Speed Master Wheel 発売開始!

遂にSpeed Master ホイルが入荷しました。
早速、2006 New BeetleとMiniに履いてみました。いかがですか?カッコイイでしょ!これからSpeed Master Wheelの装着例はどんどんMOONTERNETにアップして行きます。また、12月4日(日)のホット ロッド・カスタム ショーでも多くのクルマに履いて展示予定です。イメージを掴んで下さい。
“Speed Master Wheel, Sales Start! “
Finally Speed Master Wheel has arrived.
Tried on 2006 New Beetle and New Mini. How is it? Isn’t that cool!
We will update cars with Speed Master Wheel on Moonternet. Please also checkout YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show held on Sunday December 4th where many cars and trucks with Speed Master Wheel on.
Hope you get your image.
It’s excellent wheel for USA Style enthusiast.

日本車 in Taiwan

NISSAN サニーバンだと思いますが後ドアのドアノブを埋めると2ドアワゴンのように見えますね。サンバイザー、ホワイトリボンにメッキスペーサーホイルキャップ、それにレイクパイプ、屋根にはVW用と思われるルーフラックが装着され、テールゲートガラスにも付いています。リアバンパーはメッキに変更され、極めつけは追加されたテールフィン。なかなかこのテールフィン、まとまったスタイルになっています。ただテールライトはどこにあるのでしょう?


カスタムはImage is everythingです。台湾でこの様なクルマを作るのはきっと大変な事だと思います。南国台湾、海が綺麗ですね。

“Japanese Cars in Taiwan”
There are many Japanese cars in Taiwan and this issue will show some pictures from my friend in Taiwan.

Probably Nissan Sunny Van is the base and it looks like 2 door wagon with rear door knob filled. It has sun visor, White Ribbon with chrome spacer cap, Lake Pipes and VW roof rack on the roof and on the tailgate glass. Rear bumper changed to chrome and most obvious change is the added Tailfin which happens to be in pretty good style but where is the tail light?

“Dress up” is dressing up a car with the parts that made to go on without problem (May I call) and “Custom” is using the parts that one wants to use and make it fit to a car weather it was provided to fit or not. This is the basic of “Custom” and some times we forget this basic feeling.

This car reminds me of those forgotten feelings. “Image is the Every thing” for Custom. It must be very difficult to make cars like this in Taiwan. Nice ocean view, realize Taiwan is a southern country.


California、PomonaにあるNHRAミュージアム。歴代のDrag Race Carsは勿論、古い写真やレースの関係する物が展示されています。
Dry Lake, Bonneville and Drag Raceの歴史を一日ゆっくりと堪能できる場所は、ここNHRAミュージアム、LAにあるPetersenミュージアム、そしてフロリダのDan Garlitsミュージアムです。今回はNHRAミュージアムに展示されているMOONを紹介します。
Dry Lake & BonnevilleのセクションにはFred Larsenの使用したBonneville用ストリームライナーが2台、ショーケースにはMOON Fuel Tank、MOON Disc and 他多くのPartsが展示されています。
PomonaではPomona Swap Meetが有名ですが、それ以外にも色々なイベントが開催されているのでPomonaに行った際は是非立ち寄ってみて下さい。
“MOON inside NHRA Museum”
NHRA Museum in Pomona, California has historical Drag Race Cars, Pictures and Goods related to all races exhibited. Place to take look through the history of Dry Lake, Bonneville and Drag Races are this NHRA Museum, Petersen Museum in L.A. and Dan Garlits Museum in Florida.
This issue, like to introduce MOON Exhibited at NHRA Museum.

Dry Lake & Bonneville section has 2 Streamliner for Bonneville used by Fred Larsen. In show case MOON Fuel Tank, MOON Disc and other various parts were exhibited.
Pomona is famous for Pomona Swap Meet but there are many other event held near by so when you visit Pomona please drop by.

オールド日本車 in OZ


ではまずGold Coast、Surfer’s ParadiseのあるBrisbane近郊でSnapした2台、カローラセリカです。


セリカが履いているのはDragwayというMade in Australiaのホイルです。このタイプのホイルとセリカは本当にGoodコンビネーションですね。他社から流用のサイドミラーもなかなかです。セリカはかっこいいですね。


最後はMelbourne(メルボルン)市内のクルーズで見かけたマツダ RX-4(日本名:ルーチェ)、ボンネット(OZはこう呼びます)にスクープが付きあやしい感じ、やはりDragway製ホイルを履き、ややロワード気味でやけにスタイルの良いRX-4です。これも日本では見られなくなったクルマですね。
もう一台は極上コンディションの日産 セドリック ステーションワゴン、これは本当にオリジナルで程度が良かったのを覚えています。
MelbourneはHot Rod Shopが沢山あるのでも有名です。もしそのタイプのクルマを見るならMelbourneが良いと思います。

Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne、何処に行きますか?

“Old Japanese Car in OZ”
This issue is about JAPANESE CAR in Australia again. It must be getting warm in Australia as spring in southern hemisphere.

First snap is Toyota Corolla and Toyota Celica, taken in Gold Coast, at the suburb of Brisbane where Surfer’s Paradise is. It’s like in California with palm tree and blue sky except the license plate and right handle. The Sun visor is must item in strong sunshine.
Wheels on Celica is called “Dragway” which is made in Australia. This type of wheels go on very well with Celica. They are really good combination. Side mirrors are from other non factory and really looks good too. Celica is a really cool car.

Next Snap is from Sydney down from Brisbane. This Toyota Corona is such a rare car with very good balance. Its hard to explain. The height, size of tires, interior and paint all is excellent. The Japanese Domestic classics built to this level and style has decreased in Japan. Its getting strange though it can be very exotic cars when finished in beautiful condition. Toyota Corona can be Cool too, they used to be more cars like these in Japan long time ago.

Last snap is taken at cruise in Melbourne city, a very nice style Mazda RX-4 with Scoop on Hood(its called bonnet in OZ) again Dragways wheel, slightly lowered height. This too is rare to see in Japan now days.

Another car is excellent condition Nissan Cedric Station Wagon which I remember was original car in superb condition. Melbourne is famous with many Hot Rod Shops in area. If you want to see those types of cars Melbourne is recommended.
Out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne where would you like to go?

今回はNew ホイルのお知らせです

Speed Master Wheel

ハイクォリテイーのMade in Japan、サイズはFWD用15×6と17×7があります。
カラーはマグネシュームホイルの様なMag Gray(マググレー 15インチ / 17インチ)とアルミの独特な光沢が売りのポリッシュ(15インチ / 17インチ)、日本製ホイルなのにどちらもUSAの香りがプンプンです。

15″も17″共に ProboxやNew Mini、カローラ等に合う4H100、Honda車や国産旧車にベストの4H114.3、PT Cruiser、New Beetle、レガシィ等用 5H100、ステップワゴン、アコード等のHonda車からトヨタ、日産車に対応の5H114.3、そしてビュイック リーガル セダン&ワゴンに装着可能な5H115もあります。
今までFWD用 USA的ホイルは少なかったですが、Speed Master Wheel 15インチ ホイルの登場により、Cooper Cobra ホワイトレター タイヤとの組み合わせでよりUSAテイストのFinishが可能になりました。
FWD車でUSA的15″ホワイトレタータイヤを履きたい!リーガルに乗っているけど合うホイルが無い!Speed Master Wheelが全て解決します。
今までのマーケットには出ていないまったく新しいSpeed Master Wheelです。12月4日(日)パシフィコ横浜で開催されるHot Rod・Custom Showで発表されますので是非その質の良さとカッコ良さを確認してください。
特にMag Grayは最高の仕上がり、大人のホイルです。
次はENKEIとのコラボレーション、5Spoke ホイルに続き、Enkei Baja(バハ)Wheel
14×6 5H114.3 +10の発売開始です。オフセットは5Spokeと同じ +10ですから古い国産車から最近のモデル迄幅広く対応できます。クォリテイーは 5Spokeで既に証明済み、Enkeiの厳しい品質管理をパスしたホイルですから安心の1本です。



バハはスポークの間を塗装したりしてアクセントを付けられるので幅広くカスタムに使えます。今は5H114.3のみのラインナップだけですが、6Hも検討中です。さらに16×7 6H 200系ハイエース用バハも来年早々発売開始となります。Enkei Bajaホイルも12月4日(日)、Hot Rod・Custom Showで発表予定です。

MOONEYESから続々とUSAテイストのホイルが新たにラインナップ、そろそろデザイン・雰囲気を優先し値段は二の次にしましょう。2006年は Speed Master WheelEnkei Baja です。

“This issue is about New Wheel Release”
First, Speed Master Wheel.
It’s High Quality Made in Japan wheel, size in 15X6 for FWD and 17X7 for FWD. Color in Mag Gray like Magnesium Wheel and Full Polish are. They are made in Japan but looks like made in USA. 15″ and 17″ comes in PCD to 4H100 fit on TOYOTA Probox, New MINI, TOYOTA Corolla, 4H114.3 for HONDAs, Old Japanese Cars, 5H100 for PT Cruiser, New Beetle, SUBARU Legacy, 5H114.3 for HONDAs like Step Wagon, Accord, TOYOTAs, and NISSAN, 5H115 for BUICK Regal Wagon & Sedan.
This Speed Master Wheel is first of USA Style Wheel for FWD Cars, now you can make 15″ Speed Master Wheel with Cooper Cobra White Letter to make USA taste finish to your car. For needs like FWD 15″ with USA style and to put on BUICK Regals, Speed Master Wheel will solve your problem.

For more update USA Style, 17″ Wheel fits great brand new wheel for market. Please check out in real sight on display at 14th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show in Minato-Mirai on Sunday December 4th. Especially Mag Gray has great finish and definitely for adult.

Next is collaboration with ENKEI/MOONEYES 5Spoke Wheel has been released out and next new release is ENKEI Baja Wheel 14X6 5H114.3 +10. Offset is +10 same as 5Spoke, so all oldies to brand new cars can be used. High Quality is already proven by 5Spoke, strict quality inspection has been made by ENKEI. Doesn’t “Baja” reminds you of old memories? Baja can be easily used for custom as space between the wheel can be painted to make an accent. Comes in 5H114.3 size only. 16X7 6H for 200 Hiace by TOYOTA, will be released on after new year. ENKEI Baja will be displayed at YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show.

From MOONEYES new USA Taste Wheels are added to line up. It’s about time to have priority on design and style, leave the price on the side. 2006 is Speed Master Wheels and ENKEI Baja.

空気が軽いジャンクヤード Part 2

VW Type II と Type I、その他の車も見ることができます。引き続きお楽しみ下さい。⇒Part1
“Light Air Junk Yard Part2” >> Part1
This Issue is 2nd part of Junk Yard with Type II. There are so many Type II and Type I and others. Please enjoy the pictures.

2005 SEMA Show


勿論、「現在のマーケットがどうなってるのかな」とか「今後どうなっちゃうのかな」とか気になる人が全世界から集まってくるのですが、今回の一番の目的はSEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance(HRIA)からMOONEYES USA 社長のChicoが”Hall Of Fame(功労者)”に選ばれたのでその受賞Partyに出席する為でした。これは「Hot Rodマーケットの為に良くやってるよ」って言う賞です。素晴らしいではありませんか。

そのついでに2005 SEMAはどんな感じかなって久しぶりに会場をブラブラしたのですが、USAの自動車アフターマーケットは活気がありますね。


Mustangも多かったですが 大変気になったのは70年代前後のCuda、Challenger、Camaro、Mustang等のマッスルカーをベースにしたNew Generation Hot Rods, フロントに18″or 20″、リアには20″or 22″のホイルを履き、4輪Discsは勿論、Lowered、足回りまったく別物、市販されている最強クレートモーターを装着。特にMOPAR系はHemi Motorが市販されているのでHemiを積んだのが圧倒的に多かったです。
“2005 SEMA Show”
Last week went to the SEMA Show. SEMA Show is the biggest world wide After Market Automobile Industries Exhibition Show in Las Vegas, USA.
My reason to visit was to see what is happening in market and what will happen from now, but my major reason for this trip was to attend Award reception of MOONEYES USA President “Chico”, as he was chosen for “Hall of Fame” by SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance(HRIA). This award is for he has done good for Hot Rod Industry. Isn’t that great?

So while I was at there, I went around SEMA to see what 2005 SEMA was like and felt that USA Automobile After Market is really active and happening.
The parts that I see most was Chrome Big Wheels, 20inch is not unique anymore, right? The cars like Chrysler C300, Dodge Magnum, Charger, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce and Japanese Cars with those Big Chrome Wheels were getting attention and especially MOPAR(Chryslers) TOP 3 cars were displayed at many various booth and was easy to tell that people loved those cars. Personally I can only see them looking like VIP cars style in Japan, but that is the style that has most attention in USA Car Culture.

There were many Mustangs but what caught my attention was the New Generation Hot Rods, based on Muscle Cars, with front 18″ or 20″, rear 20″ or 22″ wheels on, 4 discs, lowered and suspensions are totally changed and most powerful Crate Motor available market was loaded. MOPARs with Hemi Motor were seen a lot as they were sold in market. Many New Muscle Cars had totally different intention that left no image of original.

There were many MOPAR Muscle displayed as good motor supply. My impression of this years SEMA Show are MOPAR was happening with C300, Magnum, Charger for new cars and ‘Cuda, Challenger for old cars, felt USA Car Scene is getting into like “VIP STYLE” in Japan and companion girls are getting into “Auto Salon Style” in Japan. Show was packed with buyers from all over the world.

空気が軽いジャンクヤード Part1

“Light Air Junk Yard”
Take a look at these TOYOTA CROWN, STAUT, MARK II and Others.
This issue is focused on TOYOTAs. It’s amazing. Can’t believe there is place like this on Earth. They are already paid their dues but shill “Can’t believe they throw them away”.
Please take a good look at these pictures, this time.

日本車 Drag Race Car in オーストラリア


やはりWillowbank Racewayでカローラ2台です。(1&2)は最近の仕様でしょうか車高がかなり低いです。それでもナロードし、デフに太いスリックを履いてます。フロントがスチールホイルがおしい!レースカーはピカピカのアルミホイルを履いてほしいです。

もう1台(3&4)は時代が少し古い感じのHip Upスタイルです。リアタイヤもボデイーからはみ出ているようですが、これはこれで雰囲気ありますね。(3)の写真はスタートの時ですが、シルバーのカローラの方がリアにトラクションが掛かっている感じがします。やはり車高の関係かもしれませんね。
次はメルボルン郊外のHeathcote Park Racewayです。メルボルンはHot Rod Cityと呼べるくらいHot Rod Builderが沢山いるOld Cityです。

なんとマツダファミリアのレースカー、それもTOKYO Taxiです(5&6)。ファミリアでいいのですよね?プレストですか?こんなマツダならいいですね、その昔日本では暴走兄さん達が沢山乗っていたのであまり良いイメージがなかったのですがこのクルマは別格です。綺麗なペイントでオーナーの気持ちが伝わってきます。

どうですか旧車、日本車でDrag Raceやりたくなったでしょう。やりましょう!
“Japanese Cars, Drag Race Cars in Australia”
Continuing from last issue, it’s Japanese Race Cars in Australia.
2 TOYOTA CAROLLAS at Willowbank Raceway. Picture 1 & 2 must be recent style car is set at low profile. But still narrowed def and fat slicks are on. Front steel wheel is a pity. Wish Race Cars have shinny aluminum wheels.

Another one (3 & 4) is little older style with Hip Up. Rear tire is exceeding body but this has a style. (3) is picture on start, silver CAROLLA has more traction at rear, seem that height relates to it.

Next is from suburb of Melbourne, Heathcote Park Raceway. Melbourne “Hot Rod City” as with many Hot Rod Builders in old city.

It’s MAZDA FAMILIA Race Car(5 & 6), and its made out of Taxi in TOKYO. FAMILIA is name used in Japan. So may be “PREST” in Australia. This MAZDA looks good, It used to be a popular car for wild speed guys in Japan back than so not really good image is left for the car but this car is nice. Good clean paint and can tell what owner has into this car.

Last is burn out by CORONA 4door(7). He is serious.

How was it? Doesn’t it make you want to Drag Race in classic Japanese Cars? Let’s try it.