Rose Hill

Rose Hillに眠るDean MOONのお墓参りに行って来ました。
Shopから数分の所にあるRose Hillは大きな墓地ですが、太陽を燦々と浴びるCalifornia、日本の様な湿っぽさがなくていいです。 ここRose HillにDeanとWifeのShirelyは眠っています。


"Rose Hill"
I went, to Rose Hill visit to Dean MOON's grave.
Rose Hill is big grave yard, only few minutes from shop and its better than humid grave yard in Japan with California's sunshine. In here at Rose Hill, Dean and his wife Shirely is resting.

I met Dean in 1983 before I opened MOONEYES. I started MOONEYES because of him. I never wanted to do car business before.

Here is story with Dean. One night I stayed at Dean's house. Some noise came from outside, Dean asked me to look outside. I went out and looked around doors but nothing there. I opened the door to go inside the house. And Dean MOON was pointing the gun at me. I was so surprised. Then Dean told "Shige, knock before you come in".

Very Japanese way of thinking by myself and very American way of action by Dean. I almost got shot.