November 1, 2009 (Sunday) was the 20th Annual Crown Picnic held at MOONEYES Area-1 Fairgrounds. It was the 20th meeting!! Just as a MOONEYES National Event such as Street Car Nationals, this event has history.
The day had some strong winds but the weather was perfect and made for an excellent event. "Crown Picnic is now an adult!" was the comment of the day, as close to 90 Toyota Crowns, from Kannons, 40-50 series and Kujiras, came one after another from the early morning.

All entrants received a Crown Classics commemoration event sticker and a surprise Crown Picnic poster with photos dating back to the 1st Crown Picnic 20 years ago. Everyone was pleased with the bonus present.
MOONEYES - CROWN Classics was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Sato made a 20th Anniversary Crown Picnic Cake! Thank you!

On this Crown Sunday, just one day out of the year, from beginning to end is all Crown. Parts searching in the Crown-only swap meet, taking pictures of all the cars and of course, talking about Crowns, it was an exciting day!!
Crown Masterline Pickup owner Mr. Fujii drove all the way from Ishikawa City which is 553km, thus receiving the Long Distance Award this year.

It seemed almost too fast for the day to end as Old Crown enthusiasts talked and enjoyed each others company but slowly here and there, the Crown owners began to depart... Without incident, the whole day was exciting and enjoyed by all!

See you again next year!!

"KANNON" (Double-Doors) *Kannon-Biraki means double-door opening, aka suicide doors
1955-1962 RS3, 1st Gen Toyopet Crown

"MARU-Tail" (Round-Tail), "NAMIDA-Tail" (Tear-Tail)
1962-1967 RS4/MS4, 2nd Gen Crown - Wagons

1962-1967 RS4/MS4, 2nd Gen Crown - Sedans

1962-1967 RS4/MS4, 2rd Gen Crown - Masterline Pickups

1967-1971 RS5/MS5, 3rd Gen Crown - Wagons

1967-1971 RS5/MS5, 3rd Gen Crown - Pickups

1967-1971 RS5/MS5, 3rd Gen Crowns

"KUJIRA" (Whale) Crown
1971-1974 MS6, 4rd Gen Crowns

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