bali2016-177 bali2016-178 bali2016-179 bali2016-180 bali2016-181

bali2016-182 bali2016-183 bali2016-184 bali2016-185 bali2016-186

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There was a separate area featuring vintage and no-so vintage MX and enduro bikes.

bali2016-220 bali2016-221 bali2016-222 bali2016-229 bali2016-223
As the sun peaked at high noon, it seemed that most spectators went for cover. However the bands played on and there were a few brave viewers willing to challenge the sun. The two MCs did all the talking for both days.

bali2016-224 bali2016-225 bali2016-226
Another look before the crowds. As you entered the event, NK13 had a booth on the left and Hurley had a booth on the right.

bali2016-227 bali2016-228 bali2016-230 bali2016-231 bali2016-232 bali2016-234
Just beyond the entrance and two booth were the vendor booths, stages, catering and more.

bali2016-235 bali2016-236 bali2016-237
Just before the crowds.

bali2016-238 bali2016-239 bali2016-240
As the sun began to fade, the crowd came.

bali2016-241 bali2016-242 bali2016-243 bali2016-244 bali2016-245
By sundown, there were barely any open spaces. At around 8PM, we had the awards presentation.
All the awards presenters gathered at the center for a group photo before we set out to place our awards. As mentioned, the MOONEYES Pick went to this cool looking Panhead shown above.

bali2016-246 bali2016-247 bali2016-248 bali2016-249 bali2016-250 bali2016-251 bali2016-252 bali2016-253 bali2016-254 bali2016-255 bali2016-256 bali2016-257
As night settled, the event area was packed with people. After the awards, the MOONEYES Booth was also packed. A traditional shadow puppet show was taking place on the main center stage. It was over an hour long telling a classic story and a lot of humor as the crowd would burst out in laughter. The puppet show was in traditional Balinese language.

bali2016-259 bali2016-260 bali2016-261 bali2016-262 bali2016-264 bali2016-265
After the puppet show, was the grand finale, the raffle "GIVE-AWAY". People gathered in front of the stage. The first number was called but no one claimed it. They waited 60 seconds before moving on. The second number was called and instantly a young member of the audience made his way to the stage. After confirming his number, they all cheered and took a group photo.

bali2016-266 bali2016-267 bali2016-268 bali2016-269
Once the bike was given the show was over. It seemed time flies when you're having fun and the two day show went by very fast.

bali2016-270 bali2016-272 bali2016-274 bali2016-275 bali2016-276
Some of the Bali art and statues.

In the morning, we visited Kedux Garage. Kedux has been building motorcycles full time since 2008. Before that, it was a hobby but now he finishes one bike and moves directly to a new customer project. His shop features everything from fabrication and maintenance to paint and a retail shop. He also does artwork and sign painting with pinstriping and graphics as well. All the bikes at his shop, in various stages of work, are customer owned bikes. He's a huge fan of MOONEYES and has been coming to HCS for a number of years. Naskleeng 13 was a group of guys that love motorcycles and custom culture, Kedux included, that began CustomWar and are the reason MOONEYES was able to go this year.
bali2016-277 bali2016-278 bali2016-279 bali2016-280 bali2016-281 bali2016-282
bali2016-283 bali2016-284 bali2016-285 bali2016-286 bali2016-287 bali2016-288
bali2016-289 bali2016-290 bali2016-296 bali2016-297 bali2016-298
Thank you to Kedux Garage and Naskleeng 13. We appreciate your support.

bali2016-291 bali2016-292 bali2016-293 bali2016-294 bali2016-295
TR owns this Honda Cab "Lil' Lee" and it features some cool MOON touches.

BONUS Driving Photos of Bali
bali2016-299 bali2016-300 bali2016-301 bali2016-302 bali2016-303 bali2016-307 bali2016-308 bali2016-309 bali2016-310 bali2016-311 bali2016-312 bali2016-313

Thank you for reading my CustomWar 2016 report! Hope you enjoyed the photos.
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