20060429-001 Salt Lake Int'l Airport から約1時間、Utah 州 Springville にある、ブロンズでアートを作る芸術家であり、 Harley-Davidson 社公認の彫刻家でもあり、 2005年のHCS に来日した Sinners のメンバーでもある、Jeff Decker氏の Shop、 Hippodrome Studio を訪ねて来ました。 Shop 内は彼のコレクションであふれ、その中に作品が展示され、Shop裏では彫刻を作る工房があり、新たな作品が作られていました。

入り口を入って目を引くのはわずか数年間に100台くらいしか生産されなかったという低く、細く、スマートにカスタムされた Crocker(クロッカー)、2006年はこのバイクをHCSで見れるかもしれません。しかもこの1941年式は世界に3台だって。そんな大事なバイクをカスタムしてしまう、気持ちいいですね。 20060429-002 Hippodrome Studio 20060429-003 20060429-004 1941 Crocker 20060429-005 20060429-0055 Fred Larsen's Streamliner by Jeff Decker 20060429-006 20060429-007 20060429-008 20060429-009 20060429-010 明日は 20回目のMOONEYES Street Car Nationals、早いもので、もう20年です。では、See you at the show! "Trip to Utah"
I went to Utah, Springville to visit Jeff Deckers shop called Hippodrome Studio Which is about 1 hour from Salt Lake Int'l Airport. Jeff Decker is Bronze Sculptor Artist authorized by Harley Davidson who has visited our HCS last year with "Sinners".

In his Shop his collection filled and his work was displayed and behind shop was his work shop where his new work has been made.

First thing caught my eyes were very rare Crocker which was only made about 100 in few years. His Crocker has been smartly custom made with Low, Sleek profile. We may be able to see his Crocker in this years Hot Rod Custom Show at Yokohama. And there are only 3 of this 1941 model. Its nice to know that he customized that rare motorcycle.

Tomorrow is 20th MOONEYES Street Car Nationals. 20 years has been so fast. So See you at the show.