第15回 ストリート カー ナショナルズ 札幌

15回目のストリート カー ナショナルズ 札幌へ行ってきました。
ストリート カー ナショナルズ 札幌も今年で15回目、関東と同じく数年ごとに開催場所を移動し、昨年から会場は千歳空港の近くになりました。会場は針葉樹で囲まれ大きな空と、澄んだ空気、強烈な紫外線、クルマが一番綺麗に見える環境が羨ましい限りです。

150台近いエントリーの中からMOONEYES Awardに選ばれたのは、小池君の1931 Ford モデルA。写真は朝会場へ向かう際の写真ですが朝陽が眩しいくらい光ってます。厳寒の北海道では勿論冬は乗りませんよね!?



“The 15th Street Car nationals in Sapporo Japan”
I went 15th Street Car Nationals in Sapporo, far North in Japan.
Sapporo was still hot but with less humidity it was far more comfortable than central part in Yokohama Japan.
With strong Sun Shine and less humid air, it was like being in California in some part of Sapporo and some other places were like being in Hawaii or some where in Scandinavia. Sapporo is so continental and cool with grandeur and open sky.
It was 15th year for Street Car Nationals in Sapporo, like in Kanto, place of event has been changed in every couple years and from last year event was held near by Chitose Air port.
Event place was surrounded by conifer huge sky clean air and strong sunshine. It was best condition for best cars appearance which I envy.
Out from 150 entry 1931 Model A owned by Mr.Koike was chosen for MOONEYES award. This picture was taken on the way to the show, see that sun was shining so blightly.
Guess they don’t drive in ice cold Hokkaido (Northern continent of Japan) Winter. Like in Scandinavia, guess in Hokkaido people drive their car in summer and build them in garage during Cold Winter. Winter is time for making cars for car guy there and they spend most time inside garage in Scandinavia. Nice Custom car should be released from Hokkaido in near future.
But it was disappointing that I didn’t get to see lot of Japanese Old Domestic Cars in Hokkaido where it is said lots of them are still left in there.

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